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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

The MIT Application is now available! by Matt McGann '00

You can now access the MIT freshman application at MyMIT.

You can now log onto MyMIT to access the application for freshman admission to MIT. Your MyMIT page includes interview information, personalized MIT recommendation forms and cover sheets, and the ability to track the different parts of your application.

On your MyMIT site, you will find the contact information for your MIT interviewer, or Educational Counselor (EC), within a couple days of registering. You should contact your EC as soon as your are ready to schedule the interview, but well before the application deadline. Remember, if you are applying for the November 1 Early Action (EA) deadline, you should set up your interview before October 20th. If you are applying for the January 1 Regular Action (RA) deadline, you should set up your interview before December 10th.

From MyMIT, you should print out personalized teacher recommendation forms. Teachers may use their own forms and format, but please include the personalized teacher recommendation form with each recommendation letter.

You will submit your part of the application online via MyMIT. However, if there are additional materials that you need to mail to us, note that we will read your application online; printed materials that are mailed to us will be scanned. I recommend that you consider things like staples and binding, and ability to be viewed in a 2-D environment, before mailing us any additional materials.

If you need to mail us any additional materials, please include the personalized cover sheet at MyMIT with those materials. If you send us additional materials more than once, please be sure to include the personalized cover sheet each time.

You should be sure to frequently check the email account that you list on your application. If we have any questions or announcements, this will likely be the place for such communications.

Please note that MIT is not a member of the Common Application. MIT has its own application, which is only available at MyMIT.

Also note: if you have in previous years applied to MIT or started an application to MIT, you will not be able to create your new MyMIT account and begin your application until September. Please be patient — besides, you already know how the app works.

…I think that’s it, for now, anyway. As the admissions season progresses, we’ll have lots of application updates and tips here on the blogs. It should be an exciting year ahead.

I look forward to reading your application!

84 responses to “The MIT Application is now available!”

  1. KJ says:


    So those of us to have made a MyMIT account last year have to wait till it’s September to gain access to Part I and Part II? Our ID and EC information won’t change by then, will it?

  2. Max says:

    Hi there,

    I had made a MyMIT account last year during my Junior year in high school, just so that I had an idea what the application looked like. According to this Blog entry, the application is now online. When I log into my old MyMIT account, it gives me a message:

    “The deadline to apply for freshman admission to MIT has passed for entry year 2010. The online application for entry year 2011 will be available in late summer.”

    Should I create a brand new account, or keep trying the link everyday to figure out whether or not I can view the application ?

    Please advice.

  3. Nick says:


    I am in the same situation as the first two comments – I created a MyMIT account last year after attending an information session but never viewed or started on the application. Because I plan on applying EA, I would prefer to not wait. Is there way that I can view the application before September?

  4. Matt '00 says:

    @KJ, @Max, @Nick: I’m sorry, you will need to wait. Do not make a new account. It is a system issue since you had viewed the application last year, or said that your entry year to MIT was 2010 rather than 2011 (Nick, as best I can tell, we had bad data for you from the 2008-2009 PSAT that said your entry year was 2010 — I wish I could do something about this). Even though you will need to wait for the Part 1 and Part 2, you can use the teacher recommendations that are in your account, and your EC information should not change.

    @Lyndsey: Do not worry, this is a common problem for students in an A Level curriculum. There are a number of acceptable solutions, but I might recommend this: get two recommendations from current A Level math/science teachers, and consider supplementing it with a humanities recommendation from an O Level teacher if you can (and if not, you should be okay).

  5. PRATYSH RAJ says:

    Hi Matt,
    What’s up….
    I’ve alredy appeared for the high school exams and results are out.So,is it still necessary to provide the mid-year reports.

  6. Caio '15? says:

    “Also note: if you have in previous years applied to MIT or started an application to MIT, you will not be able to create your new MyMIT account and begin your application until September. Please be patient — besides, you already know how the app works.”

