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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Some CPW Thoughts by Matt McGann '00

The latest on CPW planning from the Admissions Office.

CPW hosts

This past week, my colleagues and I spent many, many hours matching you with an MIT student host for CPW. With a record number of you expected for CPW, and a large portion of the campus hoping to serve as a host for you, you can imagine how time consuming this can be. Even daylight saving time didn’t help me leave the office before dark.

Most of you should hear from your CPW hosts tonight or tomorrow. Even if for some reason you don’t, don’t worry — I assure you we have a host for you.

CPW invades my dreams

After the long workdays this week, I couldn’t even escape CPW while I was sleeping. One night, I dreamed that one of the performances at the CPW Closing on Saturday was me and Samuel L. Jackson reciting lines from Snakes on a Plane. I’m not really sure why we were doing it at CPW. I remember Sam and I having a conversation about whether it was approporiate for him to censor himself when delivering his famous line from the film (“I’ve had it with these … snakes on this … plane.”). Another night, after seeing the new banner for the Class of 2011 Facebook group, I had a dream where I visited Snively at his school. I walked in in the middle of biology lab class, and the teacher didn’t think it was odd that some random stranger just sauntered on into the room.

CPW weather

The sometimes-reliable predicting highs in the 40s/lows in the 30s for CPW (what’s been up with the weather across the country lately?). They’re also predicting rain for Thursday, thought the rest of the weekend is looking okay. Pack/dress accordingly!

Things I missed this week while host matching


It’s a lot of work to prepare for CPW, but when everyone arrives, it all becomes worth it. I can’t wait to meet you (or see you again)!

16 responses to “Some CPW Thoughts”

  1. Shawn says:

    Man,I can’t wait till CPW :D

  2. Snively says:

    Dreaming about me? I’m flattered, I think. lol, I’m definitely looking forward to “Meet the Bloggers” so we can chat! CPW is right around the corner, I’ve got my Bawls Soda packed and my jacket set out. w00t!

  3. Vihang says:

    Lol wierd dreams.

    Ben and Marilee rehearing for Battle of the Bands … that must’ve been cool.

    BTW how come I’ve never seen mentioned here ?

  4. Teresa says:

    Matt, thank you so much for making CPW possible. You may have a seven item list of things you missed, but each of us admitted students has a list pages long of things we will get to see thanks to you and your colleagues. That means thousands of events are made possible for each thing you listed.

    We are all so grateful and excited!! I can’t wait!!

  5. Jon says:

    snively i still dont know what bawls soda is, youre going to have to show me this.

    and does this mean no wiffleball for cpw? :-(

  6. Snively says:

    No worries Jon, I’ll bring you one!

    Basically, imagine a drink the size of a Red Bull but with three times the amount of caffiene. That’s a Bawls Soda. It was invented for all night LAN parties and has taken the gaming world by storm, it’s intense!

  7. Kristin says:

    When a single Diet Dr. Pepper will keep me awake until 5 in the morning, I shudder to think what Bawls would do…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Matt, do you think you (or another blogger) could write about why students change majors–whether they declare something different than what they were interested in as a prefrosh or whether they change after declaring freshman year? I want to know whether students generally change majors because they discover another interest, passion, or career goal or because they find a major to be too hard and feel they have to settle for another major. I know all majors at MIT are hard, but I thought that the answer would be interesting. If MIT is so hard that students cannot do what they love, it might not be worth it.


  9. Jon says:

    oh please let me have one of those before a wiffleball game, i was using jolt gum for the tourney haha

  10. MMM, Bawls Soda, never heard about its involvement in LAN parties though. I first got it after seeing some ads in one of my paintball magazines, and through some paintball friends. Very tasty, but I prefer a simple stick of BlackBlack chewing gum for my caffeine rushes though.

  11. rck says:

    Just so you know, when there’s a 30% chance of rain, it means three of the ten guys at the weather station think it might rain!

  12. milena '11 says:

    That was some…. weird dream.

  13. D says:

    Nervous that I haven’t heard from a host. Excited for CPW.

  14. D says:

    oh nevermind, I need to check email more carefully.
    hooray!! *excitement builds*

  15. debbie says:

    i’m reading all this stuff about bawls soda and caffeine-chocked things to consume… and i’m concerned that youre all going to get heart attacks…. -_______________-;