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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Snow(y) Day by Matt McGann '00

The kind of day when tea or cocoa helps in reading applications.

Right now, I’m sitting at home at my dining room table, with a big stack of applications before me. To my right, out the window, I see big, fluffy flakes of snow falling from the sky. I start to think that I could go for a hot cup of cocoa, but I realize we don’t have any in the house; I happily settle for some oolong tea.

As I think more about the cocoa, I’m reminded of the Cocoa tradition of the Fourth East (a.k.a. “Slugfest“) hall in the East Campus dorm.

According to the Slugfest wiki,

Every school night (Sunday-Thursday), promptly at 11 pm, one can hear the cacophonic calls of “Cocoa! Cocoa!” echo through East Campus. Or at least we hope you all can hear us. The idea is for everyone to take a break from Tooling, to come out and join their fellow slugs for a hot mug of cocoa (bring your own mug and spoons, we provide the rest) for a few minutes. Come on, join us and our chocolatey goodness. You know you want to.

This was my first time on the Slugfest wiki. I enjoyed reading about the plans to “automate the heating of the Cocoa water every night.” “The cocoa pot will be controlled by a PIC that will also monitor temperature and water level and send data over the 4E Network. The server will calculate the heating time based on the water level and ensure that there is hot water for cocoa every school night.”

I also enjoyed reading about the invited guests at the Special Cocoa Events, who have included Richard Stallman and software developers from Harmonix (makers of Guitar Hero and Rock Band).

But that’s enough on cocoa for know; back to the blog entry and my oolong.

Some of you called me out on my last entry, when I wrote:

“…It would be hard for me to choose which to attend, if I didn’t have to be working on applications right now!”

Yes, have to be working on applications does sound a little bit like I’m complaining, but nothing could be further from the truth. It really is a joy and a privilege to read applications for MIT.

One word I would use to describe application reading is inspirational. I find myself continually inspired by all that you have already accomplished, and by all that you aspire to do as your lives progress. For all of the problems that exist in American and global education, reading your applications makes me extremely optimistic about the state of our schools. And for all of the problems that exist in this world, reading your applications makes me extremely optimistic about the future of our planet.

As I write this, the entire dedicated team of MIT Admissions Officers is busily reading and evaluating early action applications. I’m know all of my colleagues are as inspired by your applications as I am. Regardless of how your admissions process turns out, I know you will have a successful future and make everyone proud.

Finally, since today is a snowy day, I wanted to leave you with some of my favorite MIT snow photos from the blog:

Snow frisbee in Killian Court, via The Tech.

MIT President Susan Hockfield, her daughter Elizabeth, and their golden retriever, Casey, playing in the snow during selection, 2005.

100 responses to “Snow(y) Day”

  1. Anonymous says:

    cocoa sounds so good right now…

  2. L says:

    Never mind

  3. Matt F says:

    aww man, it’s snowy here too and I love it. Hot cocoa sounds good I think I’ll go make some.

    and by the way, epic failure “L”


  4. Tong says:

    I think a lot of people (like me) are sad that you guys still haven’t gone into the selection committees…

  5. marie says:

    so, you guys are still doing preliminary reading, eh? lol

    hot cocoa sounds good smile and snow too… here it’s just cold

  6. Will says:

    So that’s what snow looks like :O

  7. Me says:

    So… any idea when we’ll be moving to selection committee?

  8. nitiN says:

    kinda scary to think that you might be reading my app right now…’s cold and I need some hot cocoa too

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey Matt. Do you have any idea at all of when decisions will come out? I know Ben said definitely not the 9th, but any more hints.. ?

  10. vader1990 says:


    Ok, I know you and several other admission officers have said this like infinite time but, seriously about SAT scores…..

    Is a 1940 in SAT I (V-560, M-700, W-680), 28 on ACT (34 in Math smile…my GC was happy about that score) and 1460 on SAT II (Math2-750 + Chem-700) even close to PLAUSIBLE….is there any chance tha tthese scores will be even considered in SOME context…

    I know applications are graded holistically, and within a applicants context, but still…


    p.s. If you are unable to answer my question, or are not “allowed to” for some reason, thats ok, seriously, I won’t hate you for any reason, no hard feelings dude smile

  11. Jing Jing says:

    Snow! SNOW! We didn’t get that much snow in NYC =(
    Last night (I think) it rained and most of the snow melted away…. =(

    But there’ll be more snow soon… hopefully (it IS winter)! =D

  12. Karen says:

    I am horribly jealous of Boston right now, we only got ice storms and about half of an inch of snow that didn’t stick in Chicago! My best friend and I have to wait until January to freeze the blocks to build our authentic iglo…

    Also chai tea is the tastiest of all the teas. You should consider buying some to stock your cabinets with.

