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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Time to Complete the MIT Midyear Report by Matt McGann '00

Applicants need to fill out the form on MyMIT by February 15th.

The MIT Midyear Report is now available! You can fill it out now at

To announce this, Dean of Admissions Stu Schmill has just sent out this email:

The MIT Midyear Report is now available on your MyMIT Tracking page,

Complete your MIT Midyear Report now.

The MIT Midyear Report is an online form that is required of all students, and is to be completed by you, the applicant.  The Report serves two purposes: to provide your updated grades since you have applied, and to mention other updates since you submitted your application. Please submit this form as soon as your midyear grades are available or by February 15th, whichever is earlier.

A few notes: You should complete the Report as soon as possible after completion of the fall semester or second quarter (if your school uses a trimester schedule, please use your first trimester grades).   You do not need to have a hardcopy of your updated transcript sent by your school, and even if your school has sent a hardcopy transcript, you are still required to submit the MIT Midyear Report.  There is also an option in the Report for students whose schools do not provide any midyear grades, homeschooled students, and students already out of school.

Finally, my colleagues in the Financial Aid Office are happy to announce that the Financial Aid Tracking System is also now available on MyMIT.  On the Financial Aid Tracking System, you can view which documents have been received by the MIT Financial Aid Office.  You can learn more about applying for financial aid on the Student Financial Services website.  The deadline for applying for financial aid is also February 15th.

Best wishes,
Stuart Schmill
MIT Dean of Admissions

Hopefully, the form is pretty self-explanatory, but here are a few notes:

  • The Midyear Report is an online form that is to be completed by every student being considered for Regular Action admission (thus, RA applicants — including international students — and EA deferreds).

  • The Midyear Report is to be completed by you, the applicant.

  • The MIT Midyear Report is different than the Common Application Midyear Report. The Common App MYR which is filled out by your counselor and sent to Common Application schools. The MIT Midyear Report is to be filled out by you, the applicant, online via your MyMIT Tracking.

  • The MIT Midyear Report serves two purposes:

    1. to get your updated grades since you have applied (“Midyear Grades”).
    2. to get any other updates since you submitted your application (“Midyear Updates”).

  • The Midyear Grades form has fields for your to report your coursework and grades. This is similar to the Self-Reported Coursework Form from the Part 2 of the application, except that we’re only looking for current year courses and grades. And we’re only looking for this from students with something to report — so if you’re in a school that doesn’t have midyear grades, or you’ve already graduated, don’t worry, you’re all set — you will be able to skip this section.

  • The Midyear Updates form will be a simple text box, similar to one of the essays from the Part 2. The Midyear Update has a maximum of 250 words.

  • We are happy to accept a midyear/updated transcript from your school/counselor, or the Common App Midyear Report form. However, even if your school/counselor submits a transcript, you still are required to complete the online MIT Midyear Report.

  • The MIT Midyear Report is due by February 15.

We’ve been getting a number of questions about the Midyear Grades section of the form. Here are some quick tips:

  • For most of you, this will be pretty strightforward. You’ll take your transcript, then write the course name in one box, and your semester/trimester grade in the corresponding box. For example:

  • While we ask for you to keep the grades column as pristine as possible, feel free to add some extra info in the “Subjects taken” box. For example:

    AP CalculusA-
    Spanish 4B


    BC Calculus89
    IB Chemistry HL97
    British Literature95
    Economics (EPGY)A-

  • In the “Grades” box, please list only grades and not narrative text if you can help it. For example, it is sufficient to write “B+” rather than “B+ (Final grade)” or “B+ (online course).” Also, you don’t need to write “Currently enrolled,” “Just started,” or “Spring semester;” it will be, in many cases, better to leave it blank.

  • While we ask for you to keep the grades column as pristine as possible, feel free to add some extra info in the “Subjects taken” box. For example:

    Organic Chemistry (via dual enrollment at BHCC)A-


    AP Chemistry (self study / MIT OCW)


    Chemistry (auditing; not taking for a grade)


    Chemistry Honors (Spring Semester)

  • If your transcript provides quarter grades but not a semester grade, you should list both quarter grades. For example:

    BiologyA, A-


    AP Economics96 / 92

  • If your transcript provides quarter grades and a midterm exam grade but no semester grade, you should list the quarter grades and the midterm exam grade.

