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MIT student blogger Jessie L. '07

The question thread by Jessie L. '07

Hi guys,

I gather that you either have gotten or are soon getting your decision letters from MIT. I’m sure you’ve got a bunch of questions, so I’m making this the question thread. You ask me a bunch of MIT-related questions, and I make another post with the answers.

Questions, anyone?

19 responses to “The question thread”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why is it necessary for girls wanting to stay in all-girls dorms to ask for orientation?

  2. Anonymous says:

    How many people on the waitlist actually get to go to MIT?

  3. Emily says:

    What made you decide on MIT in the first place, and what are the major reasons you have stayed at MIT?

  4. Roli says:

    Hi Jessie, I haven’t followed your blog so I was just wondering what your major is and why you chose to come to MIT? o and…stressful does it get on an average day? thanks!

  5. Roli says:

    ^how stressful?

  6. Kith says:

    One of my crazier relatives (who may have gone to MIT; I don’t recall) insists that it’s much easier to get in than stay in. Thoughts?

  7. Anonymous (re: waitlist), in the past two years they haven’t had a chance to go to the waitlist due to overenrollment (i.e. they admitted more people than they thought would enroll, percentage-wise), but generally it ranges. I’m sure they would LOVE to go to the waitlist this year; they’ve been trying to. (As always, correct me if I’m wrong, Jessie)

    Kith, I disagree. If you get in, you can handle staying in, for the most part. There are cases in which people have trouble doing the work here, but the majority is okay. And MIT does everything it can to try and help you and support you if you’re having academic trouble. We have something like a 98% matriculation rate to sophomore year and a 97-98% graduation rate (I don’t remember actual numbers), and that’s for a reason. Admissions picks and chooses members of the class for that reason.


  8. Olga says:

    What are all the cool free things MIT students get? Matt mentioned the free BSO tickets, anything else? Red Sox, tours, opera, Blue Man group?

  9. Sanja says:

    Can international students apply for Early Action?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi… I have a few questions:

    If I decide to pay the $5500 self-help only from my earnings from my work, will this be possible considering the academic workload,
    if I decide to go for a)single b) double major?

    And one more… whatever my financial situation may be, MIT does not ‘waive’ the self-help of $5500 requirement, does it? I mean, the maximum possible financial aid that one can receive is (total costs) – $5500. Am I right?

    When do accepted students receive their course catalog?

    Regardless of major(s) chosen, does MIT award only ‘Bachelor of Science’ degree?


    (I have been accepted as a freshman for ’10)

  11. Oakland mom says:

    Our family has to start planning vacations for this year now – with that in mind, when is freshman orientation? Is there a family weekend sometime after the first semester begins? Thanks!

  12. Bryan says:

    Oakland mom,

    Orientation begins on Sunday August 27. There are also preorientation programs the week prior. Family weekend is October 13 – 15, 2006.

    – Bryan

  13. Anonymous says:

    none of the links above work

  14. Anonymous,

    The self-help + single/double major really depends on the person. It’s been done, but kind of depends on the major(s) and particular avenue of employment. Some majors have more classes than others, and some jobs are more time consuming than others. And some people are just ridiculously good at time management. And while almost every freshmen wants to double major, a lot of them change their mind early on (not from time consumption, just for interest).

    Check out the course catalouge online – The class schedule is at

    Yes, MIT only gives Bachelors of Science. That’s why you’re forced to take two years of physics and math, plus everything else. You could get a Bachelor of Theater Science! If you wanted to.

  15. a visitor says:

    Remove the periods at the ends of the URLs when they hit your browser line and they work just fine.

  16. I’m wondering about the Freshman year courses. By the time I start in the fall, it will have been 1 year since I studied physics and 2 years since I studied chemistry. How hard is it to jump into (what I expect to be) very rigorous courses? (Maybe even assuming you didn’t learn very much to begin with?)

  17. Anonymous says:

    If I can’t make it to CPW, how out-of-the-loop will I be in the fall? I’m afraid I’m going to miss a great opportunity to meet my future classmates. :(

  18. Sarab says:

    No Question. I love the picture.

  19. Ricardo says:

    Hi there jessie I have a couple of questions for you, I hope you don’t mind answering them:
    First of all, I wanna know what the nightlife is like on the MIT
    Second, is there any mexican or latin comunities??
    I would also like to know what your opinion is about the school and how do you spend your free time
    Thaks for reading my questions, I hope you could answer them.