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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Selection continues by Matt McGann '00

Regular Action domestic selection is underway.

As you’ve read over at Ben’s blog, the admissions officers are currently in the middle of regular action selection for domestic applicants. While students had a three-day weekend this weekend, we worked straight through the holiday, and we’ll continue working on the Class of 2010 every day until we release decisions.

Meanwhile, the Winter Olympics continue in Turin. And last week, after a snowstorm, The Tech captured some winter games on MIT’s Killian Court:

Snow ultimate frisbee, with Building 4 in the background.

38 responses to “Selection continues”

  1. Amit says:

    All the best Matt! smile

  2. Amin says:


    Iam amin amiri,21,(born in 1984)with Iranian nationality,holder of Diploma with the average of 20 of 20 with high creativity and different designs in the field of computer and robotic.

    I like to study in the MIT, but I have some problems…

    1-I know, I have high creation, innovation at computer and electronic (I explain at end paper),therefore I need to help from you for providing facility in this case,because I would like to help for humanity and science & to establish for development human societies.

    2-I dont have any supporter in Iran,only my mother support me in the way of mentally.

    3-In my country, every boy must go to army for 2 years,&I have to go to army without any consideration of my mental abilities& high my creatively.IF I can part in MIT ,Idont have to go to army.

    4-I want to explain about my abilities:

    a) I can present at least 2 design at a week in field of computer &robotic; &electronic;.

    b)now I am innovating IDEEA LIFE GATE SYSTEM

    device .I aware of that in America sell that system 7000$

    but I produced with more efficiency &less; price about 300$.

    c)A:Genius hand: When a person picks up an empty glass and a full one, he naturally exerts some energy to both of them so that it would neither fall nor break. For example, if we use the same energy for lifting a glass as we would use for lifting an egg, the egg will surely break. In this design it is not needed to define the object for the robot and it does not use ocular. It recognizes automatically how much energy exerts to the object so that it would neither get damaged nor fall.

    d)Guard robot: this robot is very cheap regarding hardware system. It works by a laser pointer and a cheap receiver. The price makes it usable for most of the people.

    f)A person who is speaking on a mobile phone in crowded places shouldspeak loudly so that the person on the other side would receve his voice well and also increase the volume of his mobile to hear the voice of the person on the other side. But in this design it is not needed for one to speak loudly or increase the volume and both sides can hear each other quite well.

    ***I can minimize the costs for carrying out designs whit a little adjustment without changing the quality.

    I hope guide me & with help me to enter at MIT.

    thank you .

    best regardes,

  3. Anonymous says:


    Sound very interesting.

    Why didn’t U apply soonner.

    I wonder if there is some exception for special case like this.

  4. Nice try, Amin.

    By the way, you seem to be pretty old for an undergraduate applicant. And you haven’t even finished your milit

  5. shikhar says:

    hey matt,

    hope you’re doing well…has the international process also started.

  6. Dapo says:

    Now that’s the “Ultimate” Frisbee

  7. MITMOM says:

    Hey, my son is in that picture! Thanks for posting it. I had seen it in The Tech, but this one is easier to see.

    Try to get a little sleep!

  8. Saurav says:

    Intl apps start in early march…gud luk to all of us!!!

  9. Thanks a lot Matt for your hard work in the applications and thanks to all of you guys in the admission office. Any news for international students and international applications?


  10. Fadl says:

    Cool game of Frisbee! Hope you are doing well Matt and good luck to everyone (including me)! smile

  11. Bless all of you hard-working admissions people! Wishing you energy, patience, and discernment. And occasional sleep.

  12. Hey Matt!

    My God this is getting more tense every day…I was so happy when i saw the title of the post but when i read “domestic” i felt disappointed :( So I am just going to reiterate all the other international applicants’ question: When will international selection start? Thanks for putting up with these queries Matt I know it’s going to be a very stressful period for you.

    Wow! I remember this summer there was an RSI Ultimate Frisbee game in the same court! But it was GREEN! Hehe…now that’s pretty cool, because in Kuwait we *never* get snow so that’s quite a bit of a change :D i have seen snow before though (God bless Switzerland) wink

    All I wanted to say is good luck reading applications and good luck to us all! And once again a great big thank you for the admissions officers…The MIT Blogs Website is truly a comforting place for us applicants, if i say so myself!

    Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar

  13. Eugeniu says:

    Good Luck to you, Matt and to all the other guys from Admisisons as well!

    I take my hat off to all you!

  14. The MIT site says the CSS profile is due March 1st (in two different places! — I emailed [email protected]), while CollegeBoard said that it was due February 15. Which is correct?

    Needless to say, as soon as I found out, I finished and submitted my application. I put the wrong third digit for my SSN, however — do I send the corrections to the same address as all other application materials? (Collegeboard didn’t give specific addresses.)