  13. E Rosser says:

    I pitch the notion that the applicant pool donate copious amounts of instant hot cocoa to our dedicated and beloved admission officers. And I also notion that you drink about five cups and get the endorphins nice and flowy right before you read my application… wink
    Happy reading, and may the best candidates win!
    PS- the campus looks much akin to our current weather status in Garrett County, Maryland. (*Checks outside window*) Yep, still a blizzard.

  14. donaldGuy says:

    I hope you enjoy my application amongst the many others. As I asked on Ben’s entry the other day, any idea, at least, when the committee will convene (looking at old blog entries, it seemed that December 3 was a popular date, but clearly the crazy influx of applications of this year is taking longer)..?

    As hard as I am trying to focus on other things in my life (over which I still have more control), the anticipation is still something that creeps back in and distracts me from homework. Still, as anxious as I am, I’m excited …

    Good Luck with finishing up reading everyone and good luck with selections.. cause I know with how amazing you all describe us, the applicants, that choosing just less than 400 must be a really taxing endeavor. Once again, best of luck, and get back to us when there is more information

    ~Donald Guy

  15. Matt L says:

    Any information about selection committees/notification dates would be amazing. I’m so nervous right now.

    @vader1990 the inner-programmer in me is screaming at the extra close parentheses after “that score”. Some sort of compiler error. j/k

  16. BB says:

    I personally like cinnamon water, which is basically just a ridiculous amount sugar and cinnamon sticks in water. Trust me, it’s yummy.

    In NJ we got an inch or two, but by the end of school today it was gone. *tear*

  17. OmarA. says:

    @Matt L. Rest assured. HIs parentheses are fine. I think you may have mistaken his smiley as a parentheses.

  18. vader1990 says:

    yo Matt L, I’m a fellow programmer, and I will have you know i do NOT have an “extra parantheses”…after the word math I have a “:)” = smiley face, the “)” part is a “smile” NOT a close parantheses, so the actual “close parantheses” is infact after the word score….lol….

    I know I’m weird, you may now proceed to make fun of me….lol…

    I have soooooo many spelling/grammar errors though in this post

  19. E Rosser says:

    Sorry for the double post, but just wanted to gently bug you with the question on lots of lips- When are the EA Decisions due to be out? If you honestly can’t say at the moment, being buried under mounds of pink and white near-novellas, we understand, but the suspense is awful!
    Good luck, everyone!

  20. vader1990 says:

    sorry for the triple post, but I had a 1470 in SAT II’s….720 in chem, NOT a 700……

  21. Anonymous says:

    ^^^^^ You have no life.

  22. Anonymous says:

    yes… a release date would be very nice!

  23. cold in sd says:

    ^ ah it is a FREEZING 62 degrees right now

  24. Hawkins says:

    @vader1990 – Hahaha, try typing a smiley face in your code sometime and see if it doesn’t create a compile error… =P

    @Matt – Have fun reading! I think I belong in EC…

  25. stephy says:

    I never seen snow before ! cant wait ! *eager*

  26. Eric says:

    68 at 9 AM on December the 2nd, 35 at 5 PM. Saint Louis weather…

  27. vader1990 says:

    @Hawkins – I do Java…

    class whatever {
    String vader1990 = “I hope I get into MIT smile“;
    …//other code

    I hope I get into MIT smile

    I just kidding Hawkins…….I’m at school RIGHT NOW working on a project for MESA, there’s only so much robot building I can take before I crack…lol…

  28. Collin says:

    Aw I wish we got snow more in Dallas…

    I hate the weather here so much, it was 80 degrees yesterday, and then 35 this morning.

    Matt I might suggest warm/hot smoothies. I blend up fruit and juice and stuff, then I heat it up in a pot, and pour it into a cup. It’s like really thick apple cider, but with your own choice of fruit!
    (Plus it’s HEALTHY!)
    (and way tastier)
    (but you don’t want it scalding hot)

    My guess is prolly before Christmas/Hanukkah/Quanza/Ramadan/X-mas/Holiday break guys when we get to know about EA. So I’d say like December 14th-19th. Hooray for political correctness and the woes it brings to society!

