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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

The MIT Midyear Report by Matt McGann '00

Further information about completing the MYR.

The MIT Midyear Report is now available! You can fill it out now at

Complete your MIT Midyear Report now.
The MIT Midyear Report is an online form that is required of all students, and is to be completed by you, the applicant. The Report serves two purposes: to provide your updated grades since you have applied, and to mention other updates since you submitted your application. Please submit this form as soon as your midyear grades are available or by February 15th, whichever is earlier.

Some notes:

  • The Midyear Report is an online form that is to be completed by every student being considered for Regular Action admission (thus, RA applicants — including international students — and EA deferreds). The Midyear Report should also be completed by students who were accepted during Early Action.
  • The Midyear Report is to be completed by you, the applicant.
  • You should complete the Report as soon as possible after completion of the fall semester or second quarter (if your school uses a trimester schedule, please use your first trimester grades).
  • Even if you have no midyear grades to report, you should still complete the Midyear Report. Note that there is also an option in the Report for students whose schools do not provide any midyear grades, homeschooled students, and students already out of school.
  • You do not need to have a hardcopy of your updated transcript sent by your school, and even if your school has sent a hardcopy transcript, you are still required to submit the MIT Midyear Report.
  • The MIT Midyear Report is different than the Common Application Midyear Report. The Common App MYR which is filled out by your counselor and sent to Common Application schools. The MIT Midyear Report is to be filled out by you, the applicant, online via your MyMIT Tracking.
  • The MIT Midyear Report serves two purposes:
    1. to get your updated grades since you have applied (“Midyear Grades”).
    2. to get any other updates since you submitted your application (“Midyear Updates”).
  • The Midyear Grades form has fields for your to report your coursework and grades. This is similar to the Self-Reported Coursework Form from the Part 2 of the application, except that we’re only looking for current year courses and grades. And we’re only looking for this from students with something to report — so if you’re in a school that doesn’t have midyear grades, or you’ve already graduated, don’t worry, you’re all set — you will be able to skip this section.
  • The Midyear Updates form is a simple text box, similar to a free response box from the Part 2. This is the best place for any updates you have since submitting your application, or anything you want us to know about that you haven’t already mentioned. Feel free to write in bullet points or more casual language. We’re really not looking for another essay here. The Midyear Update has a maximum of 250 words.
  • We are happy to accept a midyear/updated transcript from your school/counselor, or the Common App Midyear Report form. However, even if your school/counselor submits a transcript, you still are required to complete the online MIT Midyear Report.
  • The MIT Midyear Report is due by February 15.

We’ve been getting a number of questions about the Midyear Grades section of the form. Here are some quick tips:

  • For most of you, this will be pretty straightforward. You’ll take your transcript, then write the course name in one box, and your semester/trimester grade in the corresponding box. For example:
Biology A+
AP Calculus A-
English A+
History B+
Spanish 4 B


BC Calculus 89
IB Chemistry HL 97
British Literature 95
Japanese 100
Economics (EPGY) A-
Health Pass
  • In the “Grades” box, please list only grades and not narrative text. For example, it is sufficient to write “B+” rather than “B+ (Final grade)” or “B+ (online course).” Also, you don’t need to write “Currently enrolled,” “Just started,” or “Spring semester;” it will be, in many cases, better to leave it blank.
  • While we ask for you to keep the grades column as pristine as possible, feel free to add some extra info in the “Subjects taken” box. For example:
    Organic Chemistry (via dual enrollment at BHCC) A-
    AP Chemistry (self study / MIT OCW)
    Chemistry (auditing; not taking for a grade)
    Chemistry Honors (Spring Semester)
  • If your transcript provides quarter grades but not a semester grade, you should list both quarter grades. For example:
    Biology A, A-


    AP Economics 96 / 92
  • If your transcript provides quarter grades and a midterm exam grade but no semester grade, you should list the quarter grades and the midterm exam grade. (Do not create your own midyear grade by averaging these grades or any other mechanism. You should report what your school reports.)For example:
    AP Chemistry A / A- / A


