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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Selection: Day Three by Matt McGann '00

A beautiful snowy Sunday...

It’s a beautiful snowy Sunday in Cambridge, and we’re hard at work selecting the Class of 2010. While working on a subcommittee with Jenny and Mike ’07, we spied out the window some folks playing in the snow in Killian Court. We believe it was our wonderful President, Susan Hockfield, her daughter Elizabeth, and their golden retriever, Casey.

It would have been nice to have been playing outside in the snow with them… =)

[ Anthony’s Selection Day Two photo/entry | Bryan’s snow photos ]

25 responses to “Selection: Day Three”

  1. Nimrah Ahmed says:

    Ah, well, children are lovely and so is the weather these days. Do enjoy the selection process as much as we enjoyed writing our essays — some of us really did. Best wishes this winter and holiday season wink.

  2. Nimrah Ahmed says:

    Ah well, children are lovely and so is the weather. I hope you enjoy the selection process as much as we enjoyed prepping our applications — some of us really did. Best wishes this winter and holiday season.

  3. Timur Sahin says:


    You, sir, have an admirable restraint.

    I’d already be on my second snowman.

  4. Merudh says:

    haha question: Has any MIT student ever created like the PERFECT snowman?

  5. Leon says:

    this reminds of the snowball fights that I enjoyed as little kid with my buddies =)hehehe

  6. Eric says:

    I woke up around 3 in the morning and looked outside to find everything white. I was like, “Wait a minute, is that snow?” For a second I thought it was still summer. The weather in PA has been fluctuating rapidly.

  7. Justine says:

    I’m getting 2 inches down here in MD tomorrow!!! (or so the weatherman says, but he lies… a lot.) Alas, tomorrow’s the day I have to walk 2 miles outside to get to and from class. It’s going to be so pretty smile

  8. zoogies says:

    The perfect snowman is such that, when its head is integrated, it yields…

  9. zoogies says:

    Oh, Matt, you once said:


    I’m glad MIT applicants have good taste in movies! Sometimes (and only sometimes) I wish we had crazy questions like “Favorite Movie” on our application like Princeton does (but overall, I think I’m glad we don’t).


    You should be glad you don’t! Those crazy Princeton application questions are not cool at all! “Favorite news source?” “favorite memento/keepsake?!” Now, if it were something like “Who is your favorite Teletubby (out of Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po)? Please write a 250-word essay telling us why”…THAT would be crazy AND cool. ^__^

  10. Yeseul says:

    Oh! You have snow already!

    Here in Maryland, all the students hoped for a snow delay and yet no snow!!

    I’ve even witnessed some kids in my neighborhood doing the snow dance!!

  11. Drew says:

    When I look at that picture I think of 3 things:

    1. My dog playing outside in the snow

    2. A nice warm fire and something to read

    3. Going at close to 20 mph down and through the air over a steep, icy mogul course

    And surprisingly the third is the one that I enjoy most.

    Well I hope you make it through all of those EA applications in record time and without too many issues arising (especially from mine, haha). Well I hope you and all the other applicants the best

  12. Jeff says:

    so how were this year’s applications in relation to last year’s? was it easier or harder to select this year’s?

  13. Diana says:

    SNOW!!!!! See we don’t get any of that here in Florida… it’s still nice and warm, which doesn’t mean I am not jelous of the snow. I am snow deprived! =o(

  14. BT says:

    Define the perfect snowman and then let the creation begin ^_-

  15. Clark Poland says:

    It’s been snowing like every day for the past week here in St. Louis. Unfortunate thing is it’s just flurries and it just happens in the morning. It’s great fun to look at though and gives an incentive to walk outside to the next class in the teen-temperature whether.

  16. Anyone says:

    Hi Matt. Quick question on the transfer process. On the MIT website, under the question heading “How can I tell if I’m eligible to apply for transfer to MIT?”, it says that “Being admitted as a transfer student does not necessarily translate to favorable consideration at the graduate level.” Could you please elaborate? Thanks.

  17. Hi Matt!

    It’s nice to know that you people are currently reading our applications. I hope that everything is going well, keep up the good work! wink

  18. April says:

    we have like 4 inches here in NJ..and we’re supposed to get more thursday night…w00t!

  19. Dear Matt

    My friend recently told me that MIT offered a full-scholarship invitation to an Indian Student, who represented India in the International Physics, Chemistry and Informatics Olympiads and won a gold medal at the International Chemistry Olympiad. Is this true? Does MIT actually invite canditates who display exceptional talent?

    Thanks and best of luck with the decision making!

  20. Snow Snow Snow!!! Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve seen it. Here in Kuwait we don’t get snow-period-but I have seen it in Canada and Switzerland so i’m lucky smile, although i haven’t built a snowman yet, which doesn’t make any sense to me!

    I’m almost finished with my MIT App., and I just dropped by to say GOOD LUCK with those applications and my most encouraging wishes and regards to those who are tensed and waiting for their decisions…we will be in the same boat in the months to come. Okay, now i’m worrying again, I have to go finish up my application so I can stress about waiting like everyone else smile.

    Best Wishes and don’t overwork yourself,

    Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar

  21. Ron Zipkin says:

    As much as you say the team rocks the process, we might have to get some suggestions going for the post office-sequestration snow activities. Here in Florida, those who see outdoorsmanship as the skilled ability to not perspire at any point in time or as the knack of remaining on the face of the earth while the pressure is 882 millibars and the wind is a brisk 250 km/h wouldn’t mind a few snow years. I suppose the generic “Holiday Season” the White House is getting smacked over might coincide with snow… well either way, good luck and generic seasonal greetings to all:

    “It’s some sort of recurrent theme he kept repeating. It’s a variation on Peace on Earth or Purity of Essence. E O P. O P E. It’s one of those!”

    -Peter Sellers

    tiddlywink master goon

  22. Seth says:


    We got our first snow here in Iowa the same day we had tornadoes.

    It was 70 one day, rainy the next morning, snowing that night and COLD (compared to 70) the next day.

    Now its just really cold (single digits fahrenheit)and ALL white (except the roads)

    My favorite part (ha ha ha) is when I’m driving to a party, the road is totally covered with snow, luckily there’s no wind or it would be a white out and the safe speed limit is about 40…

    not on the curves. (It took me and hour to travel about an half-hours distance)

    All you who live where there is no snow…

    Be grateful!

    (all right… it’s a little bit of fun)

  23. mike d says:

    hey matt,

    good luck with selection and don’t overwork yourself! just saying hi from shanghai!

  24. Zaira says:

    Last year it snowed down here in Brownsville, Texas. It was the first time in 85 years, and it was during Christmas Eve night. We definitely had a “white Christmas.” Most people thought the world was going to end because it was so weird.