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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

State of the Mail by Matt McGann '00

We're processing a lot of mail.

As I write, our terrific Records Office team is processing the largest volume of mail you’ve ever seen. There is a lot of mail to be opened, sorted, entered into the database, filed, and reviewed.

My advice to you is to please be patient as you watch the application tracking system on MyMIT. Remember that in the past two weeks we have been receiving applications, recommendations, secondary school reports, interviews, supplemental materials and test scores for more than 7,000 regular action applicants. That is more than 40,000 application pieces to be processed in a very brief period of time.

More updates soon…

29 responses to “State of the Mail”

  1. shikhar says:

    Thumbs Up to you people Matt,

    So do let us in on admissions info whenever u get time.

  2. shikhar says:


    I got a question.

    I have recorded a song and well hope to record one more. They are both in Hindi as I have the instrumental for only these two. Should I send them.

    The songs are one of the most beautiful songs present in Hindi music industry but i wonder whether they will be much help to my admission application.

  3. Maciek says:

    I just want to thank all you folks out there for the effort spent on reviewing our applications. I am an international student and I don’t know whether or not I’ll be admitted but your admission process gives a feeling that no applicant is left behind. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  4. KT says:

    I just wanted to say thank you to the admissions office and for the people at the Records Office for all their hard work.

  5. goodluck you guys!

  6. Thank you a lot Matt and all you guys in the admission office. You are the best! I know you are working very hard so don’t worry about our questions, answer them when you have time.

    Best wishes,

    Juan Jhong Chung

  7. I’ll second what Maciek, KT and Juan Jhong Chung said. Keep up the good work!

  8. Good luck and keep up the good work.

    I imagine its somewhere along the lines of this right now

  9. Jess says:

    Hi Matt!

    I have a question. Every year at Acalanes High School in Lafayette, CA somebody comes to speak about MIT, and I went two years ago. Are you the guy who spoke that year? Because I’m pretty sure his name started with an M. All I can remember is that he had brown hair, name started with an M and he stood on a chair smile

  10. Timur Sahin says:

    Haha, taking down the Christmas decorations. wink.

    Glad you liked them!

  11. Czapa rulezzz !!!

  12. Victoria says:

    Oh boy!

    *worries* one letter of rec is there, but another isn’t… and they were sent out the same day… we think…Do I need to ask him to resend it?


  13. Hey Matt, good luck sorting out the mail. Hope it gets cleared fast.

  14. Wow, and who could have ever thought of this Rube Goldberg machine of things to make the blueball pass from one end to another?? Gee, he’s a genius.

  15. Sam T says:

    Hi Ben,

    i was thinking about what supplememntal materials to send MIT and I realized the best supplement would be me. I’m gonna be on campus from Jan. 23-26. is there anyway I can talk to you or the other admissions counselors?

    Any recomendations on what I should see?

  16. Sam T says:

    I’ve been thinking of what supplemental material to send to MIt ever since I found out that the defered letters were mailed after the tubes. I just realized that the best thing to send would be myself. I’m going to be on campus from Jan. 23 to Jan. 26. Is there anyway I can talk to you or the other admissions officers at that time?

    Oh yeah, do you have any recomendations for what I should see?

    Thanks in advance Matt!!

  17. SpeckJr says:

    Despite my appreciation of all you do, I would most defiantly have to argue that it is not the largest volume of mail we’ve ever seen, since we, in fact, have not seen it.

  18. anon says:

    can i send in recordings in mp3 form… in email attachments?

  19. Vedika Khemani

    The same thing happened to me, the problem is that maybe you are using a HTML Editor on your e-mail message. You have to configure your email account to send emails without HTML code.

  20. Sofia says:

    Hi Matt. I’m not sure how this blog thing works, so I’m just gonna ask the quetsion I have here. I already sent my Application Part 2, but, while reading the question/answers in this blog I realized I had made a mistake. In the activities section it said you should circle the grade/years of participation, and I didn’t get that they were talking about school years. I didn’t circle any, but in the titles put how many years I’ve been practicing the activity mentioned (except on one activity on which I circled ’10’ because I had been doing it for ten years…) Is there something I could do about this?

  21. Fahd Badran says:

    I would also like to thank the Admissions Office and any other group of individuals who take part in this admissions process, for their beautifully apreciated hard work.

  22. Hi Matt!

    There seems to be this weird problem with my email- Everytime I send a mail to MIT,I get a reply saying that my mail was blank! Anyway I just wanted to thank you for all the effort and consideration you put into reviewing our applications.

    Good Luck and Best Wishes!

  23. Rafael says:


    The tracking system on MyMIT shows your processed forms even if you sent them by mail. They will show up soon, admissions have a lot of mail this time, so be patient and have fun wink

  24. YeSeul says:

    Hey Matt. Do you know when you guys are gonna post the date of CPW and all that information on the myMIT portal? If it’s not anytime soon, could you tell me the apprx. dates? Thanks smile

  25. Priyanka says:

    Hi smile

    I submitted my application through the mail on December 22nd. Is the tracking on MyMit just for online applications? I can’t find anything on my account. Or will it show up when you process my paper application?

    Thanks so much.

  26. Yvette B. says:

    Hi! I know you all are busy sorting the mail, but I have a question… the tracking system shows only one of my letters of recommendation was processed when I sent both of them together. Should I wait a little longer to see if it was a mistake or send a copy now? Thank you and good luck with everything!

    -Yvette smile

  27. I appreciate what MIT has to go through in order to equally look @ all of our applications and I would like to extend my thanks.

    THANK YOU!!!