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MIT student blogger Mitra L. '07

The Proposal by Mitra L. '07

One part hack + two parts romance = Lobby 7 love!

Many hacks at MIT celebrate something: the 100th anniversary of this, the debut of that, the screening of this, the inauguration of that, etc. For example, last week, some people constructed the following to celebrate the release of the new Harry Potter book:

One of my favorite “hacks” (if you can call it that) occured on May 20th, 2004 — right in the middle of finals week. Under the cloak of being busy with such trivial tasks as studying, packing, and moving, Ed was able to hide from Lizzie his true actions: designing, building, and executing the most spectacular wedding proposal Lobby 7 has ever seen. Mission accomplished.

11 responses to “The Proposal”

  1. Ben says:

    Okay now that you’ve posted the pics, my “?” above is meaningless. grin Feel free to delete both of these posts!

  2. Sam says:

    I can’t believe that was over a year ago… definitely one of the most “quintessentially MIT” moments I’ve seen here.

    I can’t believe nobody hacked the wedding.

  3. Elina says:

    cute, definitely,

    and uber romantic!

  4. Meder says:

    that was trully cool

  5. Laura says:

    Ah, love. MIT style.

  6. Faye V. says:

    AWWWWWs… man if it wasn’t for the world class education I would so just wnt to attend MIT b/c of its “awwww” factor

  7. saman says:

    MIT is the coolest. Im applying for MIT and hopefully i get to see all of you next year.