    Oh :(

  7. Zuney says:

    do you really look forward to reading them? I mean… there are ~15k of them :D

  8. Anonymous1 says:

    Dear Matt,

    I also have the same problem as KJ, Matt, and Nick. Do you know when this system error will be fixed? Thank you for your time and effort.

  9. David says:

    Mid-september? Bummer… Is there any way we can get the short essays so we can work them up?


  10. KJ says:

    Thanks for the reply!

    @Anonymous1: It’ll be fixed by September from what Matt has said.

    Is there any way we can preview the essay questions? Are they the same as last year’s?


  11. Will says:

    Hello Matt:

    I have a problem. I applied and was rejected for the ’09-’10 cycle. But I want to apply again for the ’10-’11 cycle.

    There is nothing in my old MyMIT account, no EC nor any forms whatsoever. So, does that I mean I can’t do anything before mid-September?

  12. Caio '15? says:

    They are the same as last year’s, except for the “creativity” essay. You can work on your old .pdf previews (or create a test account and download the new ones)

    So, if I send my arts portfolio as a box, you will see it as a picture? That’s kinda sad

  13. Max says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the reply. I won’t create a new account but I was wondering, is there any way we can preview the essay question. So at least this way, the only thing we have to do in September is fill out biographical and other info and get Recommendation letters.

  14. ChrisN says:


    I was wondering for the secondary school report and the teacher recommendations, would it be possible to fax them to the admissions office, or is it better to post them?

  15. Robert says:

    I’m really excited that the application is finally out! Or at least I was until I realized that making my MyMIT account “as soon as possible” didn’t do anything good for me.

    I have the same problem as Nick as far as I can tell (I don’t know anything about my PSAT data, though) and I also want to apply early. My MyMIT information has my entrance year listed as 2011, and I also never saw any part of last year’s application. Will I be able to access the application by September 1st, or could it possibly be a later date?

  16. Patrick says:


    I graduated from high school in June this year, but did not apply last year because of personal problems. However, I signed up for a MyMIT account in May, and put 2011 as my entrance year. Do I just proceed with the application normally?

  17. Robert says:

    @Matt: Yeah, that’s right. And that would be a bummer, but thanks.

    Anyway, it says that the midyear report is required for all applicants, “including Early Action deferred applicants and Regular Action applicants.” Is it also required for Early Action applicants who are accepted in December?

  18. SamerD says:

    Same as Robert…
    is there anything we can do to access to the application before September 1st?

  19. sujit says:

    I am applying for my 12th grade exam externally in 2011. I completed my tutions in 2010, but didn’t appear for the exam. Is it okay if I don’t submit teacher recommendation form?

  20. About the teacher recommendations:

    You need one recommendation from a math/science teacher and one from a humanities teacher.

    I don’t currently do any humanities subjects at school because I had pick 4 subjects only to study for the last two years of high school (I will apply next year as an international student from the UK) and I didn’t have enough options to study a humanities subject. When the time comes to apply next year, what should I do about the humanities teacher recommendation?

  21. Matt '00 says:

    @Zuney: Yes!

    @ Anonymous1: It will be mid-September, and it’s not a system error, it’s a system issue.

    @KJ, @Max: Maybe. We have not posted the questions in the past, but I’ll discuss it with folks here.

    @Will: Yes, you’ll need to wait until mid-September. Sorry, and thanks for your patience.

    @Robert: I’m looking into your case (JAX yes?), but be prepared to wait until mid-September.

    @SamerD: You’ll need to wait, sorry.

    @sujit: Teacher recommendations are required.

  22. utk says:

    hi matt, i have the same problem i created my account last year but did not start the application and now i cannot see the application…so i was wondering if i could make a test account and view and download the required files..

  23. Anon '14 says:

    …whoa. Already?

  24. Sadia says:

    I’m with all the other people waiting for the application to open. It’s ok. At least I can schedule my interview.