    Theory of Knowledge 6+, 7, 7
  • If your school uses a trimester schedule, please use your first trimester grades. We know that in most cases, your second trimester grades will not be available for a while. You can note in the Midyear Updates box that you are reporting first trimester grades, and also when your second trimester grades will be available.
  • Some schools — including many international schools — have no concept of “midyear grades.” This is okay. You can ignore the text boxes and simply choose the option, “I attend a school that does not provide midyear grades.”
  • Some schools will not release midyear grades until after the Midyear Report deadline of February 15th. This is okay. You should choose the option “Semester grades will be available on ______________________ and I will mail or fax them to you at that time.”
  • Some of you have graduated already and have no new grades to report. You should choose the option, “I’m not currently attending school; MIT has all of my grades.”

I’ll also try to field any other questions you may have in the comments.

85 responses to “The MIT Midyear Report”

  1. Shashwat Verma says:

    I study in an Indian School(ISC BOARD). We are provided both grades and percentages in the Mid Year Report. What should I mention in the boxes?

  2. APPLICANT says:

    Hello Sir,

    The My MIT account does not show any information regarding the “Supplemental documents” being received, whom should an applicant contact regarding this problem/confirmation.

  3. Ashwin says:

    I did my Cambridge A-Levels last November and the results were just released. So can I just put these A-level grades in then?

  4. Nidhi says:

    Our school gives both IB grades (1-7) and matching percentage grade for each subject. Do I put both grades down then?

  5. Donna says:

    I completed the midyear form yesterday and submitted it, but after reading this post I realized that I entered my grades incorrectly.
    For each class on my report card, I have a grade for term 1, term 2, and the midyear exam. When I completed the midyear report I just entered in my grade for term 2. Is there some way I can fix this and add in my term 1 and midyear exam grades or should I just let it be?

  6. Ruslan says:

    Our school use system where grades are from 1 to 5 scale. Should I write MYR using my school’s system or adapt it to USA system?

  7. Krishna V says:

    My school starts its academic year early (February). As a result, my first semester exams (My school follows a tri semester schedule) were completed by June and I had sent my report card along with the transcripts. As of January, I got the results of my Model Exams (equivalent to second semester exams). Should I put in my first or second semester grades in the Mid Year Report?
    Thank You!

  8. Emily says:

    I’ve graduated high school since I submitted my application and uni hasn’t started since then, so in the updates box should I just briefly describe what I do with all my newly found free time? or is more for official things?

  9. TayS says:

    IF MIT does not need official transcripts from schools, how does it know whether the grades provided are “accurate”? I’m just playing the devil’s advocate here. Is there any way for you guys to confirm that the grades submitted are really true?

  10. Matt McGann '00 says:

    @Shashwat: You can mention both, as you suggest, e.g. “95 / A1.”

    @APPLICANT: Supplemental information tracking is not available on MyMIT.

    @Ashwin: Yes!

    @Nidhi: You’re welcome to provide both, or just the IB grade.

    @Donna: It’s okay. We probably already have your term 1 grade (yes?), and now having your term 2 grade gives us a very good picture of you at midyear.

    @Ruslan: Don’t convert anything; list the grades your school provides. We are familiar with international grading systems.

    @Krishna: We don’t have your Model Exam results, so it would be great to get those in the MYR.

    @Emily: Your plan to “describe what [you] do with all [your] newly found free time” is perfect.

    @TayS: We confirm grades versus official transcripts for all admitted students. You really don’t want to be caught lying at that point.

    @JR: You may wish to email admissions with your 1st and 2nd marking period grades broken out.

    @Vincent: Writing in March 19 seems like a reasonable idea. If we haven’t yet released decisions at that time, you’ll want to fax them in with the Supplemental Document Cover Sheet.

    @Anon: You can wait.