    For example:

    AP ChemistryA / A- / A


    Theory of Knowledge6+, 7, 7

  • If your school uses a trimester schedule, please use your first trimester grades. We know that in most cases, your second trimester grades will not be available for a while.

  • Some schools — including many international schools — have no concept of “midyear grades.” This is okay. You can ignore the text boxes and simply choose the option, “I attend a school that does not provide midyear grades.”

  • Some schools will not release midyear grades until after the Midyear Report deadline of February 15th. This is okay. You should choose the option “Semester grades will be available on ______________________ and I will mail or fax them to you at that time.”

  • Some of you have graduated already and have no new grades to report. You should choose the option, “I’m not currently attending school; MIT has all of my grades.”

I’ll also try to field any other questions you may have in the comments. Happy Groundhog Day!

73 responses to “Time to Complete the MIT Midyear Report”

  1. Darshi says:

    I submitted my midyear report before reading this. I averaged my number grades (first and second quarter) out and submitted it and also left a note in the additional information section. Is that ok?

  2. My school releases our midyear exam result in exact number scores, e.g. 60.4. However, the school released transcripts (including final transcripts) with only number grades. I did splendid exact number scores, including a 100-year record of 100.0 in Pure Math. I wonder if I should fill in the exact scores, or the grades or not? The grade are inflated, but the scores are not. Plus, will MIT admissions doubt the veracity of my MIT midyear report if my final transcripts has only grades?

  3. Matt '00 says:

    @mrmish: If you have new grades on your transcript snce you applied, you probably should submit them via the MYR. If you have no new grades, you will still need to file the MYR.

    It’s starting to get a little late for new materials. Your best bet is fax, at +1-617-258-8304. Be sure that your name and date of birth appears clarly on your documents.

    @Morteza: We are familiar with many grading systems. You should submit the grades that are on your transcript. If you are worried, you can remind us in the notes section about your grading scale.

    FWIW: My recaptcha says, “about grenades.”

  4. Casie says:

    I sent a update letter a few weeks ago directly to the admissions office via snail mail because I thought the update letter was something separate from the MYR that was supposed to be received earlier. Will the admissions committee still read my previous letter? Can I just write updates of the updates on the MYR?

  5. tree says:

    I can only say, “Crap.” Probably should have skimmed this before submitting…

    city potpie

  6. Hi,

    I just submitted my midyear report and I forgot to write in the comments that my school gives midyear grade only from A-U, so there’s no A+. Will that make my grades look worse/is it a problem?

    Thank you so much,

    PS: I love this blog =)

  7. Hi, I am an International student from Egypt and I had a question about the Midyear grades. My school has no Midyear grades, and I know that I don’t have to worry about this section. The thing is that I am self studying for the AP Chemistry and the AP Calculus ( through MIT OCW ). So I was wondering whether should I mention these two courses ( without grades ) or just choose the option, “I attend a school that does not provide midyear grades.”

  8. Matt '00 says:

    @Casie: A member of the Admissions Committee will see your letter, but in this case I wouldn’t worry about being repetitious: if there was something cool/important in your letter, I would include it again in the MYR, in addition to any updates on updates.

    @tree: No need to worry. We are very flexible; I’m sure however you submitted it was fine.

  9. mrmish says:

    I’m an international applicant. My school has no concept of Mid Year Grades or trimester grades. I think our system is equally good because we have cumulative grades from over 2-3 months. I have already faxed my available senior year grades after submitting the application on Jan 1 (before your deadline). Is that OK?

  10. nvilcins says:

    I am an international student. I have more than 9 (the amount of available lines in the grade report) subjects at school with midyear grades. 14 actually. Should I choose 9 most appropriate subjects, excluding some (like my native language and literature, for instance) or should I add the remaining subjects in the Midyear Updates text box?

  11. Ammar'14 says:

    “AP Chemistry (self study / MIT OCW)”

    Self study using MIT OCW counts? This has just made my grades report significantly longer.
    Thanks for telling us!

    Another question, do the admission’s office use Python in any of its applications ?
    My point, if Randall Munroe can type “import antigravity” to fly and “import soul” for a robot maybe I can do “import admission” to get admitted easily ?

    P.S. An ominous reCaptcha : “be doubtful”. Hey, I didn’t need that!

  12. Justin says:

    Hey Matt, sorry to add yet another (similar) question to the pile, but I was wondering if it’s possible that an extra recommendation would make any (positive) difference at this point. By the way, I applied EA and was deferred, not sure if that makes any difference.