  25. Banerjee says:

    Whoa, does MIT suggest EC’s to every applicant with a MyMIT account?

    I did not know it would be provided to me – I was prepared to find one myself; thank you MIT!!!

  26. KJ says:

    The essay questions are on the bottom of the 1st page at

    Sorry if I’m not allowed to post them >

    Sorry if I’m not allowed to post them ><

  27. SD says:

    I have made an account today and they told me that there is no EC in my region (i am from Lebanon). However my friend who lives in the same region had been assigned an EC!!!!! why?

  28. Derek says:

    Dear Matt,
    I’m a high school student from India.I’ve been writing a research paper on self energy of a electron.I’ve spent around a year trying to understand the very details of the problem associated with it.I came up with a solution to the problem.I wish MIT takes my paper in consideration as it is my dream to get to study Physics ie,course 8.I have tried my best to make it perfect.At my present institution(actually I’m home schooled but I go to classes in another place to learn more” there is no teacher over here who is interested in my work as they think students like me can’t be any good.My old school always motivated me to go on.. to convert dreams into reality.I don’t want my hard work end up in vain.So please MIT accept my paper.

    And I would like to ask another question.I made an account last year but when I try to login now.I’m not able to view the application forms.I read above that it will available in September.But I can’t wait that long as I need to plan what I have to write.Is there a solution
    Thank you,

  29. milap says:

    hi matt,
    im a student i got admission in mit for so please tell me how do apply for admission???????

    thank you,

  30. ayush says:

    hi matt,
    would you please help me connect with any indian student at MIT? My parents would like to consult for their advice.

  31. Bookster says:

    Matt odd question you may or may not be able to point me in the correct direction.
    First love your work and love the school.
    I have an associates degree in Telecommunications. From the USMC.
    A bachelors in Computer Sciences. Also the USMC
    and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. From The Colorado School Of Mines.

    Well you Guessed it I am not your average applicant. I’m old.

    I would love to get a Masters in Mathematics for education.

    What are the steps I need to go about in becoming a Freshman at MIT.

  32. Hi Matt,
    I’ve got a problem. My last name is big and the space given is not enough to write my complete name, ie it stands stranded in the middle. How can I solve this problem? Is it ok if a part of my name is missing?

  33. Matt '00 says:

    @Pratysh: All regular action applicants and early action deferred candidates must submit the MIT Mid-Year Report, whether or not there are new grades to report.

    @David: Maybe. We have not posted the questions in the past, but I’ll discuss it with folks here.

    @Caio: Arts portfolios will be reviewed in their original form by arts reviewers. I will see their reviews online. Trust me, you don’t want to trust my judgment on art!

    @ChrisN: We recommend post.

    @Patrick: Yes.

    @Robert: No.

    @utk: Please do not make a test account. We are working on a fix that will allow some students who have not viewed that application previously to access it before September.

    @Derek: We are working on a fix that will allow some students who have not viewed that application previously to access it before September.

    @milap: See

    @ayush: Try

    @yetanotherhopeful: Sorry about that! (Check your email.)

    @SD: I don’t have enough information to know why. Please email interview -at- mit -dot- edu and provide your full details; we’ll look into it.

    @Bookster: MIT does not have a Masters program in math, only a PhD program. You can read more here:

    @Donald: It is possible. We do not require that students have a high school diploma.

    @Nawaza: You should find two teachers who formerly taught you for the recommendations. Your most recent school should fill out the Secondary School Report. You will do the Midyear Report yourself.

  34. shanthanu says:

    Hi Matt,
    I’m in a dilemma please help!
    Giving SAT & TOEFL along with all the other Indian competitive examinations becomes quite hectic so can we give all the Indian exams first and then apply to MIT as a freshman later the next year after taking admission in an Indian college given that we will give up our recruitment in the Indian college if given admission in MIT? or do we have to wait for two / three semesters and then apply as a transfer applicant?