  11. JR says:

    I submitted my midyear report this past weekend. I don’t have semester grades or midterms. So, I averaged my first two marking period grades. After reading your post, I clearly shouldn’t have done this. What should I do now?

  12. Lakshya V Datta says:

    Dear Mr. McGann,

    I am a prospective transfer student for the Fall of 2012 at MIT. I could not find a recent blog on transfer admissions, so I thought I would use this one instead.

    I have a BIG problem. I was supposed to give my SAT Subject Tests on the 28 of January 2012. I live in the hostel of my current college which is about 300 Kilometers away from my testing center. Even though I started my journey well in advance, unforeseeable weather conditions delayed my bus and I was not able to reach my testing center on time. So I missed both my subject tests.

    The administration told me to reappear on the 5th of May 2012, but I am afraid that would be too late.

    Please guide me through this problem and inform me whether I am still eligible to apply to MIT or not.

    Moreover, I have been trying to get in touch with the transfer office via mail and phone but have been unsuccessful so far. The application deadline is February 15 2012. Please tell me if I should even apply now. Please help me out!


    P.S. I hope no one other than Mr. McGann would try to answer this question. No offence, but, I really need an experienced person to talk to at the moment.

  13. Julia says:

    I’m currently taking 11 subjects but the Midyear Report only has space to fill in 9. Is there a possibility to add boxes I am only too stupid to find?

  14. Rochelle says:

    So my at my school we have final grades at the end of each quarter although some classes last for more than one quarter. However, I also took a class at the college this last semester, but there, they only give you a grade for each semester. How should I denote this on the midyear report? I hope this question makes sense, but I just don’t want it to appear that it was only a one quarter long class when it was really two quarters but I only received one grade for it. I hope that makes what I’m asking clearer.

  15. APPLICANT says:


    I already know that the MY MIT account does not tell about the supplemental docs.

    But i need to know WHOM SHOULD I CONTACT in order to know whether my supplemental documents sent by teachers have been processed or not.

  16. Vincent says:

    My midyear grades will be available on March 19, which I believe is after the decisions are announced, I wonder if I should still choose the option “Semester grades will be available on ______________________ and I will mail or fax them to you at that time.” and fax the grades to you once I receive the grades, if yes, what is the fax number and should I fax it with the ‘Supplemental Document Cover Sheet’? If no, should I choose the option, “I attend a school that does not provide midyear grades.”? Thank you very much.

  17. SS says:

    I have a question. I faxed my rec. letter, evaluation B about 4 or 5 days ago and it hasn’t shown up on the tracker. Should I be concerned?

  18. SB says:

    If I’m a National Merit Semi-Finalist, should I wait until I know if I’m a finalist (notified before Feb. 15th) or just submit my grades and other updates now?

  19. Anon. says:

    My midyear grades were available a long time back. I have still not submitted my MYR because i’m waiting for the result of a very prestigious competition which will be announced around 12th Feb. So should I wait for the result and send the MYR on 12th or should I send the MYR right now and the achievement later on via email/fax?

  20. Manda says:

    I’m a part of a club at school that’s starting something that’s still a work-in-progress, but we started a blog to get more people interested. Can I include the link in my essay?

  21. Ashwin says:

    I have another question about the Financial Aid Materials. I attached a scanned image of my father’s tax returns and mailed it to finaid at

    Is there any way to know if the materials were received and are in the correct format or does the absence of a reply mean that everything is in order?

  22. Matt McGann '00 says:

    @Lakshya: I have sent you an email.

    @Julia: No, there aren’t any boxes to add. You can put the 2 overflow subjects in your Midyear Updates box, or you could combine multiple classes onto the same line, such as:

    Physics // Chemistry       A // A-

    Either way would be fine.

    @Rochelle: Let us know that it’s a college class and we should be able to figure out the rest. For example, after listing your high school courses, you could write:

    Physics (State Community College)       A-

    …or something like that. No worries.