  29. Collin says:

    at least I think Ramadan is around this time, if I remember correctly.

  30. Dustin says:

    Hey from sunny Florida; our cold front hit today -71! Seriously, I love MIT and would love to play frisbee in that snow next winter. Good luck to all.

  31. milena '11 says:

    The snow yesterday was beautiful!! I was at the student center and I just had to walk outside and see the snow falling. I’ve seen snow before, but something about this being the first *real* snow falling on campus since I got here, it just feels really cool. (We really haver no such thing as “Seasons” in PR; it’s just “hot” and “hotter”.)

    And since you’re into tea… Have you been to Teavana, in the Pru? it’s just simply awesome. I got this really good earl grey (I’m a hardcore fan of earl grey) and a maté, and they were great. And I also got a cool mug you can brew your tea AND drink it in.

    Enjoy reading those applications!

  32. Anonymous says:

    ah woe is us poor southern californians and our chilly 75 degree days :(

  33. Matt F says:

    actually, a better way to get a smilie in java would be

    public class whatever
    public static void main (String[] args)
    String vader1990 = “I hope I get into MIT”;
    //***this is what is important***
    //for good measure, throw in a system beep

    I hope I get into MIT☺


  34. another Eric says:

    snow!!!!! i love the snow. first saw it earlier this year in denver (yay first regionals!). can’t wait to go there, if i get in.

    no snow here in los angeles, but the weather’s getting chilly now (at least, for the land of no seasons). i’m gonna need a new wardrobe if i move east…….

    also, i, too, can’t wait to find out when decisions will be announced. aaahhhhh!!!!! the suspense is killing me.

  35. Lai says:


    It will definitely NOT be before Hanukkah, since Hanukkah starts tomorrow at sundown. And Ramadan was about two months ago. So unless you’re saying we’ll have Hanukkah, then acceptance (please?) letters, then Christmas, then nine months, then Ramadan, and then Hanukkah again, you’re wrong. Not to put too fine a point on it.

    And here I’ll add the Smiley Face of Compiling Doom to show I’m not trying to be mean: smile

  36. david says:

    ok, so i’m in AP comp sci now, but its my first year of programming ever (if you don’t count my year of calculator programming way back in 7th grade.) i understood most of that code (yay) but I dont know what (char)1 and (char)7 are. Someone want to explain? Hope this doesn’t effect my chances of getting in.

    And I WISH it were snowing here. it snowed 1/4″ once about 8 years ago, but thats it. but cocoa sounds god anyway

  37. For the record I would like to mention that thanks to one measly snow day on Saturday, Seattle is flooding big time from record rainfall as a follow-up. Now how much nicer wuold it be to simply have that nice snow day to stay at home and study for IB Physics? smile

  38. Carolina says:

    Ahhh! I went to a hot cocoa party when I was visiting MIT overnight!!!!!!!!!

    Killian Court looks so gorgeous with snow…

  39. A'non Imus says:

    ahhh AP comp sci i took both of those already in 9th and 10th. what a joke those were. java…. the good old days.

  40. Anon says:

    Hawkins, what is your full name?
    I think I might know you. smile

  41. A'non Imus says:

    (char)1 and (char)7 is how you cast primitive int numbers in primitive chars. The result of that particular one (char)7 i believe, its been a while, is that the it passes 7 to the output prompt which is like a in ascii-code which tells the mother board to sound an alert. (char)1 and (char)2 are smiley facs in ascii i believe.

  42. Jimmy says:

    Here in Central New York, we only got freezing rain that left us with a nasty, slushy, partially frozen mess 2-3 inches deep everywhere. I wish we had snow instead, but oh well. At least we won’t have a green Christmas here like we did last year.

    (char)1 in ASCII is actually SOH (start of heading), but the console displays it as a smiley face for some reason. Similarly, (char)2 is STX (start of text).
    I was just experimenting with non-text ASCII chars in DOS prompt, and inadvertently scared myself because my system beep is really loud, ha ha.

  43. donaldGuy says:

    They are definitely not smiley faces in ASCII proper .. 1 and 2 are well in the range of C0 control characters .. they are ^A and ^B .. meaning Start of Heading and Start of Text, respectively.

