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MIT student blogger Jess K. '10

The Sam Survey by Jess K. '10


I am RIDICULOUSLY hosed this week (three exams, a problem set, a lab report, a t-shirt design, a poster design, a UROP proposal, an EMS elections meeting, an overnight shift, a trip to New York, another exam..), but I haven’t posted at all in March, and if I stopped posted entirely while I was hosed it really doesn’t look like I’d put up my next entry to until about a few weeks after I graduate. Also, I made fun of Ben for not posting since, oh, I dunno, before Snively posted his first entry. His first entry, might I add, of like eight billion. Snively is totally making me look bad.

The only thing that makes it worse is that I have two entries on hold that I really want to write, but can’t, because I’m only allowing myself a ten minute study break before I have to go back to reading six chapters for my first exam on Tuesday. So, there’ll be an entry responding to your questions from last entry, and the Burton 1 Cribs entry about the different rooms on Burton 1 soon, I promise.

Because Ben did it last summer, and because my blog bio is essentially the same one I wrote in my first entry as a blogger, I recently decided to write a new blog bio. Not only that, but I decided to write a survey. It would be mind-blowing, I decided. It would have all those questions you always wondered but never wanted to ask, like my favorite kind of chocolate bite-sized candy or my favorite Guitar Hero. It would totally win all of Ben’s surveys.

However, I ran into a wall while trying to write it, and so I requested help from Sam, whose mind is a creative vesicle of survey questions just waiting to be tapped. And so I tapped that. His mind, I mean. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you: The Sam Survey.

(Questions written with help from Sam)
Name: Jess
Major: 9 (Brain and Cognitive Science)
Year at MIT: 2010
Residence: Burton-Conner (Burton 1)
Previous Residences: San Francisco, Next House (3rd East), Burton 2
Extracurricular Activities: MIT-EMS, MedLinks, ESG (5.12 TA), Dance Troupe, and UROPing in the Gabrieli lab
Favorite class taken freshman spring: 5.12 (Organic Chemistry I)
Favorite Thai restaurant in Cambridge: Pepper Sky
Favorite animal: Dinosaur
Favorite chocolate bite-sized candy: Toss up between peanut m&m’s and peanut butter m&m’s
Favorite Guitar Hero: Guitar Hero II
Favorite kind of eggs: Omelettes, scrambled (either with pepper or cheddar cheese), hard boiled, over easy, in that order
Record for number of grapes held in mouth at one time: 21 (they were big grapes)
Favorite flavor of gummy bear: Green, closely followed by red
Favorite fabric softener: Bounce (not to be confused with the Gwyneth Paltrow movie)
Favorite Arcade Fire lyric: “If you want something, don’t ask for nothing! If you want nothing, don’t ask for something!” -Neighborhood #2 (Laika)
Favorite member of Penn & Teller: Teller
Favorite German word: Schmetterling
Favorite state quarter: Toss up between Oklahoma and Wisconsin
Most recent grocery list: Cheese (feta, parmesan), tortillas, salad, vegetable broth, bread, leeks, basil, Go-Gurt, instant ramen, microwaveable curry
Favorite combination of colors for argyle: Light blue, brown, grey
Favorite line of the T: The caves of the green line always makes me feel like I’m at Disneyland
Song used as the opening credits of your movie: The Shins’s cover of “We Will Become Silhouettes”
Favorite accountant from The Office: Kevin
Favorite kind of kick: Roundhouse
Favorite piece of EMT terminology: Spontaneous pneumothorax, or “sucking chest wound”
Best Scrabble word: “SQUEEZE”
Favorite pencil: Papermate Sharpwriter. They look like real pencils, but they’re mechanical. They make me feel like I’m staying true to my roots
High score on Helicopter: 1433
Favorite building: 46
Favorite palindrome: Go hang a salami, I’m a lasagna hog
Favorite non-Beaver athletic mascot: UCSC Banana Slugs
Favorite Burger King commercial: This one
Anticipated method of death: “In a breakdancing contest. That turns into a riot.” –Sam

What have YOU always wanted to ask? Comment your questions in. (By the way, I probably won’t change my blog bio. I kind of like the old one. Sorry, Sam!)

42 responses to “The Sam Survey”

  1. Nihar says:


  2. Laser says:

    My favorite German word would have to be Weltschmerz.

    Why do you like Guitar Hero II the most?

  3. Libin Daniel says:

    Welcome Back. Just how you do all this in such a short time?
    BTW, First…Decisions coming soon smile(

  4. Jess says:

    Why?? Message in a Bottle, Sweet Child of Mine, Jessica, Tattooed Love Boys… is that even a question??

  5. what does Schmetterling mean?

  6. Laser says:

    Lol, But Guitar Hero III has Dragonforce! *loser*

    IDK, With Brawl just released, I unfortunately have to put GH to rest for now.

  7. Oasis says:

    Favorite Scrabble Word: QAT, or JINX.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Woww it would be interesting to see an entry on how exactly you manage to complete ALL of those things in just a week!

  9. Anonymous says:

    @ MiniPocketsized: I believe it means butterfly.