    @Applicant: If you call the office during business hours, we may be able to tell you.

    @SS: You’ll need to send it again. It’s not a problem.

    @SB: You’re welcome to wait, but NMF is unlikely to make a difference in our process.

    @Manda: Yes, absolutely. Also, you all will be better off if you don’t think of that box as an “essay.”

    @Ashwin: Later this month there will be a Financial Aid Tracking system available on MyMIT. You’ll be able to check there.

  23. Niki says:

    After submitting MIT’s midyear report, should we send the report card of the first semester to your office via fax or email or …?

  24. Sujanitha says:

    The EC assigned to me was Mr Rajendra Y Shah. On 7th November 2011, I communicated with Mr Shah regarding my interview. I received a reply from him on 1st December asking for my availability for the interview. Accordingly, I had completed my interview with Mr Shah on 8th December 2011. A week after the interview, the MyMIT dashboard showed a message saying that my EC was Ms Ruchi Jain. I submitted the Conducted Interview form and still the application tracker showed that the interview wasn’t processed. I filled out the form again and contacted Mr Rajendra Shah through mail yesterday. He replied that I was not on his assigned list, so he cannot submit my interview report. Please follow up with Mr Rajendra Y Shah for my interview report. My MIT ID is 916237127.

    Sujanitha Umamaheswaran
    MIT ID 916237127

  25. Akshay Aggarwal says:

    Hi Matt!!

    I am an international applicant from india. I recently got to know about the international olympiads and decided to participate in IOI. In our country there are two qualifying levels after which about 20 students are selected for a training camp. I participated in the qualifiers and got selected for the training camp. I have already submitted my mid-year report. How should i inform MIT about this?

    Thanking you
    Akshay Aggarwal

  26. Charlie says:

    I stated in my deferred EA app., that I was in the middle of a biomedical research project and could not include a final abstract summary at that time, and that once my internship was finished I would send it in. I have now completed the project and would like to send/include the final brief/paper along with my midyear report but I don’t see anywhere on MYMIT that states how I should do it. Could you please advise me as to how I can send the abstract?
    Thank you, Charlie

  27. Bhawna says:

    Dear Mr. McGann,

    My teacher re-faxed the missing evaluation letter i.e., Evaluation B to the admissions office on January 30, 2012 before 5 p.m. EST but it still doesn’t show on my MyMIT account. Will it take more time for the checklist to get updated? I’m worried, what should I do?

    Hope to receive a reply soon. Thank you.

  28. m_quinn says:

    I saw several international students on this blog, i hope these international students know that at mit, you have to be a rich or asian international student to even be considered for admission. MIT has an aristocracy when it comes to international students.

  29. basim says:

    dear Matt,
    i am an international applicant.i applied for the fall 2012 undergrad standardized test scores are not showing up on my account although i sent my score reports much earlier (TOEFL score report in June 2011 and sat subject test report in Oct 2011).do i have to send them again??
    pls help me in this regard

  30. Heather says:

    My school uses block scheduling, so I have different classes this second semester from last semester. Should I just put my classes from last semester and their final grades on my MYR, or should I also include the classes that I just started on the report and note that as of right now I have no grade (I’ve really only taken perhaps one quiz in each class, and haven’t had a single test yet)?

    Thanks, Matt!

  31. Matt McGann '00 says:

    @Niki: We do not need an official midyear transcript. We will require an official final transcript from all enrolling students, which we will check against your self-reported midyear grades.

    @Sujanitha: We’re working on it.

    @Akshay: You can send us an email, or submit it via fax with the Supplemental Document Cover Sheet.

    @Charlie: If you can’t fit it in the text box, you can instead include a link to website where you have posted it.

    @Bhawna: I’m sorry, we don’t have it. You should submit it again.