    That said, however, in DOS .. they do print as smileys .. I believe ‘BLACK SMILING FACE’ (U+263B) and ‘WHITE SMILING FACE’ (U+263A).. respectively
    as for why it does this .. I couldn’t say


  44. Manders '13 says:

    Wow…a white Christmas. The closest thing my area (North Texas) ever got to a white Christmas was a frosty-ish Christmas, but my friend said it didn’t count because it didn’t actually snow. I say she’s just too picky with her precipitation.

  45. Michael says:

    I love snow…
    and hot cocoa is the best after putting up the Christmas lights for several hours.

  46. Carolina says:

    Hot cocoa is the best after anything! :]

  47. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of cocoa…did I hear rms mentioned? :D (rms = Richard M. Stallman)

    Just one of the many reasons MIT is so cool…

    And as for the whole smiley face printing thingy, yes, 7 is the bell ASCII character (Ctrl-G). I remember this because I used to have an old Apple II where typing Ctrl-G actually beeped. If you enter ‘echo ^G’ (that’s Ctrl-G) into the DOS prompt, it should do the same thing.

    According to Wikipedia, control characters can be represented by “the Unicode characters from the area U+2400 to U+2421 reserved for representing control characters when it is necessary to print or display them rather than have them perform their intended function,” which would be in line with what donaldGuy was saying.

    Here are some other odd “substitute” characters DOS uses for control characters (I got them by entering ‘echo ^A’, ‘echo ^B’, etc. into the DOS prompt):

    ^D = diamond
    ^E = spade
    ^F = club

  48. Xaq says:

    For all of you people that want the snow and ice, you should’ve been in Colchester on Saturday. We didn’t get hit as bad as Chicago, I don’t think, but we had frozen roads, sidewalks, power outages, the hold nine yards. It was an awesome time, lol, but by midnight it was all melted, too bad…

  49. raphael says:

    hey matt…how’d u type the last character in ur “hope i get into mit(thingy)”?
    i’m referring to the “thingy”!!!!!

  50. Bunny says:

    int main(void)
    char lang[10];
    printf(“Bah… %s… the child of a child of a fun language to use :Dn”,lang);
    return 0;

    gcc lol.c && ./a.out

    (gets back to testing his Scheme Othello AI)

  51. Bunny says:

    Gah, I guess HTML doesn’t like me trying to trick it into printing inequality symbols :/

  52. Ginger says:

    Haha…I’m from CA and I go oogle eyed at snow smile Though I have lived in the northeast before (in China) but still…haven’t seen snow that thick in a loooong time.

  53. Jim says:

    Freezing cold 40 degree weather in Northern California, (That is cold for us.) I wish we got snow, we’ve had like no rain in months.

  54. Hawkins says:

    @Anon – my first name is Daniel. I linked my name to my Facebook profile this time, so if you know me, holla. =)

    Wow, you guys are gettin’ old school with the beeping and such… I’m thinking to myself, “I want to be Course 6… Should I know this stuff??” lol

  55. WTBS Alum says:

    Great to see the snow photos…do they still bury “Transparent Horizons” (the “sculpture” in East Campus)?

    Do admissions decisions show up online, via email, or only via snail mail?

  56. Sarah says:

    I love the chip-head-y content of this thread. It just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside (even though Chicago, too, is FREEZING).
    I am eagerly awaiting decisions–whether they bring more warm fuzzies, or the burning sensation of shame(jkjk-I’m chiller than that). Either way, though, it might help to defrost my fingers.

  57. BMG says:

    @ WTBS Alum

    I believe the admissions decisions will show up online first, with follow-up snail mail arriving shortly after.

  58. thefred says:

    snow: fun to watch, uncomfortable to walk through.

    oh the things i’ve learned at MIT…

  59. donaldGuy says:

    For any one who was curious .. Sh1ftys program outputs (assuming the right hardware) ” MIT, here I come!” (without the quotes). As a point of computer nerd pride, I would like it noted that I did all of the letters and spaces from memory and only looked at an ASCII table for the “,” and the “!”. (Before you are too impressed or judge me too harshly .. its not that hard to memorize ASCII in hex .. I did it by accident while taking the class … 0x20 is a space, digits are 0x30 + the digit, capital letters are 0x40 + the alphabetic offset of the letter ( ‘A’=0x41, ‘B’=0x42… ‘J’=0x4A… ‘Z’=0x5A ), and lowercase letters are 0x60 + the alphabetic offset ..)

