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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

That’s where you’ll find me by Matt McGann '00

Where troubles melt like lemondrops, Away above the chimney tops... my CPW schedule.

12 hours and counting until CPW.

Here are some places where I’ll be this weekend:

  • CPW Registration Help Desk, open-1pm, Thursday
  • Doing the information session for visiting high school juniors & sophomores, 2-3pm, Thursday
  • MIT Abroad Panel, 4:00-5:10pm, Thursday
  • Appropriate Technology & Sustainable Development Fair, 6pm, Thursday
  • CPW Student Welcome, 8:30-9:30pm, Thursday
  • CPW Festival, 9:30pm-midnight, Thursday
  • President’s Welcome, 9-10:30am, Friday
  • UROP Panel, 10:30-11:30am, Friday
  • CPW Registration Help Desk, 1-3pm, Friday
  • “Voting” for Daniel in the Big Screw, 3pm, Friday
  • A quick look in at the Ted Kennedy lecture, 3:15pm-ish, Friday
  • Presentation of New Undergraduate Curricula in Course VI (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), 3:30pm, Friday
  • MIT Abroad Panel, 4:00-5:10pm, Friday
  • Dorm Life @ MIT, 5-6:30pm, Friday
  • Bloggers party, 8:30-10pm, Friday
  • Checking out the East Campus lemonade-dispensing toilet, TBA, Saturday
  • Pre-Health Panel, 11:30am-12:30pm, Saturday
  • Activities Fair, 1-3pm, Saturday
  • CPW Closing Remarks and A Cappella Concert, 5:30pm, Saturday
  • mitBEEF Beef-Off (I’m a Guest Judge!), 7:17pm-8:17pm, Saturday
  • Battle of the Bands, Saturday night
  • CPW Registration Help Desk, 11am-close, Sunday

See you there!

p.s. With bad weather expected almost everywhere in the country tomorrow, I suspect there will be some delayed flights. Don’t worry, we’ll be here for you. If you have any problems, call us at the CPW Hotline: 617-258-6085. You may want to program it into your mobile phone now (if you have one), while you’re thinking of it.

3 responses to “That’s where you’ll find me”

  1. Awet '11 says:

    First Post

    Only 12 hours left until CPW!

  2. bon says:

    finished packing!now for the waiting…

  3. Amelia says:

    It *snowed* all day in Des Moines, and now pansy O’Hare International in Chicago has cancelled their flights for the morning. -_-;; I’m showing up about three and a half hours later than I said I would.