    @m_quinn: Not true. Most of our international students are on full or nearly full financial aid, and students from Asia are not the majority (but probably are the plurality — it is the world’s most populous continent, after all). [note for the m_quinn fans: this is not the “original” m_quinn]

    @basim: We are in the process of merging your records. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    @Heather: As long as your second semester classes haven’t changed, you only need to report the first semester courses and the corresponding grades. You are welcome to list your second semester courses without grades if you like.

  32. Varun says:

    Dear Matt,

    My MyMIT dashboard shows that my Secondary School report and Transcript have not been processed while Evaluation A and B were processed on 1/27/2012. I cannot understand the situation as all of them were faxed at the same time. Also, they were emailed by my school on 2/5/12 again.


  33. Matt McGann '00 says:

    @Varun: We got a bunch of stuff from you in that fax, but there was no transcript or other document containing courses and marks. That is why it is showing as not processed. Try faxing us just a transcript or exam results.

    @DDR: I’m sorry, I don’t know, I would ask our Financial Aid office.

    @Applicant: Students whose interviews are waived are treated in the same manner as those whose interviews were conducted.

  34. Yashvardhan says:

    Hello Matt,
    In my application tracking every requirement is checked.
    Is everything from my side done? Is any work from my side remaining? Or should I now just wait for the admission decisions to be released?


  35. Sayalee says:

    I am an International applicant from India. In Maharashtra (the state in India where I stay), the education system is of the type that we have got our final board exams from 21st Feb to 16th March, whose results would be out by the month of June. We do not have the concept of “mid year grades”. But the recent exam that took place in my high school was the Preliminary exam (which is sort of a mock exam of final board exam taken in individual schools before the final exam). Our result consists of marks rather than grades. Should I report my preliminary result on the mid year report? If yes, am I supposed to convert my marks into grades?

  36. DDR says:

    Hi Matt,
    I was deferred and already subMITted the MYR. Already completed the FAFSA and the CSS profile. I got an e-mail to send the IDOC before March 1st, but the admissions web said to send it by Feb.15th. Can you tell me which of these dates are correct? Thank you!

  37. kanishk says:

    @SAYALEE: I was told by my teacher that, we have to provide them with our school final exam results. I sent my school final exam results.

    Matt sir,
    I am still completing my Google website and I will complete before 15th February .
    My question
    Can I still send the link then?

  38. Sayalee says:

    @ Kanishk,
    i think waitin for final exam’s result would be too late as they would be out by somewhere around June…

  39. Bhaskar says:


    @Kanishk Yes you can indicate that link in your mid-year report or send it as an update in an email.The office will try it’s best to review your supplement but it is not guaranteed.Good Luck!!

  40. Bhaskar says:

    @Sayalee No you don’t need to convert your marks into grades, just report them as they are in your transcript.Good Luck!!!

  41. Applicant says:

    If an interview was not held through no fault of the student’s own, will that affect his or her chances for admission?

  42. Alex says:

    Mr. McGann,

    After receiving an e-mail about missing materials last week (school report and transcript), I had my guidance counselor fax them to the number listed in the email. I know that when regularly submitting application materials, it takes quite a while to process and sort these documents, but I’m not sure about the time frame for re-mailings. Should my MyMIT account have everything checked off by now, or will it take longer?


  43. Varun says:


    I just emailed a scanned copy of my mid-year marksheet (containing list of courses and corresponding marks/grades) to [email protected]. Is that okay?


  44. Shomith Dinesh Mondal says:

    Dear Matt,
    I am an international applicant for Regular decision Fall 2012. I submitted my SAT I and II scores in November via the College Board as soon as they were available. However, MyMIT application checklist shows that my scores have not been received yet. Do i need to send them again?

  45. kanishk says:


    Thanks for your help, but I would really like for Mr. McGann to answer my query, Just so that I can be sure of what I have to do.

    Thanks anyway! :D

  46. kanishk says:

    @sayalee – I meant the school final exams not the the board exam.
    I know that it is only issued with the report card, but I requested my teachers and they sent my school exams report on school official letter head. In the final mark sheet (our board result) we also have grades so you can also ask your teacher to send predicted board grades on school letter head.
    Hope this helps or you should wait for Matt.
    By the way which school you are in.