    … anyway .. in case you wanted to know such things …

    back to non-computer related homework ..
    Peace u262e,
    ~Donald Guy

  60. Yeah, early decisons come out in 11-12 days…see they said “MID-DECEMBER” which is december 15.5, so 15.5- today’s date (december 4th) = 11.5 days…


    First person to identify the movie from which I got the quote below…gets brownie points…

    there is no “right” or “wrong”
    There is only POWER!!!

  61. AwayfromHome says:

    I’m gonna play the devil’s advocate and mention the fact that I’m kind of hoping for a later decision date.
    I’ve read before that the results are posted online at midnight after they’re shipped out, which means at 6AM here. That would be a good enough pretense to hold an all-night (is there any other type?) LAN party.

    I suppose that’s selfish, but then, isn’t that what the Christmas Season is all about? (Code-friendly version: Doppelpunkt D)

  62. Anonymous says:

    (char)7 only mae squares when i tried it…

  63. Lydia says:

    its really nice to see people getting excited about snow
    If you live with it every year, you kinda just wish it would go away after the first week or two…after its pretty.
    Brown slush is gross.

  64. Sh1fty says:

    org 0000h
    mov p0,#20h
    mov p0,#4Dh
    mov p0,#49h
    mov p0,#54h
    mov p0,#2Ch
    mov p0,#20h
    mov p0,#68h
    mov p0,#65h
    mov p0,#72h
    mov p0,#65h
    mov p0,#20h
    mov p0,#49h
    mov p0,#20h
    mov p0,#63h
    mov p0,#6Fh
    mov p0,#6Dh
    mov p0,#65h
    mov p0,#21h
    jmp @a+DPTR

    8051 asm, works on any 8051/8052 compatible microcontroller, ASCII output in a loop on port 0 :D
    btw I’m flying to Boston in 18 hours! w00t

  65. madmatt says:

    To answer the question about decision date, I’d like to quote a recent blog post by my awesome colleague at the University of Chicago, Libby Pearson. It isn’t exactly how things are here, but gives you a sense of how things are in many admissions offices.

    “So, when are decisions coming out? I we don’t are not know telling. That is a mixture between ‘I don’t know’ and ‘We are not telling.’ We have a goal date. Do we ever meet the goal date? No. So we’re not even going to tell you the goal date, because we probably won’t meet it. If we do, we’ll be happy, and you’ll get your decision in mid-December. If we don’t, we’ll be less happy, but you’ll still get your decision in mid-December.”

    In the meantime, MIT (and Chicago) applicants, please be patient, and keep on enjoying your senior year…
    — Matt

  66. Karen says:

    *cough* sorry, my authentic igloo.

    Hope that fixes your compiler error smile

  67. A'non Imus says:

    haha im in san diego. We had rain for the first time in 4 months last weekend. Today it was 72 it’s supposed to get up to 80 on Wednesday. *If* i get into MIT the weather will probably be the hardest thing to adapt to raspberry

  68. Meng! says:

    …harry potter…
    11 days… I’m already having trouble sleeping at night.

  69. n/a says:

    the snow was slushy and then turned icy… it wasn’t very good snow :(

  70. Anonymous says:

    I don’t have snow. Never do. And now? Now I’m jealous. I’d suffer through any amount of applications for some snow. Especially because, y’know, I could maybe give myself better odds at getting in that way. And I’d get snow!

  71. asm says:

    @Sh1fty (or donaldGuy): Why does the output start with a space?

    …I need to learn assembly.

  72. Jihan says:

    Needless to say, every moment is just the mixture of anxiety and anticipation. I can only hope that the admission result turns out happy..

  73. Anonymus says:

    Don’t worry too much about it. I’m willing to bet that almost half of the people who read the blogs would get in, mainly because anyone who’s willing to hang around the blogs has quite a bit of interest in MIT.

    Haha, that’s easy for me to say since I haven’t finished my applications yet. Just have to get through the interview tommorrow and the most difficult essay I’ve ever come across.. raspberry

  74. Chris. B. says:

    I actually want a later decision day, despite the anxiety and tension caused. I have finals starting this Saturday going till the 12th. If I find out before our during, I doubt I’ll be able to concentrate, whether the news be good or ill.

  75. Anonymous says:

    It’s good to read all the great posts on the blogs, but sometimes, I think we attach too much importance to the college we want to go into. That said, I would love to go to MIT, and a few others. Very much.

    But, it really isn’t the end of everything; on the contrary, it’s really just the beginning. So, why are we getting so stressed with all the anxiety and agony?