  35. Donald says:


    Some universities in UK have foundation courses. I hope you are familiar with them. Does MIT have similar foundation courses for students as well, before they start their undergraduate studies?

    And, why isn’t it necessary to have a high school diploma? Just curious.

    And, if I get rejected in MIT this year, I will probably apply again next year, after completing high school. So will a rejection affect my chances of admission the 2nd time?

  36. Donald says:


    I am a student from UK. I gave my O level exams this summer and I am currently in grade 11. I want to apply to MIT this year (without doing 12th grade) So I won’t complete my A levels.

    Will it be possible to get admission into MIT without completing 12th grade or giving A level exams.

  37. Nawaza says:

    Hi, I am a student from India, and I am appearing 10+2(HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL CERTIFICATE) examination this academic year. Now the type of study system I am enrolled is a bit different. I do not have to go a high school or any college instead I study at home and towards the end of the academic year which is from June-April in our country we have to give the examination and we get the passing certificate in the month of June. Now what I dont understand is how can I get the Teacher Evaluation Forms, Secondary School Report Form & Midyear Report filled? I dont go to the college and I am directly enrolled to the examination board so i have to self study. please help

  38. Derek says:

    @ Nawaza..
    So you are from India.I’m too. I was wondering if you joined NIOS.thats what I have joined.
    I have the same problem.Do you wish to talk about it?

  39. Derek says:

    Dear Matt,
    I would like to know if MIT accepts research papers as I done work in d field of physics.I consider this as an integral part of my application.
    thank you

  40. Katie says:

    Hi Matt!
    I was just starting the application and came to the part about my parents. My mother dropped out of high school and got her GED. Does MIT consider this the equivalent of a high school diploma or should I put “less than High School” because she dropped out?
    Thanks so much!

  41. sujit says:

    Hey, I am from India too, and even I have the same poblem. I am going to appearing for my HSC exam externally and am a bit confused from who to get the teacher recommendation form filled from.
    What is NIOS? I will google it for sure, I would really like to talk about it. You can contact me at [email protected]

  42. David says:

    It would be awesome if you guys did. I have a mild case of dyslexia, so even writing this comment gets a bit frustrating!

    Thanks Matt!

  43. OMG

    This is going to sound rather silly, but seeing the new application already up really came as a shock to me. Just a few days away from MIT, it’s a pretty amazing realization that it’s been a year since I began this journey smile

    Best of luck, future class of 2015!

  44. Lamborghini says:

    Hi Matt!

    I have a question,

    I just started my last year of High School,

    and I really really really want to go to the MIT,

    but, do I have to apply already? or do i need to wait untill i finish High School?

    I´ll graduate from High School next summer(2011)

  45. sir may i knw abut th admission procedure for MBA in mit for the year 2014…

  46. Mia says:

    Hi Matt,

    I was wondering if MIT admits college exchange/transfer students? I am a college sophomore now in the University of the Philippines and I am interested in applying for MIT. What should I do?

  47. Derek says:

    @[email protected]

    Are you a resident of India? Because I am one.I’m interested in research just like you and I’ve been searching for people like you.I too wish to get into MIT.And I would like to submit my research papers on self energy of an electron as an integral part of my MIT application form.I was just wondering how someone residing in India could manage to do the amount of research that you have done.I would like to get in touch with you.My email id is [email protected].
    Hope we will carry this correspondence further.

  48. SCB says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’m currently entering 11th grade and was thinking about applying to MIT a year early. Could this hurt my chances of being accepted if i were to apply again the next year?


  49. To all the Class of ’15 applicants:

    GOOD LUCK!!! Hope you get in; my prayers are definitely with you! smile And have fun with the application–regardless of whether you get accepted or rejected/waitlisted/deferred, the entire process and the journey you take along the way are just as vibrant. Best wishes!