  47. A.V.O says:

    I just checked my TOEFL scores and discovered it is not up to the minimum score of 90(I got an 82).I am from an English speaking country and I strongly believe that I have a good command of the English language.I wrote this mail because I wanted you to be aware of the reasons for this score.The first reason is that I didn’t have any resources to use to study for the TOEFL(and SAT subject tests)exam and my parents couldn’t afford to register me at a TOEFL(and the SAT subject tests) preparation center(I don’t blame them they did their best by registering me for the exams.I missed the deadline to register for the SAT 1 because my parents didn’t have any money at that time).The other reason is that at the examination center,the computer I used for the exam went off three times while I was taking the exams.I had to wait for several minutes for the person in charge to switch on the system.I know that if these problems weren’t there I believe would get 100+ on the TOEFL;so please I want to know if this score would be considered in context or my application would not even be read due to my score and what is the next step I should take.(should I look for a way to retake the exam this february?)

  48. Taylor Shen says:

    Hey Matt,
    So if we have already submitted the myr and want to keep you updated on any other developments, how shall we contact you?

  49. Sameen says:

    Hi Mr. McGann,

    I’m an Iranian student, I will be an applicant next year. I am participating in the Chemistry Olympiads. I wanted to know how much participating in the olympiads will help my chances at being admitted.

    I truly appreciate your time and effort,

  50. Bhaskar says:

    @Alex If your materials were sent in fax and still MyMIT shows they have not been processed that probably means that they have not been received or they are not having them.Still contact the admissions office about it.

    @Jessie The best way would be to send an email to [email protected]

    @Varun That is okay but, I would recommend you to prefer [email protected] for sending the documents in email.

    @Taylor The best way is again [email protected] for any updates for the admissions office.

  51. DDR says:

    Thanks Matt. I contacted the Financial Aid Office and they were very helpful. smile

  52. Lakshya V Datta says:

    Mr. McGann,

    I’m sorry to impose on a blog not meant for transfer students once again, but this is important.

    The application deadline for transfer students is 02-15-2012. But, my college transcripts are not available yet. Even the administration of my college does not know when the results will be out. Moreover, due to certain rules and regulations of the institution, the college transcripts cannot be sent to MIT directly.

    But, the administration has agreed to let me get a print out of my grade-card once available and verify it.

    So, my query is whether I can personally send a verified copy of my grade card once it is available to MIT by scanning it and e- mailing the document to your email address or not.

    P.S. Kindly tell me the email address that would accept the document if the above is possible.

    Lakshya Vaibhav Datta

  53. Bhaskar says:

    @Lakshya You send your application without the transcripts for now as it is easier for the admissions office to add components to your application file.When you get your transcript, get it attested by your college official and send it to MIT.I don’t really know if they accept email copy.

  54. Lakshya V Datta says:


    Thanks for your help, but I would really like for Mr. McGann to answer my query, Just so that I can be sure of what I have to do. smile

    Thanks anyway! :D


  55. Jessie W. says:

    Hi! I kind of jumped the gun on completing this midyear report as I did it right after my grades were released. That’s all fine and good, but last week I won an additional academic award that I kind of want to tell you guys about! Since my MYR was already processed, is there any way I can send an email or something to update it? I guess this seems like a petty concern, but I’m just wondering. Thank you!

  56. Matt McGann '00 says:

    @Yashvardhan: You’re all set.

    @Sayalee: You can provide the unconverted marks from your Preliminary exam.

    @kanishk: Yes.

    @Alex: We are still missing it, you’ll have to fax it again.

    @Jessie: Sure. You can fax an update with the MIT Supplemental Document Cover Form, or send an email.

    @Varun: Should be fine.

    @Taylor: You can fax an update with the MIT Supplemental Document Cover Form, or send an email.