    Chill! Yes, MIT is a great place and stuff, but, in the event of missing out, move on, because there is probably something much bigger waiting.

  76. Basant'11 says:

    Awesome, Matt! We love having cocoa every night and spawning new hacks. You should join us sometime to take a break from reading apps… LOL…

    – 4E frosh

  77. zzzzzz zzzz zzz ………… Avada Kedabra — aah , i’m finally alive once more….thanks to whoever casted that spell…… o(-`|`-)o

  78. Carolina says:

    Agh I keep checking the blogs for the admissions decision date….

    Patience… I’m trying…

  79. oh god…so many posts within 2 days and 38 min. …….. Loads of jobless people around….ha…

    i think that “snowing” thin is really cool… hope it snows here 2.


  80. donaldGuy says:


    I don’t actually know why Sh1fty did it that way .. but I presume it’s because he is looping it (so that it just outputs that until the contraption is removed from power or if using a software emulator, when it is terminated). Thus, without the space the output would be “MIT, here I come!MIT, here I come!MIT, here I come!MIT, here I come!..”(ad nauseum). Personally, however, I would have put the space at the end of the string.

    Hope that helps.
    ~Donald Guy

  81. OK …. since it hasn’t yet started 2 snow let’s talk something sensible – how many like playing comp. games ?? like cscz , dota , ut , aoe , … etc

  82. Meg says:

    Me too, Carolina. This somewhat torturous waiting is definitely trying my patience to the limit.

    But hey, look on the bright side, 20 days until the best holiday (in my opinion) of the year!

  83. Lionel says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’m an internaitional student from Dubai.

    I just had a little question regarding SAT scores.

    Let me start from the beginning. Frankly, I never knew about MIT until May 2007! I always knew that I would have to go back to India to study and in India all you need to “get in” is high marks. It does’nt matter whether you participated in extra-curriculars or not. So I studied hard and did my best all throughout. Including pursuing my hobbies and interests.

    I discovered MIT really late, but I’m happy that I did!!!!!!

    Consequently I had to rush to take the SATs to complete all the test requirements.

    When I did take the SAT1, I was sick on test day. I totally messed up and my scores reflected it.
    I did not want to cancel my scores because I knew that I did not have enough test dates left to complete all my other tests since it’s not possible to take both SAT1 and SAT 2 on the same day.

    I proceeded with the subject tests and I did very well.

    I later saw on the website that I could have taken the TOEFL instead of the SAT because I am an international student. So i took the TOEFL and I did well.

    The problem is here.
    My school grades are good.
    My SAT subject tests scores are good.
    But my SAT1 scores dont reflect my real potential.

    As I have sent TOEFL and SAT2 scores to MIT will my SAT 1 scores be over looked. Or will I have to retake the SAT to “prove ” that I can do it ???

    Do I need to put my SAT scores on my application even if I want only my TOEFL and SAT2 scores to be considered which is OPTION 2.

    Or is it okay to just stick with my current tests??

    Will an unintentional mistake on my part jeopardize my application???

  84. Anonymous says:

    @asm, Paul: I know how that feels. It’s just that Part 1 is the important part. Misspelling my name, school, phone number, or one of those other little things could really hurt the application. I was almost literally hitting myself after realizing that I got my mother’s graduation year wrong after sending it. But that’s not that important.. is it?

    @Larisa: Haha, if I get accepted into MIT, you can bet there’d be something like that. When I was in college, we’ put up a very messy network with ethernet cables and wireless LAN and we’d post some messages like “free leftover food in room N”. But I think half of us abused it to send friendly insults to each other and send letters (and delete other people’s letters!) to the women’s dorm. I love college life smile

  85. E Rosser says:

    And the MIT blogging community shivers with antici-
    *SAY IT!*

    Or maybe just channeling the classic Cambridge climate temperature…
    Lol, apologies for the random Rocky Horror reference…

  86. asm says:


    Ah, it makes sense now. Personally, I prefer your way. If I had done it in C, I would have done something like this:

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(void)
    printf("MIT, here I come!n");
    //printf("MIT, here I come "); <-- if it's outputting to a device
    return 0;

    (Yay, tags work! Although I think the text sanitizing routines have some minor flaws — if you click Preview with &gt; or &lt;, it will display them as > or < in the text entry field again, and upon clicking the Preview button again, will attempt to render them as HTML. >_<)

  87. asm says:

    Oh my, that didn’t work out too well… Sorry for trying to use pre tags — I didn’t mean to screw up the page layout. *embarrassed*

  88. raphael says:

    y not make it void main() instead of int main (void)?? saves a few byts..doesnt it?