  13. Oops, typo. *grades

    Also, I’m self-studying two of my subjects and didn’t include those on the midyear report either as I don’t have midyear grades for them. I should have read this before clicking submit.


  14. Morteza says:

    @Matt ’00: Excuse me but where is notes section?

  15. zomy says:

    I’m an international student, too. Actually my high school is one of the most prestigious and competitive schools in my country, and I do want to submit a school profile.(partly because my GPA is not the best one)
    How would I send it? via email or fax?

  16. C2 says:

    So… these are just grades from my first semester…Good thing I read this first! ^o^

    Well, I have to wait until tomorrow to get my marks because I got 2 days off from Exams~

    Matt, I have a question about Financial Aids, should we apply to it even though we are not sure if we will get accepted???

  17. Matt '00 says:

    @Gina: Not a problem — many schools don’t give A+ as a grade, and A is a great grade to begin with.

    @Abdelrahman: You could do a number of things. For example, you could list you two self-studies on two Subjects Taken lines, with no grades listed, and on a third Subjects Taken line write something like, “…and my Egyptian school’s courses, which provide no Midyear Grades.” That would be just one of many fine ways to present it — do your best.

    @nvilcins: There are a number of ways to proceed. For example, you could write two subjects on one line, and then two grades in the box (there’s room) — e.g. “Class1 / Class2 —–> A- / B+”. Or you could do as you suggest and put the extras in the Update box. Do your best; we’re flexible as to presentation.

    @Ammar: Glad we could help. We don’t use Python in the office, but I am the Velociraptor Safety Officer.

    @Justin: We would be happy to take your recommendation via fax, but all we’re really looking for is the MYR and anything important not covered in your application.

    @Gina: Feel free to drop us an email if you like.

    @Morteza: Sorry, I meant the Update box, which can be quite versatile.

    @C2: Yes, apply for Financial Aid now! This way, if you are accepted, the Financial Aid Office will be able to give you a financial aid package at the same time.

  18. Brad says:

    I wish you always replied this quickly!! Thanks for the info. As always, you’re a big help.

  19. Vic says:

    I have a letter from my school to MIT admission office. How do I make sure the admission office gets it in time? Should it be faxed?

  20. Morteza says:

    @Matt ’00:Thank you for you quick response. I’m sorry but as I said before I submitted MYR. (It could be very bad if they are mistaken because my best grades considered very low.)

  21. Anonymous says:

    Hello Matt
    What if I dont know when my school will release the MYR for entering the date on the the first option?

  22. Thanks a lot Matt =)


  23. Akshay says:

    Hello Matt,
    I’m an international student applying from India. Our school does not give any Mid-Year Grades, but it has a trimester schedule. I’ve already submitted the first trimester grades to MIT when I applied. Should I put in the second trimester grades in the Mid Year Report? or should I just leave it blank?


  24. Morteza says:

    I’m an Iranian student. Iran has a grading scale from 0 to 20. My grades in MYR are in 0-20 scale. Can my grades mistaken with a 0-100% scale? My grades in official transcript that sent by our school before are in 0-20 scale too. I submitted MYR before reading this.

  25. zomy says:

    Hello, I’ve tried to sent the school profile by fax.
    However, though I pushed 617-258-8304, it apppered 617-687-9184 on the screen. I can hardly imagine I made such a big mistake by myself. Is that a forwarding number? Had I better send it again/could I confirm its arrival?
    Thanks again,

  26. Charlie says:

    Hello Matt,
    Thanks for all the helpful information. I was wondering whether it was too late for me to submit additional self reported course work (taken in my junior year) in the MIT MYR note section.Will the admissions committee consider them although i took them in my junior year but overlooked them in part 2 of the application?

  27. Vedha says:

    I attend high school in India and my school’s first trimester ended in October. My first trimester grades are already listed on the transcript which I sent in with my application(EA deferred). I should get grades for the second trimester later this month(possibly after the 15th). Do I need to send the second trimester grades as well or should I just enter my first trimester grades?

  28. Anonymous says:

    So just to make it completely clear, the Midyear Report does NOT need to be completed by Early Action ADMITS, correct? smile

  29. Matt '00 says:

    @Darshi: You’re fine; the extra note will be especially helpful. For folks who haven’t yet submitted, entering both quarter grades is still preferred, but Darshi is fine.

    @Kenneth: I would put exactly what is on your transcript — though grades with so many significant figures are certainly interesting!

