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MIT staff blogger Mikey Yang '05

There Goes My Baby by Mikey Yang '05

The first music video from the MIT Logs.

As it says in my introduction, I used to sing in the MIT Logarhythms (an all-male a cappella group), and still keep up with the group as a “logalum”. Recently, they released their first music video, promoting the first single off their new upcoming album (to be released in October).

A pretty cool video, I think, especially considering they filmed/directed/edited/produced the entire thing themselves, and did it all in 2 weeks from concept to finished product. I might also add that all the indoor shots were done inside the recording studio at MIT which I helped build (from scratch!) back when I was in the group. Yes, I’m a proud Log papa. :)

It definitely goes to show that MIT students are all about making things happen. It’s much more about participation than spectatorship; people like to do, rather than watch. At MIT, you won’t see a lot of people who just sit on their hands and let life happen to them – they’re going to want to go out and start something new, create something from scratch, make it go faster, better, stronger…

Here, you can see entrepreneurship, creativity, art, and technology all coming together in harmony – MIT students at their finest.

The song is “There Goes My Baby” originally by Usher; solo by Edan Krowlewicz ’12; arrangement by Ben Lee ’11. Video filmed, directed, and edited by Luke Plummer ’14, Zach Tomlinson ’13, and Eddie Kim ’13, with several other Logs contributing. I should also mention the audio is all a cappella sung by the Logs, and was recorded and edited by Steve Salinas ’12, Mike Miller ’09, and Ben Bloomberg ’11, and mixed by Mike Miller ’09 and James Gammon. (Warning: this song will get stuck in your head…but it’s a good one!)

To find out more about the Logs, you can connect with them on the webFacebook, and Twitter.

Edit: some minor changes and updated credits.

9 responses to “There Goes My Baby”

  1. José ('17?) says:

    They (and I bet you too) sing reeeeaaalllly well, and doing all this sounds with the voices, really beautiful.

  2. valart says:

    Beautiful! Such talented people.

  3. valart says:

    How do I get the album?

  4. Mikey Yang '05 says:

    valart – their new album hasn’t been released yet, but i’m guessing once it has, it’ll be available on itunes and (and on-campus, of course). Their previous albums are also available – see their website for more info:

  5. valart says:

    Thanks! I’m adding that website to my bookmarks.

  6. Anthony L. '15 says:

    A few minutes ago, as I was walking through my dorm, I heard a distant snippet of this song from someone’s laptop and my first thought was, “Isn’t that the song the Logs sang at CPW?”

    Then I come here and realize what they must be looking at.

    So good.

  7. Chris Ong ('16)? says:

    This is fantastic! I’d love to be a Log XD

  8. kilanko says:

    ohhh MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! AM definately caming to MIT, the song, the voices am so blown away

  9. paul says:

    loving you guys am blown away..