  89. Patrick D. says:

    Matt, thank you for working on the admissions.

    I applied early action, and am trying to remain calm
    as the unannounced date of announcement approaches.
    It’s a bit awkward… Reading the posts of so many
    others, I feel as if I should be worried… Did I do
    this right, or that? Should I have mentioned this?
    Did I use an apostrophe on the possessive “its” in
    sentence X of paragraph Y on page Z of my essay?

    But I don’t feel that. It makes me glad.

    I have no guess as to whether or not I’m going to
    be accepted, but I am confident that I tried. I
    didn’t worry over the application as I did it
    either. I rewrote it about 5 times, each time
    improving the last, and received opinions from
    several close friends and teachers, but I was
    never actually “worried.” If I’m right for MIT,
    I’ll get in. If not, I won’t, and why would I
    even want to?

    It’s just awkward…
    Anyway, thanks for reading.

    – Patrick D.

    (PS: Future posters, please enter line-breaks in
    your posts. Having to scroll to the side is

  90. asm says:

    @raphael: Technically, ANSI C requires main() to return an int, even though many compilers nowadays let you get away with using void. I guess the smallest function declaration for main would be just “main()”, since the int is implied in C and (I think) in older versions of the C standard leaving the arguments blank was allowed. Interesting point, though.

    @Patrick D: Heh heh, that was me trying to use some fancy formatting tags I shouldn’t have…and it made the page scroll sideways as a result. *embarrassed grin* Anyways, I tend to worry about those kinds of things too. I reviewed my Part 1 at least 23 times and I still felt uneasy after I submitted it. But things will all turn out okay in the end (at least, that’s what I keep telling myself).

  91. Paul says:

    @ asm: But Part 1 is supposed to be the simple half! :D

  92. Larisa says:

    Matt you don’t knowhow annoying it is when they yell for cocoa every night at 11pm.
    it always scares the shit out of me.
    maybe they can somehow automate some kind of messaging system along with their elaborate water heating system that automatically notifies 4E residents that it is time for cocoa at what? oh yeah 11 pm. just like every other night. that would really be something
    yours truly
    Larisa (1E proud) :.)

  93. asm says:

    @Anonymous: My point exactly. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m always more afraid of the simpler sections, because I’m afraid of making a careless mistake that could really come back and hit me hard in the face. Like having a typo in the birthdate, which would be really bad! (Don’t worry, I made sure that was correct before I submitted it. =D)

    Ah, now to work on Part 2…

    I must say, MIT’s online application is very well designed and very polished. But then again, how could I expect any less from MIT? wink

  94. Anonymous says:

    is anyone else just sitting around the main blog page, refreshing every 5 minutes, in hopes of getting a bit of news on admission?

    the wait is killing me! ahhh!

  95. BB says:

    Yeah, me too. At least give us a date, MIT Admissions Personnel! All the other schools have dates! *bawls* And I had been hoping to get our decisions BEFORE most other schools’ early decisions.

    smile Just kidding. Take your time, as long as you accept me!

  96. Anon9 says:


    Save me Physics!!! Must…*twitch*… study… *twitch*… for Physics C…
    Must *twitch* know… *twitch* more… PHYSICS!!

    AHHHHH!!! MIT EA decisions!! I hope I don’t get deferred, because the suspense will kill me ’til March!!
    NOOOOO-(long and drawed out…)-OOOOOO!!!

    @ my fellow MIT EA-ers: I am most honored and esteemed to be among such great company as you all. GOOD LUCK!!!

    @ MIT admissions (EA): Please TAKE YOUR TIME!! AND HURRY!!! (The suspense…!!!)

  97. Anon9 says:

    oh, I forgot to add:

    Yes! I’m sitting around every 5 sec too, just logging in, and then looking through the blogs in case an admissions person “accidently” (or not) drops a hint as to what date the decision will come out!

    I’ve (admittingly) even looked up last year’s…
    They announced the date 8 days before the real day EA decisions come out!! I wonder…

    (That was random…)



  98. Anon10 says:

    It’s almost as if they were holding the date on purpose to kill half the application pool from an acniety attack and not having to send that many rejections and referrals. Good thing it’s MIT. =) WE know they are doing their best to review EVERY application carefully.