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MIT student blogger Snively '11

Sunny day – Sweepin’ the clouds away by Snively '11

On my way to where the air is sweet.Can you tell me how to get, how to get to . . .BREAKFAST!

I was reading Evan’s most recent entry and I noticed that he mentioned Sunny’s, which I don’t believe has ever been blogged about. What is one to do when one discovers an un-blogged aspect of MIT??? BLOG IT!

As awesome as it is to wake up 10 minutes before a class and not get to eat until 4 pm, sometimes a college student has to take some responsibility and plan their meals. I know, right? I mean, who has time for that? Ever since I can remember I’ve been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Instead of inspiring me to eat a balanced breakfast every morning, the constant reminder that I was skipping the most important meal of the day normally starts my day with a feeling of guilt. Thanks society. Every once in a while it’s important for an MIT student to have a good breakfast, which is why Sunny’s exists.

A short walk down Mass Ave is all it takes before you are seated to a nice hot breakfast at an affordable price, not to mention that Sunny is awesome and is always working. Part of what makes Sunny’s awesome is Sunny himself. Always in a good mood and ready to sit down and chat with you at any opportunity, Sunny does his restaurant proud. It’s also a great place to hang out with other MIT folk. I went yesterday morning with Maddie ’11, Jordan ’11, and Javi ’08 and before we’d been there even 10 minutes a big ol’ crowd of more awesome MIT people wandered in. Liz ’11, Sam ’09, Noah ’09, and Chris ’09 all showed up for breakfast and joined our table. Apparently we’re on such good terms that it’s even Sam’s responsibility to fix Sunny’s wi-fi router whenever it’s having issues.

I always order the same thing, the “Gentle Giant,” which is 2 pancakes, 2 eggs, hash browns, and bacon. As I was eating I struck up a conversation with Sunny and was offered the explanation of his obsession with The Simpsons. I dare you to look around that diner and not see The Simpsons, he’s mildly obsessive (and by mildly I mean completely).

Apparently he just really likes them, go figure. He used to drive around with a life-sized Homer buckled into the passenger seat of his car but after an old lady rubbernecked and almost crashed into him he decided to move Homer to the back seat.

So, for all of you breakfast-deprived prefrosh and even to those of you non-breakfast-deprived ones, know that there is a great breakfast spot right near campus that not only has good food, but also good company. Just one more thing that makes MIT one of the best schools ever.


26 responses to “Sunny day – Sweepin’ the clouds away”

  1. Snively says:

    @Roo, Shruthi

    Jayne is right, my name rhymes with Lively. Most people get it wrong the first time, it’s ok.


    I’m assuming that the guy on Conan right now is probably Walter Lewin, who is not my 8.02 professor. He seems to be getting a lot of attention lately though. I think (but I’m not sure) that if I had failed my last physics class that I’d have him right now.

    @Anonymous Looking For Sunnys

    See the MIT museum there across the street? Sunnys is just past Zeta Psi on the left, down Landsdowne, the street with the gas station.

  2. Edgar says:

    I got hungry all of a sudden. grin

  3. Zaira '11 says:

    Sam R.,
    I wish I had your breakfast every morning. Yes, you will have a hard time adjusting to our nonexistent breakfast routine. Nothing compared to Stripes TACOS! That’s why you have to come for CPW and bring me two papas con chorizo tacos. Please.

  4. Laura says:

    Sunny’s is awesome and all…but in Jersey we have REAL diners. Just sayin. =P

  5. Karen says:

    Breakfast also makes me feel guilty, but I generally start the day off by eating half of the lunch that my mom packs me during AP Chem, which is around 9:30.

    On the days that she doesn’t pack me a lunch, I really wish I had some pancakes…

  6. roo says:

    i just realized that i’ve been pronouncing snively wrong (in my head).
    it makes me sad.

  7. Shruthi says:

    I thought it would be pronounced differently actually :D

  8. Anonymous says:

    Is it on the way to Shaws?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Where is this place? I have never heard of it? Is it down Mass Ave? I want REAL breakfast for once.

  10. Sam R. '12 says:

    Sunny’s does look like a pretty good cozy place, eventhough its gonna be hard for me to adjust to this food for breakfast. My breakfast usually consist of a big flour tortilla taco w/potato & egg or chicken fajita which you can get at any cornerstore everywhere i live. Do they at least have some salsa?
    -sam r.

  11. Steph says:

    I wish places like that existed around my school.

    Good post btw.

  12. Snively–is that your 8.02 professor who’s on Late Night with Conan O’Brien right now?

  13. George says:

    I will recommend this place to my friends, which dishes you would recomend?

  14. Shruthi says:

    @Roo: (Actually to Snively) – How do you pronounce Snively? :D

  15. Angela W. says:

    Hey, Peter Fisher is on Conan O’Brien right now!

  16. No, it wasn’t Walter Lewin, it was Peter Fisher. He said he taught 8.02, Lecture 2.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Sunny sounds just like my physics teacher

  18. Snively says:

    Mmm, I’m in Lecture 1 so I may get to see him as I leave!

  19. Jayne says:

    @Shruthi: I think Snively is meant to rhyme with ‘lively’…so its something like, snive-lee…but then again, I’m just a blog-stalker :( so I wouldn’t know.

  20. Joy says:

    Thank you guys so much for the valentine’s day card! It made me really happy when I saw it in the mail today. It must have taken forever to sign all 522 of them too… o_O

  21. Liz '11 says:

    @ George,

    Really, any of the breakfast is good. I usually get a Sunny’s special because I can get 2 scrambled eggs, homefries (which are really, really good at Sunny’s), and a bagel plus all the coffee I’d ever want for $4.50. I’d definitely recommend that for the price. (College students are poor.) I also occasionally get an omelette or the french toast special (french toast, 2 eggs, homefries), and really, you can’t go wrong. Getting any breakfast food you like is always a good choise. So much so that I’ve gone there everyday for the past 4 months or so.

  22. Masud says:

    OoOh…FoOd! Well Just FYI I must eat breakfast or else i’ll be a real piece of work by 10 am…Are MIt students allowed to eat small snacks in classes if they get permission from the lecturer? Do MIT students need to get permission before they munch or imbibe? Or do MIt students get to eat at all in Classes?

  23. Anion says:

    ahh..i see ze signal snively!
    nice idea!

  24. Collin says:

    oooh, I’ll have to make an effort to visit here

  25. Clara '10 says:

    Yet another Sunny’s breakfast gathering I missed out on. Apparently having 9:30 classes and working morning shifts on the ambulance precludes festive breakfast outings. :-(

  26. I I <3 Breakfast! I’m a really “picky eater” for the most part but on breakfast, I’ll eat pretty much anything and I LOVE IT ALL!!