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MIT staff blogger Mikey Yang '05

Sixth Sense by Mikey Yang '05

No, I don't see dead people.

So, less than THREE WEEKS until CPW! All of us in the office are working hard to prepare and plan for the weekend. If you’re planning on coming to CPW and haven’t registered yet, remember to log in to your MyMIT account and sign up by April 2nd. For those that haven’t decided yet, come! It’ll be loads of fun, I promise.

I thought I’d take a break from planning to post a quick blog entry; I recently saw this amazing TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) talk by MIT Professor Pattie Maes about a very cool, wearable device called “Sixth Sense.” She, along with her research group (including one of her grad students, Pranav Mistry, who she calls “the genius behind Sixth Sense”), has developed this “Minority Report”-esque gadget, which she demos and describes in the video.

Check it out! It’s pretty awesome:

21 responses to “Sixth Sense”

  1. That was pretty neat. Maybe I’ll be able to take a upclose look at that if I get to MIT. Oh, I could be annoying and write ‘first!’ but I won’t

  2. Nakul says:

    Pranav Mistry is indeed the genius

    its an amazing device

  3. Hey Mikey ( if you don’t mind me calling you that),
    I have a question regarding the admissions process for a non resident american.

    I guess I should use the normal app and not the international one, but will you, meaning MIT admissions understand my special situation – I don’t have the typical high school education here in Bangladesh. It’s a lot more different especially because I am in the British 0/A level system. Some advice please.

  4. Justin E '13 says:

    Yea I totally love this device. Ironically we just watched this video in my physics class this morning. I can’t wait to get up there and start doing super cool things like this. Awesome post Mikey!

  5. Piper '12 says:

    Ah the Media Lab, always amazing :D

  6. Anonymous says:

    this is so cool!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    why you makin fun of M. night shayamalan?

    …kiddin…i hate him too

  8. K says:

    @ Hopeful(’14??)

    The O/A-Level system is well recognized. Don’t think there should be any issues concerning the credibility of that schooling system during admissions process.

    Don’t stress and good luck! =)

  9. Anonymous says:

    And if you hadn’t noticed, a member of the class of 2013 is featured in the video, too. So obviously, choosing to come to MIT is a one-way ticket to international fame!

  10. Anonymous says:

    2012, rather.

  11. Emily '13 says:

    OMFG. That is the coolest prototype I’ve ever seen!

    And she looks like Sigourney Weaver. :-D

  12. Emily '13 says:

    Oh! Whoops… I meant Susan Sarandon. :-D


  13. Narce says:

    Okay, no joke, that is completely amazing O.O

    I love MIT so much =^.^=

  14. Anonymous says:

    does anyone else notice those porn links that those people keep posting?

  15. Tim A. says:

    The best policy is probably just to ignore them.

  16. This is really cool and I look forward to working on things like this if I choose to accept MIT’s offer of admission for 2013. Looking forward to CPW! -Plaz

  17. Tim A. says:

    That was amazing! I’ve always been interested in the design of new things like that.

    @Zdwoghxx : You are absolutely insane and you must stop posting on these blogs. People like you can ruin this entire blog and make it a center for annoying and morally reprehensible spammers like you.

  18. Alex '13 says:

    That was freakin awesome!

  19. Hector says:

    This is bad-ass!

  20. Vinay says:

    Very very cool.

  21. comboy says:

    for me, i feel like a stupid guy

    i sent an email to edward adelson (let me check spelling from csail/people)
    yes, that’s right. edward adelson. i looked over those guys in that strange (post-modern) looking lab websites and read their interests. then i sent him about these things that are commented as “Very very cool here”. i send to william freeman (no need to check spelling this time)

    i don’t remember what the hell was my email subject, it was summer 2008 when i was back from turkey(trnc) to my family in low-speed internet connection of iran. i remember i called it all-object detection, instead of sixth sense (why they call this things like bruce willis movies with the indian director- i’m not opposed any side)
    i also clearly remember i wrote the face detection code when i started to shave with gillete (i was 16)
    in september 2008, long after mail to edward, i had to pay 400 dollars for canon A650is with face detection.
    i wrote my codes much longer before that without having any camera, i was testing it with still images and trimmed videos. “scholar club” that i was preparing my project in gave me a camera for final tests. i worked (i feel like woz writing Basic on a paper)
    after they cheated my gold medal and kissed me with second silver, they got the camera.
    i donno why the hell i’m not in csail or in hell at least.
    you can see where edward and william work in current page video (3:22 mins of total 8:42- right in Mikey Yang blog, just start and watch, Check it out! as he asked you)
    edward, i love your interests wink
    i sleep for certain amount of hours per 3months, here’s how my eyes look like now

    please understand that this message is only characters typed by keyboard, i’m not angry and i will never kick someone out if i am in a research lab, i just give smile and share some talent on an empty stomach.