    @Vedha: You could wait until February 14th or 15th to submit; if you happen to get your second trimester grades by then, great; if not, first semester will be just fine.

    @Anonymous: Yes, exactly. If you were admitted EA, we will only require a final grade report and not the midyear report.

  30. Matt says:

    I noticed on the midyear report that there is not a space for me to upload an abstract for a research project that I did. I would really like MIT to consider this in my application. Can I send this separately, and if so, would you prefer to receive it by email or regular mail?

  31. A cliche, sorry, anonymous22.
    But I don’t think MIT will put anyone to a disadvantage provided that one have exhausted what one’s growing environment provides. I, too, was not offered AP/IB at school.

    [Another cliche: Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m just a fellow applicant – though I think nobody would amend my comment this time anyway raspberry]

    ReCaptcha – opera Brandied

  32. @Matt ’00: The links you used in the post are somewhat broken. It won’t bother us much anyway.

    P.S.: Kept typing “Math” for three consecutive times before I could get it right.

  33. Matt '00 says:

    @Anonymous: You may wish to ask a school official; even if they can’t give you an exact date, they may be able to give you an approximate date that you can enter.

    @Akshay: If your second trimester grades are available, please list them in the MYR.

    @zomy: Yes, that’s a forwarding number, it is completely normal, everything is okay.

    @Charlie: The MYR Grades section is probably not the appropriate place, but the MYR updates section I think would be just fine.

    @Matt: Email or regular mail would be fine.

    @Tyler: We don’t yet know when decisions will be released; it will be sometime in mid-March via

    @Zach: There is a character limit that should limit you to not many more than 250 words.

    @brian: Sure, a short essay, ascii art, an algebra word problem — whatever floats your boat.

    @anonymous22: We are familiar with many different grading schemes from many different countries. You should not convert your grades — list them as they are listed on your transcript. And no, no, NO, you are not at a disadvantage because your school uses a different curriculum than AP or IB — we are more concerned with the rigor of your courses than with what agency sponsors the course curriculum.

    @Kenneth: Thanks for pointing that out!

  34. Tyler says:

    I recall seeing somewhere that our decision notification will be March 15th. Maybe I just want to be able to say “Et tu, MIT?” if I’m not accepted, but I get the feeling that it might be difficult for the admissions officers to get through all of the applications by that time.

    When is the decision notification, and will it be done in the same fashion as the Early Action decision? Thanks!


  35. WOOWOWOW! Glad I am on time. Here are my questions. I will be waiting for the answers.

    1) I am an international applicant and my school actually prepares us for the final (national) exams in two terms. I had my exams in December, so can I send the same grades because I won’t have any exam till April 28,2010 besides weekly tests.

    2) I won the Best of category award in mathematics at INTEL National Science fair today. I have already faxed the research papers of my project as well but I still don’t know whether they are attached to my file or ?. Plus, there is another Science Olympiad and a science talent contest at two different universities for high school and university students and a declamation contest in February and March. I will be participating on behalf of my school. So can I mention them in the Midyear Updates.

  36. Shivam says:

    Thanks Matt! I love how you make everything seem all calm and cool. smile

  37. Zach says:

    Hey Matt,
    Is the 250 words a strict limit, or is it okay to go a little bit over?

  38. @Zach: I think it is a strict limit. I went over a little bit over 250 words, and the system automatically prompted me. You won’t be able to submit anything over, anyway.

  39. I have already submitted my midyear report, however, in my insanity, I forgot to put that I made it to the Regional Science Fair competition. Who do I contact to get this added to my midyear report?

  40. C2 says:

    Cool, thanks Matt.
    So, much things to do, hope I can make it. =D

  41. brian says:

    am an international student. i have already graduated so i have no grades or updates to give, yikes! can i write a short essay in the update box to show that i care?

    recapture reads: are losing

  42. anonymous22 says:


    I have some questions, and I would apreciate it if some could answer them.

    I am an international student hoping to apply to MIT in a couple of years (as an undergraduate). The problem is that I do not attend an international school. Therefore my grades are not in an A, B, C scale, they are in a 12 point grade. Moreover, my school does not provide any AP or IB courses.

    So my questions are:

    Are the people at the admissions office at MIT familiar with the different countries education systems? (bare in mind that I am from Uruguay, but have also taken the A Levels).

    Also, schould I convert my grades into a 4 point scale in order to calculate my GPA?, or when appling, should I put the grades in a 12 point scale?

