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MIT student blogger Mitra L. '07

TBP Dinner by Mitra L. '07

Sex@MIT is the most-watched video on! (but it's not pornography!)

Stay tuned for an entry on the phenomenal Handel scholar Professor Ellen Harris, whom I heard speak on Saturday night. Basically, I attended a Tau Beta Pi (National Engineering Honors Society) dinner (courtesy of Sam ’07, a nationally honored engineer) to hear a musicologist (rastrologist?) deliver a speech on economics.

And in other news, Mollie ’06 introduced me to Chris ’09, who apparently had been “really looking forward” to meeting me. When he finally did, he told Mollie it was “the most painful experience” of his life.

BREAKING NEWS: A video about MIT’s “Sex and the Institute” class is currently the #1 Most-watched video on CNN! Go to to watch it =)

(I blogged this class back in July)

Here I am during Campus Preview Weekend (CPW) 2005 with Laura Stuart (head of the class and interviewed by CNN) and Rose ’05

5 responses to “TBP Dinner”

  1. Ann says:

    OMG, I never knew Professor Harris is a Handel scholar. She’s teaching me in 21M.011 Intro to Western Music. A very enjoyable, articulate, and stimulating lecturer, she is. By the way, I was quite amazed to run into her portrait at the Lewis Music Library a week ago. It is the portrait at the top of the staircase, the first one you should see as you walk into the library.

  2. kevin wang says:

    Very interesting! I am a Chinese, could you please help me know something about the courses of Economics in MIT and how to make a admission for it? If so, you could catch me at [email protected] by MSN.

    Thanks a lot!

  3. MikeyYang says:

    Hey Mitra! Haha I have a funny story about Prof. Harris that I use in my Central Meetings too…

    One day I was meeting with her and at the end we were just chatting and I asked her if she had any plans for the weekend. She said, “well I’m going to Philly to speak at a conference”. And I asked “Oh, that’s cool, are you giving a small seminar at the conference or what? how many ppl will you be giving your talk to?” And she goes “well, I’m actually the keynote speaker, so there’ll probably be 5 or 6 thousand people there” and I was like “WHOA that must be very exciting!” And then she kinda pauses and smiles, and then says “you don’t know who I am, do you?” and I was like “what?” and then she says “nevermind, don’t worry about it”. So then I googlestalk her and, lo and behold, I find out about all this Handel stuff. And then I see her pic in the Music Library. (just like Ann!)

    Crazyness. I use that story to illustrate how mad famous, yet down to earth and friendly the profs are here. And also that we have really amazing music/humanities faculty too. Ahhh I love MIT.

    Ok I hope that story didn’t come off too weird. I can’t find that CNN video. : (

    We should hang out on c2 sometime! I miss yall. Maybe over IAP or something.

  4. hugh jazz says:

    Okay, you poor,poor souls. They made you guys watch two episodes of “Sex and the City” and not only that, they actually called it a class! and worst of all, you had to review it!! This is inujustice! the talented minds of MIT might get irrevocably damaged after exposure to such mindless, intellectually degrading b***s**t.

  5. zoogies says:

    Rose was my EC for MIT EA!