    @Lakshya: Send what you have when you can. I do not believe we accept transcripts by email. For further questions, contact the transfer admissions staff.

    @Shomith: They were in different records; I have merged them so it should be fixed now.

    @AVO: I don’t know what to tell you. One thing I can say is that we will not receive a February TOEFL score in time for consideration.

    @Sameen: Doing well in math & science always helps, and I would say that the Chemistry Olympiad would count as doing well in science.

    @forkan: The application and admissions procedure are described on this website. Let me know if you have more specific questions that aren’t addressed.

  57. forkan says:

    hi i am a bangladeshi student.i go A+ in all subjects… background is science…i want to get admitted in mit…please tell how ,when i have to apply

  58. Sameen says:

    Hi again,
    Do you know the grades and activities of other Iranian applicants who were admitted? Also since I can’t give the SAT in Iran, would that hurt my chances at being admitted?


  59. Adelya says:

    Hello Mr. McGann!

    I participated in a state competition and my team will know our results sometime between February 7 and February 22. I am hoping that we will hear how we did before February 15, so I have delayed sending in the report. However, since now with less than a week to the deadline, I am wondering what I can do if we find out the results after I send in the report. Could I possibly email the admissions office or someone with our results? It’s a fairly important competition, and winning at the state level would take us to the national competition at D.C. It’s the Real World Design Challenge, and I think it’s very relevant to my application as it’s been a big part of my life for the past few months. What do you think I should do in the event that we get back our results after I have submitted my report?

    Thank you,

  60. Bhaskar says:

    @Adelya Hey no need to worry about.If you feel that this achievement of yours is so important then, you can definitely send an email to the admissions office at [email protected] with the details of your achievement,etc. But do submit your report within the deadline.Good Luck!

  61. Lukshya says:

    Received an email regarding Financial Aid tracking page today.
    There is no option available on MyMIT as in now for tracking Financial aid documents.Should I try waiting a little more?

  62. jasleen singh malhi says:

    Subject: Under-Graduate Program Query: Aeronautical & Aerospace engineering

    Dear sir,

    Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself as Jasleen Singh Malhi, an aspiring student from India who is interested to apply for the Under- graduate program in the aeronautical and aerospace engineering at MIT.

    Currently Iam a grade”11″ student at Ryan International school,India which is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) India. I will be completing my higher secondary education by March 2013. My major subjects of study are as follow:

    ** Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and Information & technology.

    . Iam interested to know more about this program and require your kind help in this matter.

    sir, i am not able to find your admission form .

    Thanking you and waiting to hear from you soon.

    With regards,
    Jasleen Singh Malhi,
    Grade -11 student
    Ryan International School,
    Sector 49-B,Chandigarh, India

  63. Akshay says:

    Hi Matt!

    I sent an email to the admissions office about a week back, regarding my new achievement. I have not received a reply yet. Should I send another mail or wait for another week or so?

    Thanking you

  64. Misha says:

    Hey Matt!

    Same problem as Lukshya. I got an email about the Financial Aid Tracker, but it’s not there. Has it not been launched yet? Thanks.

  65. Olawale says:

    u are the best in the world. I look forward to meeting u in person come sep/2012.

  66. Farrukh says:

    Matt your videos on youtube advising international students are very useful. How stupid of me to find these after i had applied. Anyhow still hopeful smile you are the best smile

  67. Alex says:

    Hi, Matt –

    Should I update MIT if I receive a valedictorian or salutatorian award from my school?

    Thanks in advance!

  68. Olawale says:

    Will letting the admissions officer know about my fin situation as related to how i prep for my SAT subject test hurt my chances of being admitted?

  69. P says:

    My toefl scores were released .But it took a long time as i had to resubmit my ID for verification due to some mess in the centre .Now i have my scores in my account and its well over the minimum , but am not sure how long it will take to reach the office .Can i mail the scores till it is officially reported ?I know it has to be reported officially reported but I just want to send it in as a precaution .I can send my username and password as well .Is this accepted till it reaches officially ?

