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MIT student blogger Melis A. '08

The best Metro station ever by Melis A. '08

The Metro does it best.

Last week, I used DC’s subway/underground train system, called the Metro, to get downtown. While I was waiting around the Medical Center station, which is located next to the NIH and my house, I saw this advertisement. Seriously, it warmed my heart. An advertisement for Western blotting in a Metro station! (By the way, a Western blot analysis is a biological technique that helps you detect a protein and get information about it.) If anyone has seen a more nerdy/cute billboard, I’d like to hear about it. Until then, I’ll consider this one to be the best.

One response to “The best Metro station ever”

  1. David says:

    Hey Melis! Nice seeing you Thursday. Any-wayy,

    You just noticed that? I’ve been standing next to it every day for the last 8 weeks


    NIH was pretty cool. Except food prices were a little absurd( $1.39 for a cup of fruit-on-the-bottom Dannon Yogurt? Seriously… those go for like, 50 cents at the grocery store…)