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MIT student blogger Abby H. '20

elephants by Abby H. '20

what I've been up to

I’ve been pretty busy lately doing stuff like this

a little of this too

honestly too much of this

some of this

and a sad amount of this.

But this blog post is about the elephant in the room (read: elephants outside my room).

In an effort to not get so over-burdened with life that I end up just sleeping through the stress (last semester), I’ve taken to working on a little mural on my door whenever a pset makes my brain itch.

I was going for Dali’s “Los Elefantes“, but of course I had to dumb it down make it my own. Here’s the week-long process, in photos.

a virgin door
closeup on the flair featuring two years worth of door signs and my boy kilroy
permanent wall/door art is technically illegal in macgregor so I’m painting on clear contact paper
try not to paint the carpet
“are you painting a sunset”
thiccer leggs than the original
and then there were two
the smudgy grayness gives it The Look

Aaaaaand she’s kinda done. With added functionality of a dry erase dialogue area. What could possibly go wrong?