  70. Ted says:

    I’ve submitted my Mid Year Report in January. Now I have a updated class ranking posted by the school, How do I send the update ranking to MIT, the Mid Year Report has closed. pls advise.

  71. Kruthi says:

    I know it’s unrelated but can you please tell me what financial documents are supposed to be sent to MIT? I submitted the CSS profile yesterday but I do not know if any additional documents are supposed to be sent.


  72. Bhaskar says:

    @Kruthi Send the International Financial Aid Application as well as your parents most recent Income Tax forms or statement clearly mentioning their income.Everything is clearly mentioned on the website .For any other assistance and guidance please find and contact your financial aid counselor which you can find at .Good Luck!

  73. Bhaskar says:

    @Kruthi I missed to write it: The statement should be from your parents employer.I would suggest that you send your parents Income Tax forms.

  74. Erik says:

    Firstly I would like to thank you Matt for the awesome posts about admission process they are really helpfull.

    I have two questions about MyMIT accout.
    Firstly I have noticed that there is no checkbox near “Interview” nor any information about interview in detail section on MyMIT account. I had my interview on 15/12/2011.
    Also, I have send my SAT subject test scores from January and November, but only November SAT-s show up on MyMIT account.


  75. Sayalee says:

    @Matt, Bhaskar &kanishk;: Thank you for those useful responses! smile
    According my collegeboard account, my Jan 28 scores have been sent to MIT on 14th Feb , but, they have not yet been shown up on my MyMIT Dashboard. Is it that fine or was it supposed to be shown up by now?

  76. Bhaskar says:

    @Cristy Hey just contact your Financial Aid counselor to verify any of the details about your financial aid documents.Your counselor has been assigned to you according to the first letter of your Last Name.So, if your last name is Cristy then you should definitely look forward to contact Ryan Callahan at his email [email protected] . He would definitely help you out.

  77. Cristy says:

    Hello there. I’ve sent my parent’s income tax returns to [email protected] like 10days ago and it still says that they haven’t been received. Should I send them again? I have sent them as images, but forgot to place my name on top of each paper, but I have mentioned my name and class of 2016 in the e-mail. Is that ok?

  78. jasleen singh malhi says:

    bhaskar@ hi
    i am nt able to find the addmission form….. please help me into this matter

  79. Bhaskar says:

    @Jasleen Hey, please goto You have to create an account there.I would recommend you to create account after this admission cycle gets over(preferably June).There will be your application components and checklist.Good Luck !!!

  80. Cal says:

    Dear Matt,
    I have similar question as basim posted on February 5, 2012 that I applied for the fall 2012 undergrad admissions and my ACT/SAT Subjects test scores are not showing up on my account although i sent my score reports much earlier (in Dec 2011). Do I have to send them again??
    Pls help me in this regard.

  81. Parijat Protim Bezbaruah says:


    I think there is a problem with my MyMIT because every now and then my Financial Aid tracker seems to just vanish from the MyMIT Dashboard like in the morning it won’t be there and in the evening it may or may not be there.

    Furthermore,I had sent both CSS profile and my parents financial certificated a couple of weeks back, and yet it shows an incomplete status.


  82. Shashwat Verma says:


    I am experiencing exactly a similar problem to the one mentioned above by Parijat. Please fix it.


  83. jasleen singh malhi says:

    thanks for the advice man…. smile
    so, what is the next step that i should take …. should i wait for the form till june…..

  84. Bhaskar says:

    @Jasleen Yes you should definitely wait for creating the account till June as they account data from the previous admissions cycle is archived.

  85. Kshitij says:

    The information contained in your blog is simply great. I had heard from my seniors that there are two or three rounds of interviews. Is that so? Are these held only for those who are screened/short-listed by MIT? Otherwise, all my information is updated and I am keenly awaiting the outcome of the admission process.