    Thank you, Andy Toulouse

  15. WOW …its almost time for ‘YES or NO ‘…..when are you going to evaluate internationals ???

    I cant believe how hard you guys work…..Matt, this must be like doing problem sets all over again….only i guess this time you chose the answers…

  16. afan says:

    hi every body. who exatly know when international student are going to learn who admited?

  17. Anonymous says:

    MIT has been incredibly accommodating to applicants, with the blogs, mid-March decision date, etc. Thanks so much for working extremely hard and I hope I get in smile)

  18. Amin says:

    Thank you of message,

    I became very happy of answer you,

    My counter age for high-school has 16th until 19th year.

  19. Si Shen says:

    Thank you so much for your work and take care of yourself. What abt international application?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hey Matt,

    Are US students abroad being evaluated now too?!

  21. Jason Murray says:

    I played Ultimate with the scout group I went camping with last weekend. I thought we had it tough playing in the rain but in the snow? man that’s hard core!

  22. A sentence in the posted blog says that-

    “the admissions officers are currently in the middle of regular action selection for domestic applicants.”

    Does this mean that the admission decisions for the international applicants have been mailed?

    Would be obliged if you clarify my query?

  23. Siddharth says:

    ultimate frisbee rocks! so does snow, but we dont get much of it here in virginia… we did get some over this long weekend, but not a lot.

    i <3 ppl who say “query” :D

    yeah, i like how MIT gets its decisions done before anyone else. it must be fun to read all those apps, i think i might want to do that at some point in my life, at least for a lil while. but then i’d prolly get sick of saying no to ppl who seem very nice. that must be tough… but no job’s perfect, i guess.

    WOW! i didnt know this thing had an rss feed!!! yay for unobservant ppl :(

  24. C Minh says:

    I like snow. I have never seen it before living in somewhere hot like my country. How many months a year there’s snow at MIT. Anyway, I dont know if I like it when see it real.

    Wow anything you can do with the tracking. To know if the Toefl score will be there on time. Do I need to worry? I took the exam on Jan 14, they tell me that the result will be available in 5-8 weeks.If 8 weeks may be it will be too late.

  25. Sarah says:

    Wow. You just made my day.:D Did you notice that the acceptance rate for women was 27.4percent(about)! I have been a little sad lately because I’m pretty sure my application is on the fringe (if that), but this made me really happy, thank you.

  26. Arka says:

    Hey Amit

    I like your poll

  27. Even though I am anxious to get my results{hopefully a acceptance smile}, I still believe you people should take some rest. The picture you posted is cool{literally!}. Where I live, we never have snow.:(

  28. Nina says:

    About the age-limits:

    I am 20 years old and I’m applying as a freshman. It is so, because I had to work and help my family. I hope it is a good reason for not applying yearlier. Amin, I won’t be able to help you with information, because I am a little bit worried about the same thing. I’ll just wish you good luck!

  29. Piffle! I’ve been playing Ultimate in the snow (nearly) every weekend all winter–Without a jacket.

  30. jimmie says:

    Number of wait-listed students admitted: 1

    that’s one lucky kid. how do you guys select from the waiting list. is it random?

  31. Siddharth says:

    yeah i saw that. how do they pick that one person out of 524? and has he/she seen the numbers?? thats incredible!

  32. Senan says:

    Hi..How are you Matt….I wish you good luck while selection process…I hope everything will be good….Good luck to admission committee also…Good luck everybody..I think everything will be ok for everyone….

    see you….

  33. Anonymous says:

    I was wondering if MIT requesting IDOC from collegeboard is a good sign for those who seek admittance to MIT.

  34. C Minh says:

    Oh guys, you make me feel as if the mail day is just tommorow.

    In the mean time, I think it’s better to kill the time by talking about sth else. Do anyone of you have the number of students in each major? By the way, I think that each of U choose one major before applying to MIT. With me my major is Maths, I want to know how many ones of you share my interest.

  35. Dhruv says:

    KOOL STATS !!!

    Did everyone just saw that !! Amazing. Moreover, the stats on wait listed students is horrifc.wonder why they placed 524 students on waitlist if they had to select only “1”. I will keep this in mind that if i am placed on waitlist then, I will not at all become hopeful of getting admitted.

    The probability of a waitlisted student being admitted is 0.001908

    Best of luck to all !!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Wow its snowing down there ?!?! It is sunny here in Cali! I guess it will feel really wierd if i go to massachuesetts

    @anonymous: they request the IDOC from anyone that applys for fin. aid it doesn’t mean anything.

  37. Hi everyone. Apparently all the supporting documents should have been recieved by 15 Feb.. I don’t think my TOEFL score was recieved in time.. would it still be concidered if it was recieved a few days later?