    I personally feel that Remidemi and Bluttenblot are the coolest German words. Remidemi is a little bit cooler, since it means shindig in English, but they are both really fun to say.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that palindrome pwns.

  11. Isshak says:

    Hi Jess ! So my question is : what do you choose between a cat that can sing and dance the macarena, and a dog that has Sylar’s powers ? Just wondering…

  12. Adi says:

    This Asian girl is cute!

  13. Ooo, I love to put feta cheese on various things (except no one else in my family seems to appreciate it, sadly). The flavor ’tis amazing.

  14. Leko says:

    Moosebutter or Wierd Al?

  15. Shauna says:

    Jess May I be the first to point out that high score for helicopter is sad. I just tried playing it a while ago and so far I’m at 1108.

  16. Jess says:

    @ Issak: I’m a dog person.
    @ Leko: Uh, I guess Weird Al. Who’s Moosebutter?
    @ Shauna: I know. I suck at it. :(

  17. Sh1fty says:

    favorite home appliance?
    favorite allotropic form of carbon?

  18. Isshak says:

    Oh okay ! And I was going to ask you about your favorite college, but the answer to that is obvious…Harvard of course… wink

  19. Josh says:

    Favorite Mythbuster?
    Favorite Organic Compound?
    And most importantly: Favorite Muffin?

  20. Michael says:

    GHII FTW! That and Rock Band…I like how RB has the classics, like the Stones and the Who.

    I’ve got shows all this week, so I probably won’t get a chance to play, or else I would totally be rokkin’…if only to distract myself from SIX DAYS :-
    In other news, this daylight savings time nonsense is royally messing with my brain. It’s like being jetlagged…but without the jet.

  21. Vytautas says:

    After having spent 30 minutes with it, my high score on helicopter is 1672. Well, it actually was tough to make it and I almost broke my keyboard when I reached 1413 and then checked Jess’s result :D

  22. Steph says:

    Favorite shoes?
    Favorite Book?
    How long you can hula hoop?

  23. Laser says:

    Indeed David, no human. More proof of my mortality :(

    I have, however, managed to 5 star all but 3 songs on expert, and am ranked in the top 2000 for my expert career. Well, that was back when GHIII was in, but now its all about Brawl.

  24. milena '11 says:

    pepper sky is AMAZING.

  25. Laser says:

    Thanks Lauren, while immortality has never been one of my foremost goals, it’s been lodged in my brain for a while. I’ll give it a go.

  26. Carlos says:

    @ Vytautas

    Just reached the same score as you, 1672.
    But some days ago I found a really cool game, rather harder than this one: <a>Spin the Black Circle.</a>

  27. Laser says:

    Spin the Black Circle? That’s a Pearl Jam song!

  28. Carlos says:

    Hmmm…yes. But’s also a game. By the way, I reached the last level, 24.

  29. Laser says:

    Hey, this is pretty fun. Looks I have something to have fun with until decisions.

  30. Carlos says:

    Glad that you liked it, but I’m getting frustated on the last level… better get some sleep.

  31. Lauren says:

    Laser: If you’re having issues with mortality, you should go wiki Quantum Immortality. I just found out about it, and I’m so excited. Also, I’m immortal, in some universe (actually, in infinitely many universes). As are you.

    Also, I apparently really suck at games. I tried playing helicopter and only got to 570! Haha. Then again, I didn’t play for very long… I get distracted quickly

  32. Anonymous says:

    konnichi ha!

    LQ8 = ? [ :( || smile]

  33. Sam R. '12 says:

    I started playing the helicopter plane but couldn’t figure out why it didn’t work even though I was pressing my left mouse button. Then I remembered I am left handed and I had to use my right button, oh well it was pretty funny.
    -sam r.

  34. AwayfromHome says:

    Favorite German word (written): Schifffahrt.
    Favorite German word (spoken): Geil (for the double-meaning. Uh, don’t use that one with adults unless you know the less-used meaning.)

  35. David says:

    Favorite line of the T: The caves of the green line always –> makes Favorite line of the T: The caves of the green line always –> makes <– me feel like I’m at Disneyland

    Your grammar is ATROCIOUS.
    This public service announcement brought to you by a high school junior studying for the writing portion of the SAT.

    Also, there is no human capable of finishing Through the Fire and the Flames on Expert. I swear.

  36. Leko says:

    Moosebutter Sample

    Ignore the random kingdom hearts video, its just the best way i found to listen to it online. I guess it kind of goes along with it…

  37. asm says:

    Oh man, I don’t know how many hours I wasted playing Copter back in sophomore year. Ah, those were the days…

    Speaking of copter games, have you ever tried ROFLcopter?

  38. omar says:

    jess kim is the best distraction from work.
    well, not really, her blog is.

  39. zach says:

    My favorite scrabble word is CHUTZPAH.

    *note that it is not only worth a million points, but also the perfect length for you useing all or your letters in one turn*

  40. Anonymous says:

    favorite cake: AMRITACAKE

  41. brian says:

    Hi, Jess! Can we chill in Boston some time?

  42. Claire says:

    Favorite German word?


    As in “After I realized that I would be applying to MIT next year, I got a little verklemmt.”