    PS ReCaptcha: Ooh, cool–I think they’ve moved on to other languages now…

  50. Hi Derek smile

    I am a resident of India smile. Its difficult to carry out my research in India, as we have lack of research lab ( for quantum technologie) esp for the research I am currently involved, So I will be doing experimentations abroad.

    I am sure you can keep n touch with me in future.
    I have added you in my gmail list, we can track from there again. tc
    We could also skype sometimes.

  51. Greetings Matt smile

    My first time entry in this. I am high school junior (15),from India and spend two of my years doing research. I have formally completed high school fresher year,but my sophomore year is treated to equivalence of my research ( officially),now that for(this year) junior year,I would be taking Harvard credit physics course, and for senior year I would be formally studying at a U.S high school to experience the value of U.S education and utilize it to most( fall of 2011). I have previously worked on cosmology,which is due publishing this 2012.another research work on AIDS,cancer and other dreadful disease ( a cure) – due on astronomy : due 2011. and the research which i am currently involved is building prototypes using quantum technologies.(for that i m trying the samples now), and that is due publishing December 2010.
    I am passionately involved in quantum physics & cosmology, EEE but its my dream of trying different professions, and I am sure that works. I study myself,apart from the time alloted for research in which i take graduate course work.

    I am very poor at extra-curricular, as i find myself involved too much in academia & research,and I dint keep a balance between both.But I assure you, those school years, I was involved in both very much, but not any of these days. Will that work?
    I have mailed one of the professor in MIT for my research work data queries, and he has asked me to apply to MIT, when I finish my course work/( mail dated 2009 email.So I plan to apply for fall of 2012 for then, I will hold some position before entering into a reputed uni. My inventions are leading me to become a innovator( ISEF’11).

    So far, I have won ( from mid school-fresher(6/ 7th -9th) 28+ curricular recognitions &awards; including
    for my research excellency,that was given very recently to me and 11+ non curricular awards.

    I have also done a course on aeronautics & engineering ( credit), and arts course

    Lots of things lies within & above me, yet I am find that I am nowhere, i want something more that dazzles in me. How can I move with this career and polish the MIT application? I want to still build more out of me,any advice/suggestions?

    The work I involve now or previously involved are the following ; Professional Networking, innovation, entreprenuership, technology research, elec.engg, electronic design( curricular),medicine and in co-curricular ( arts) & music. Music is my another passion, and I have been taught music for 4 months.

    Let me know if I have to apply for fall of 2011, or after finishing the senior year in fall of 2012? In both cases, I feel fine, but I am looking out for your suggestion, if you feel you can add more to my work,I will do in that year.

    Thanks in Advance

  52. Viraj says:

    Hi Matt,

    I was recently filling out part 2 of the MIT undergraduate application and I noticed that on page 6 of the app the applicant has to list the SAT and SAT subject test scores. I am applying early action for MIT and I have taken the SAT reasoning test earlier in January and I will take it again this October. But the area in which the data has to be filled in on page 6 only accepts one test date and scores. So does that mean that I should list only the highest scores from each section from the two tests? I was also wondering that since the early action application is due before I get the results of the November subject tests back, should I just leave that portion blank? At the moment, I have filled out that I will take the subject tests on 11/2010.


  53. CF says:

    I currently have no access to a credit card which I can use to pay the application fee. In what other way can I pay it?

  54. Hi Matt,
    I’m a women whom lives in California, Long Beach to be exact. Currently, a senior in high school and interested in M.I.T. My career of choice lies within a wide range of sciences, but most importantly Physics and Neurology/Cognitive. I am mentioning this to give you an overview of my passion and most importantly my future study. I want to apply for both: the early action and the regular action. Is it possible that one could apply for both? If so, that would be great! Thanks for your time.

  55. Robert says:

    @Roxana: I know that you cannot apply twice in the same year; however, if you apply EA and are neither accepted nor immediately rejected, you will be deferred to RA to be re-evaluated.

    @Matt: I can access my application now! It’s a miracle (or should I be saying thank you?)!

