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MIT student blogger Allan K. '17

semester wrap-up by Allan K. '17

snaps and snippets

one year ago i was living in an apartment in seattle while on leave from mit. the apartment looked like this:


this past semester i was an mit student again. i took four and a half classes and worked a lot. i helped design an airplane in 16.82, one of the capstone options for the aero/astro degree. here is a part of that airplane (i worked on the software/communications/avionics subteam):


i learned a little about digital electronics:


i helped present some research i contributed to in my urop at the center for civic media:


i did some things away from mit too. that’s important–getting away from mit. even when you’re not on leave.

i went to a documentary play about race in education and the school-to-prison pipeline, called notes from the field. it was at the american repertory theater in harvard square.


i volunteered in a door-to-door get-out-the-vote campaign in newport news, virginia, the weekend before election day. i knocked on doors and reminded people to vote and got more comfortable talking to strangers. i also ate lots of granola bars.


i spent a lot of time with my a cappella group, the toons. we went candlepin bowling at central park lanes


we recorded a show for WMBR, mit’s community-run radio station. the show was called voice box.


we sang some songs at the family weekend a cappella showcase too:


i saw a movie about the internet:


i wrote a poem about the internet, too:



looking forward now. two semesters left. too much left to do. here’s to 2017.