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MIT student blogger Allan K. '17

Thoughts on Snow by Allan K. '17

quick notes from the journal.

The first substantial snowfall was yesterday, December 9. Things about snow:

  1. Don’t welcome it with a fire alarm and evacuation at 9:30 AM (cough. Next House, Monday morning).
  2. Your backpack: not as waterproof to it as you thought.
  3. Silly: how grass looks like a bad shave when it’s half-hidden under a thin layer of it.
  4. Stupid: when rain falls on it, and it becomes slush.
  5. More stupid: rain’s bastard little half-brother, hail.
  6. Things I’m now very glad I own: (a) hats. (b) scarf. (c). overcoat. (d). sweaters for layering. (e) boots.
  7. Things I now wish I own: (a) hat that covers ears. (b). boots that reach past ankles. (c). waterproof notebooks (see 2.)
  8. Delightful crunching sounds turn into less delightful squelching sounds after a while (see 4.)
  9. Everything is wet.
  10. It’s beautiful.