    In Part 2, where I list AP and IB “courses,” do I list all tests as separate courses, even if I took one course that prepared me and required that I take both tests? There are multiple instances of this for me. For example, I took the AP and the IB(SL) Chem tests last year for my AP/IB Chem class.

  56. Derek says:

    Dear Matt,

    I don’t think I might to able to write all tests( SAT 1 and 2 SAT subject tests)as I dont think I will be able to squeeze in time as I’m having my exams during SAT exam dates and the nearest SAT centre is very far from my present place of residence.I can only write in October and December. So writing both SAT and my school exams is almost close to impossible.I would like to know if I could write SAT in January and in the worst case February also.I’m sad to say that I’m not getting any support from my parents or my teachers.At present I’m all on my own.So to take tests ,to apply all becomes hard for me.Is there a solution to my case

    Thanking you

  57. Zuney says:

    @Robert. I’ve a few self-studied APs, I think i’ll just list them as “courses” with the label “(self study)” and list the score. I mean.. the application does say “(If you have taken the test, please list date and score.)”

  58. Derek says:

    Dear Matt,

    I’ve been assigned a EC.But when I contacted him.He told that he wils be goin abroad.Later on when I checked my MyMIT account I was assigned another person.What I’m conserned is that the address I’ve written is my permanent address.But my present place of residence is far off from that place. I dint write in this mailing address because I will be leaving from this place in few months.I wish I could contact an EC who is near to my present place of residenece.Is it possible?

    Thank you
    Derek D Kuttikkat

  59. Yara says:

    Dear Matt ,
    I have an mymit account but it is not working . I have the user name and i would like to retrieve the password but every time i answer the question it is saying it is incorrect . Can you delete my account so i can do another one ? Thanks .

  60. i m an indian. wan to study for enggnerng wth electronics. m in a dilema of how to give the exam. as no such provision is out here. would you reply. especialy about this year pannel within september with regards

  61. Hi Matt,
    I am trying to apply for the 2011 freshman class. I need to know which subjects i need to have had in highschool (A-levels), I already have Maths and Physics. please reply soon.

  62. Matt '00 says:

    @shanthanu: If you enroll at another university, you may only apply as a transfer student.

    @Donald: We do not offer this type of foundation course. As for high school diplomas, the vast majority of students entering MIT do have them. Finally, I don’t recommend planning to be a reapplicant. My best advice is to plan to apply to universities once, and enroll at the school where you fit best of those to which you are admitted. By itself, though, the results of a first application do not influence a reapplication.

    @Derek: We would accept it, but I encourage you to find ways beyond submitting the paper to convey the information to us. For example, a letter from a research mentor, or simply the abstract, would be good.

    @Katie: I think either would be okay. I’m sorry that there isn’t a more precise option.

    @Lamborghini: Generally students apply during their final year of high school.

    @mohamed: See

    @[email protected]: It sounds like you are doing many interesting things. You can apply whenever you feel it is right.

    @Mia: Yes. See here:

    @SCB: I don’t recommend planning to be a reapplicant. My best advice is to plan to apply to universities once, and enroll at the school where you fit best of those to which you are admitted. By itself, though, the results of a first application do not influence a reapplication.

    @CF: I don’t know, but I’m referring the question to someone who does.

    @Viraj: We will mostly be relying on your official score reports, so you can fill this out as you wish. I would, though, recommend indicating to us that we should expect November Subject Tests; you can do the same with the October scores, if you like.

    @Roxana: You should apply for early action. If you are not admitted and are considered by the committee to be a competitive applicant, you will automatically be reconsidered in regular action.

    @Robert: Glad it’s working now! As for the AP/IB, you can put it on the same line or different lines, as long as we get both scores. We will also see your transcript and self-reported coursework.

    @amrita: You can read more about our standardized test requirements here:

    @Shahzaib: We don’t have any required A Levels. Maths and Physics are a good start. For your remaining subjects, you can choose other subjects that you enjoy or that you feel will best prepare you for the future.

