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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Stu Schmill ‘86 named Dean of Admissions by Matt McGann '00

Exciting news!

I thought you all would like to know this exciting news!

Schmill named new dean of admissions

March 24, 2008

Stuart Schmill SB ’86 has been named MIT’s next dean of admissions, Dean for Undergraduate Education Daniel Hastings announced Monday.

Schmill has been serving as MIT’s interim director of admissions since last April, and Hastings said he has done a “remarkable job” in that capacity.

“Under his committed leadership, the office successfully completed the 2007-2008 admissions cycle–a cycle that saw a record number of applicants and which we have every reason to believe will yield a diverse and talented class,” Hastings said.

Hastings commended the search committee, chaired by Professor and MIT President Emeritus Paul Gray, for its work in picking Schmill.

Schmill said he was “deeply honored” to be given the chance to lead the office on a permanent basis.

“I appreciate the confidence that Dan Hastings, Paul Gray and the rest of the administration have in me,” he told the MIT News Office. “MIT is a very special place and the students who come here bring vibrancy and energy with them, and I respect the importance of the role the admissions office plays in bringing these outstanding students to campus.

“I also want to say what an outstanding admissions staff we have and what a pleasure it’s been to work with them in this role,” he added. “I’m humbled to be able to lead this group going forward.”

Schmill has served in several committed leadership roles during his 20 years at MIT, including as senior associate director of admissions and director of the Educational Council. Prior to working in admissions, Schmill worked in the Alumni Office where he served most recently as director of Parent, Student and Young Alumni Programs.

A native of Little Neck, N.Y., Schmill received his SB from MIT in mechanical engineering in 1986.

35 responses to “Stu Schmill ‘86 named Dean of Admissions”

  1. keshav p '12 says:

    dont care what number… congrats stu!

  2. Omar '12 says:

    Thanks for accepting me lol!

  3. |Lex! '12 says:

    Congratulations Stu, and thanks for overseeing the Admissions till now (I have nothing to complain about :D). I know you’ll keep doing a great job!

  4. Snively says:

    Awesome!!! YAY!!!
    Stu is amazing guys, get around to meeting him!

    Wow, good choice guys, now I’m really excited.

  5. Ty says:

    Wowweee!! That sounds like a cool job!! CONGRATS, Mr. Stuart Schmill!!

  6. Chris says:

    Congratulations Stu! I may have a biased opinion of your admission skills =) but joking aside that is really cool. I hope to meet you in person!

  7. Paul says:

    This makes me more excited than you can possibly know. Congratulations Stu! All the best for another great year in MIT Admissions!

  8. Jeremy says:

    I was hoping they would give it to him! Yay Stu!

  9. Jess says:

    Congrats Stu!!

  10. Susan says:

    What a fantastic and well-deserved selection!

  11. Isshak says:

    Congratulations ! I am sure you did a great job (like Ben said, this class feels perfect right?) and I’m sure you will continue to do so !

  12. Anonymous says:

    yay stu smile i met him in the fall, he was/is a very cool guy!

  13. Carl '86 says:

    Congratulations, Stu! Well deserved appointment to Dean of Admissions. You did a great job as Interim Director. Class of ’86 is proud of you!

  14. Aditi says:

    Congrats Mr.Schmill smile

  15. Shruthi says:

    Congrats Stu!!!! (Or Mr.Schmill!) :D :D

  16. Congratulations, Mr. Schmill. You really deserved this. You did a great job as interim directer. I’m sure you’ll do a great job for next year’s admissions. And I’m sure you’ll remember all these completements from this ’13er when you make those decisions. Joking aside, will we see you blogging? Or does the high office keep you too busy?

  17. Nan says:

    woot woot! Yay! Congrats Stu/Mr.Schmill!

  18. Almani says:


  19. Congatulations, Stu (or Mr. Schmill)! ^_^ Oh, and remember this name in the fall. XD

  20. Anonymous says:

    congrats !
    I met him in the fall too, he was really nice

  21. Tina '11 says:

    HEY!!!! THAT’S FANTASTIC NEWS!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! Congrats, Stu!!!

  22. Natasha says:

    Many congrats!!

  23. Jalpan Dave says:

    Congratulations Mr. Stu!!! Very well deserved. I wish you all the success!!

  24. 2010 Mom says:

    Yes, congratulations, Stu, but I hope you are able to bring a new vision to the office and that you do *not* replicate Marilee’s philosophies.

    Don’t be afraid to craft bold, new strategies of your own, and perhaps you might need to look closely at staff to determine if they will be amenable to your changes and be accepting of the discontinuation of some of Marilee’s old programs/ideas/strategies.

    Always try to stay ahead of the curve.

    Best of luck,

  25. Dan '99 says:

    Excellent choice.

  26. Congratulations, Stu–representing Queens, NY!

  27. Congratulations M. Schmill. As has been said before, the selection was well deserved, and I’m sure that you’ll be a great representative of the intitvte. Best wishes!

  28. Chelsea says:

    congratulations! and thanks smile

  29. I can’t say I’m suprised, but good to see this finally happen. ^_^

  30. Alvin says:

    Excellent choice! Congratulations!

  31. Densil says:

    That’s great for Stu, and MIT!!!

  32. Excellent choice! Congratulations Stu Schmill! Are going to accept the waitlisted people? if you do please accept many!! Any way congrats!!