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MIT student blogger Chris M. '12

Support MIT Sports!! by Chris M. '12

Vote for MIT Crew!

Another blogget for you all. MIT Men’s Heavyweight Crew is a finalist for “Crew of the Week” and you can all help our crew team be recognized by going here and voting on the right hand side. This site is a little smarter than some other ones we’ve come across, so we could use your support. With all the recent varsity team stuff, it can’t hurt to show our teams a little support!

For those of you unfamiliar, Crew is sort of a big deal ’round these parts. For those who are REALLY unfamiliar, Crew is the sport where a lot of people sit in a very small skinny rowboat and row super fast. Crew at MIT is one of the largest sports, and our only Division 1 team. This year especially, the teams have been enjoying a lot of success, beating Princeton for the first time in 33 years.

Sports are perhaps a surprisingly large part of many students lives here. And our school supports our athletic endeavors not because we win all the time (though we have had some awesome teams), but just because they recognize the importance of sports. Budget cuts around the country may be forcing a lot of colleges to reevaluate the number of sports they have, but MIT sports will always be a big part of many students lives. Many people are having their first chance to play varsity, after picking up the sport not long if at all before coming here. If you’re interested in athletics here, or student life–or heck you just want to congratulate Crew for beating Princeton–Have at it!

5 responses to “Support MIT Sports!!”

  1. w00t says:

    The above links directly to the voting page; it’s easier to see where to vote. (It also has a little description/explanation, too.)

  2. Raff says:

    If I get into MIT i want to be in the crew.

  3. Vicky ('15?) says:

    It makes me infinitely happy to hear that the MIT crew team is beastly. I just did a crew program down the charles at CRI and it was wonderful. Crew = awesome