  63. Derek says:

    Dear Matt,

    So what you are meaning is that there is no point writing SAT in February.And can I attempt SAT in January?If I do write SAT in January,is it certain that my scores will reach MIT on time as the deadline given is JAN 1?

    Its written in blogs that SAT 1 can be replaced my TOEFL.I would like to know if TOEFL is required to apply for a F-1 visa as I’m an international applicant?

  64. Derek says:

    Dear Matt,

    I would like to know if I could apply for fee waivers for SAT and for the MIT application? I’m an international applicant.

    Thanking you
    Derek D Kuttikkat

  65. Adonais says:

    Hi Matt!

    I have little, but maybe important, doubts:
    <li>I am an international applicant and most of my teachers doesn’t speak english, so I need to translate their documents. That means I have to see the recommendations, I suppose. Is that valid? Else, where can I get an official translation of the evaluations?</li>
    <li>Related with that, what happens if I don’t sign the evaluations waiver?</li>
    <li>Again related, who should send these: my teachers or me?</li>
    <li>Is really the fee waiver valid for international applicants?</li>

    Thanks in advance ^^

  66. @ Matt : Thanks Matt ji grin
    But curiosity really lies in me unlike all other students.I am sure, and I can fit into a selective campus,but my worry is only about the academic course work, I have taken. Its true, I got one of the stunning teacher recommendation from my 10th grade,to apply to MIT she has known me for 3 /4 years also about mentioned earlier honours But I have only completed my 9th grade.As I said officially 10th grade is declared as a research year for me ( Hardly attended 19 classes that year,was enrolled in the school till the end of academic year),sometimes visit the class, but most of the time I had to spend time outside the state. Then comes 11th grade – my present stage( in which I would be taking Harvards 2nd physics credit course in Jan 2011).Currently in research on building the first machine using quantum tech. Additionally I have learnt a lot by self study and of course a lot more through different research I am involved in. In 10th grade, I dont have a score sheet, but fresher I have( I can submit),I just got the testimonial unlike all other students who appeared for the exam, I really dint have to appear for my board exams under some exceptional cases. I can submit all my standardized scores also. I thought of doing my 12 th grade in a school ( U.S high school), as it was one of my suggestions over my parents where I could take few more rigorous courses additionally to publish my research work and participate in advanced competitions like STS-Intel & Siemens WestingHouse & lots more.

    P.S : Even though I have performed well in my class ; I had to sometimes skip my classes,due to overload of my research and other curricular +non curricular work ( though it was accepted by my school),Wouldnt that become a pause factor when I apply to selective university like MIT thinking that I was stressing over research more than my course schedule?

    How would I be able to handle this ( as this is only my worry from applying) dilemma? Let me know in academic wise, how do you think I can be of more stabilized?

    Looking forward to apply to MIT soon, as its my first & only option smile

  67. @[email protected]: I would STRONGLY encourage you that you do NOT make MIT your only application! Admission is no sure thing. Every year, ECs like myself interview lots of great applicants, and it is difficult to see most of them not be admitted. Please apply to other universities!

  68. annie says:

    Hi Matt! Thanks for your blog. This is extremely helpful!

    1) How do you submit teacher recommendations? After you give it to your teachers, do they mail it in? In response to someone else’s question, you suggested posting. How/where do you post the teacher recs?

    2) How do you submit resumes? Must you mail it in or is there a way to upload it?


  69. nikitha says:

    well . im doing my 12th grade back in india,i want to go to mit after my 12th , ill get the passing cerifictae on 2012. till now i havent taken any SAT or TOEFL , i am international student . i would like to know which all test do i have to take? please reply me back on my email
    [email protected]
    tell when i have to take test.
    please reply as soon as possible

  70. Zuney says:

    ^ You can just submit your resume in the supplemental section.

  71. hey if i click once on the evaluation a and stuff, does the link expire?

