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MIT student blogger Mitra L. '07

Senior Gift Kickoff by Mitra L. '07

Make your mark, without (grade?) inflation

Tonight was the kickoff event for the Class of 2007 Senior Gift campaign

Our class’s theme is the “5.0 Challenge” — to achieve at least 50% participation in donating. Sadly, I don’t think our theme is as incredibly awesome as the theme for the Class of 2000 through the Class of 2005: The Fibonacci Challenge!!

The Fibonacci Challenge begins with a $10 gift senior year, with the payment schedule following the Fibonacci series. First year out of MIT: Another $10. Second year:$10 + $10 = $20. Third year: $10 + $20 = $30. Fourth year: $20 + $30 = $50. The 5.0 Challenge isn’t bad, though (thanks for thinking of it, Class of 2006). For those of you not familiar with MIT’s grading system, our GPAs are out of 5.0, not 4.0 like most other schools.

(This could be where my “inflation” reference comes into play — if you don’t adjust for inflation, these amounts sum to less than $100 — but wait, there’s more.)

MIT Alumni Association President Martin Tang GM ’72 pledges to donate a generous sum of up to $25,000 toward our class project, but just how much he will give depends entirely upon our class participation. The more members of our class who give, the more Martin will give, so make your gift right away!”

It is pretty awesome to have the president of the Alumni Association serve as our alumni donor.

Below is the “grading scale” for how well our class will do on this “assignment.” I find this hilarious, since correlates strongly with the grading scale in many of my classes. Not much Ivy -style grade inflation here.

I voted for tshirt design B, with a simple athletic jersey style logo. Stay tuned for the exciting electoral results.

We had all sorts of “international food” since our class gift is going to establish a grant for students who want to study abroad. I’m not sure what the application details are, but at least the samosas were delicious.

Here I am with Nicole ’07 (Ryu from Street Fighter II, as chronicled by Sam ’07) and Bryan ’07 (Bryan ’07 from MIT, as chronicled by Bryan ’07)

When life gives you puddles, jump over them.

6 responses to “Senior Gift Kickoff”

  1. Mitra says:

    Hi Thuita,

    I don’t know what exact nationality Martin Tang is, but I have no idea why a foreign alum would be any less trustworthy in terms of heading such an important boody at MIT. The previous presidents of the Alumni Association form a diverse group in terms of major, sex, and race, and I imagine that has been nothing but a strength of the AA.

  2. Bryan says:

    I just want it to be said that I accomplished that puddle jump not once but TWICE!!!111oneone

  3. Sam says:

    OH MAN I missed samosas? This is the worst day of my life. Stupid freaking LLARC.

  4. Thuita Maina says:


    What nationality is the MIT president? I never thought foreign alumnis could be entrusted to head such an important body for MIT. But I understand this is MIT; most of the graduates are world class leaders.

  5. glareflair17 says:

    that was a stupid question Thuita Maina

  6. Jameel '06 says:

    That theme and t-shirt design look awfully familiar…

    Good luck on getting your numbers up and beating the 06 class. You should consider applying to be class agent next year (like me) and help raise funds as an alum. Its a really rewarding job.