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MIT and the admissions office will be closed November 24–25 for Thanksgiving break, and will open on November 28.

MIT student blogger Allan K. '17

summer’s end by Allan K. '17

this is the first time i’ve spent a summer at mit as a UROP student. in that time i have:

  • started cooking again
  • filled out more stamp cards than i can count at the laverdes sandwich shop
  • walked to harvard and back to satisfy a late-night ginger soda craving
  • actually, finally, started and finished an entire novel
  • finally visited pika for the first time
  • popped the tire on the bicycle i’m borrowing (sorry alyssa–i’ll fix it)
  • done the whole esplanade – fourth of july – fireworks – picnic – sunburn thing
  • gone sailing for the first time (sailing and learning to sail at mit is free to the mit community!)
  • fallen into the charles river
  • played guess-the-summer-camp with all the high school students on campus (i see you RSI, i see you WTP, i see you MITES, i see you MIT Launch, i see you MOSTEC…)
  • driven a zipcar full of friends out to westford, massachusetts for homemade ice cream and a late-night visit to mit’s wallace observatory
  • finished star trek deep space nine and started star trek voyager on netflix

and suddenly it’s august. i’m tired of macgregor’s teeny tiny kitchens (sorry macgregor) and ready to move back home to east campus. i’m ready to sing with my a cappella group again (shameless plug: we’re holding auditions during orientation! stay tuned!). i’m working with the professor of my favorite technical class from last semester to spin up a 16.62x senior capstone project. i’ve preregistered for my first mit grad class, an anthropology class in qualitative research methods (21A.819).

and i’m excited to meet the 2020s! what are you all doing with your last few weeks? maybe check out selam’s ‘how to college’ masterpost or my list of questionably good advice from last year as you start packing. and we’ll see you on campus soon :)