  72. I Houthaifa QUBILAT from Jordan this year I finished school in the specialty of the study of scientific and MIT I would like to go to college to do so or to know the method of acceptance and costs arising from the study and what are the papers required to study at this university.
    I want to inquire about specialty Mechatronics
    Very much with the evil you and I have now, all proud to apply for this university

    Houthaifa. M.. Qubilat
    mobile: 00962777858614

  73. Matt '00 says:

    @Derek: You should have all tests completed by the January test date. February will be too late. And for your EC question — I have emailed you.

    @Yara: I have reset your password and emailed you.

    1. We would prefer if the recommendations were translated by a certified translator (check with the American Embassy) or perhaps an English teacher at your school.
    2. You should sign the waiver.
    3. For international students, a good plan is to mail all documents in the same package. You can mail it if you like.
    4. Yes.

    @nikitha: See here:

    @Shahzaib: The link should remain.

  74. aaR Dee says:

    Dear Matt,
    Im in 12th grade now and i want to apply for MIT as a ’16? er though i should be applying for 2015 one , will that make me a transfer student or will it reduce my chances and is it bad to take SAT and other standardized tests after January (because ill be applyin for ’16) & do i have to explain why I applied lately ?

    International Olympaids are held in July every year and MIT Application Deadline is Jan 1 so no Int olympiad winner can actually show off his achievement in application?

  75. Murtaza Ali says:

    Hello Matt,
    I was searching for a MIT email to ask some questions and I guess I’d have to get used to blogs. I attended my Grade 9 & 10 in a non-US-system school and my Grades 11 & 12 in a school which is accredited by CITA . I was having a doubt in filling the self-reported coursework and wanted to know whether should I still report my courses from the first school, and whether my latter school is considered a “US-based school system” so that I’d have to fill out my courses.

  76. annie says:

    Sorry to sound ignorant, but where can I access the supplemental section on the MIT dashboard? All I see is part 1 and part 2 of application and school forms…

  77. amrita says:

    thank you for your dear suggestion. m humble to say you anything. i will love to more about the fee system. & will u mind to share the phone number of mit headquarter. & if u let me know that i will be greatly obliged. & bout the official timing of the working hours with respect to india. thank you in advance

  78. amrita says:

    dear matt,
    i wan to ask you one more thing. as a person from mit. u might be a gem in disguise so congrts for that. will please clarify my doubt that when actually this exam is going to occur.i wan an a crystal depict of it. & i m a good singer. i wan to be like shakira. nw how is my chances here.
    hope sir you will reply me soon. thank you again

  79. Robert says:

    In the activities section of Part 2, I’m not sure I could write about most of my activities in 40 words or less. Are we expected to just write short, simple sentences without much description? Can it potentially hurt our application in any way at all if we go over the limit, and is there an absolute maximum word count that we shouldn’t go over? I think a couple of my activities might be even 60 or 70 words to talk about what the application is asking for.

  80. Robert says:

    I banged out my activities descriptions, and I don’t think I’ll be able to take out more than 4 words (at the absolute most) from any of them. I have a 40 word one, a 43 word one, a 67, a 52, and a 76 word description. Is this okay? I don’t want to end up accidentally hurting my application.

  81. Hamisi says:

    Hello! I am heppy to be connected with u, so I would like to apply online, but I don’t see where I can fill the form, can you inform me about please.

  82. Lamborghini says:

    sorry for the typing mistakes,

    my keyboard wasn´t working. :(

  83. Lamborghini says:

    Hi Matt!
    i have a nother question and a big problem, :S

    I´m going to graduate from High School next

    summer 2011, do I have to do an early accion application
    or a regular application.

    And the big problem is: when I´m doing my online
    application and i get to step 7, (where you can see the
    prevew of your application)
    it doesn´t show some required fields, the ones that are mark
    with a *, and I don´t want to send the application because
    it says that if you dont have that fields it wont be considered.