    Is the lack of AP/IB courses a disadvantage?

    Well, thanks for taking your time to read and answer this.

  43. Jon says:

    I noticed earlier that you said that EA accepted students should submit a Final Grade Report. Is there a separate MIT form for this, or do we just send in our final school transcripts?

  44. I read this blog after submitting my midyear report.
    I am an Indian student and so my school doesn’t provide grades but instead gives marks.
    I converted the marks to grades and they were all A’s (I didn’t use A+. So ranked A-F).
    I have already sent my official transcript and the commonapp MYR.
    Do I need to change anything in the MIT MYR or is it ok because i have already sent you the official transcript?

  45. Amit says:

    Hello Matt,
    About the mid year reports-what if my school mid year reports carry no credibility?, the only credible exam whose report cards are given is the annual exam, which is to begin next month, and that exam is a national exam.
    Should I write that no mid year grades are given in “My Mit” account?


  46. Keshav says:

    Hi Matt,
    I’m an international student from Mauritius and I have completed the IB diploma, I have done the final exams in November 2009 and I have my final results. Should I use my final results as my mid-year grades and put a note in the updates section? or should I send an updated transcript?

  47. Tim says:

    I think I’m fine with this, but when I submitted my report, I reported a “P” for my independent study, which basically means “pass.” I figure MIT will get that, right?

  48. @Amit
    Same problem with me. My exams will be starting at the end of April. But like I think we can give the grades of our most recent exams as mid year grades.

  49. C2 says:

    @Sambheet Krishama
    You are from India right? How do you apply for IDOC? I don’t have a Social Security Number so I am not sure what to do with that =[

    Help please ~

  50. Hello C2 smile
    Yes ! I am from India, and to submit your finaid documents you have to creat a CSS profile and submit it. (i suppose, before Feb 15)

    And then you have to mail the following finaid documents to Student Financial Services, here are the documents you have to send:
    1) Business Supplement form (If required)
    2) Parent’s Income tax returns

    (that too I guess should reach MIT Student Financial services before Feb 15)

    Actually, for IDOC, you would probably have got an ID through e mail and can use your DOB for log in. Actually there they show up requirements which include all the above mentioned documents, but I directly sent them to MIT Student Financial Services and the process completed.

    I actually got an email from IDOC that documents should not be sent to them but to MIT Student Financial Services. (according to my thinking)

    I suggest you should send the docs to Student Financial Services, MIT.

    And do ask your questions to [email protected]
    They reply promptly.

    (Please note that I am an applicant and not a member of MIT admissions so, ask your queries to [email protected])

    Hey C2, Goodluck for your admission !

  51. C2 says:

    Thanks Sambheet
    I didn’t get any email about IDOC ( does it appear after you sent the CSS?). I also sent an email to the MIT Student Financial Services. Anyways, I thought Parent’s Income tax returns wee imply in the CSS profile.

    Thanks again!~ And GoodLuck to you too =D

  52. Keshav says:

    Congratulations to all of you who got in! I have applied and am awaiting my decision :S. Is anybody from the small island of Mauritius in this year’s class?

  53. @sambheet says:

    Though i cant speak for the admission office but TOEFL thing is pretty fine

    It was said “Inter- ongoing”

  54. Hello Sir,
    I have applied to MIT this year for Physics undergraduate course.

    I have completed every other part of my application(including FINAID) but I gave my TOEFL test on Jan 31. So, I expect the scores to reach MIT by 12 Feb 2010.

    Will that be fine ?

    I have a comment regarding the MIT application specific blogs,
    I think that the blogs such as this one, should be posted a few days before the actual form is online.
    What happens otherwise is that most of the students have already submitted their form (including me) and then they go through the information in the blogs !
    (well this happened to me while filling every form, like MYR, recommendations, scholastic distinctions)
    The blogs were nice but were a bit (haha!!) smile) late ! Although they were really nice smilesmile

  55. Liam says:


    I just finished my CSS profile today (2/7/10) and thus I just got my IDOC information. Should I still send in the forms to IDOC if they take 2 weeks to process, or should I send them straight to MIT? I am assuming that the IDOC forms have the same due date as the rest of the financial aid forms, February 15th. Is this correct or am I worrying about nothing here?


  56. C2 says:

    @ Anthony

    Heya, I am an international applicant from Canada.
    I sent an email to MIT financial Aid Office and got a reply saying:”Since you are an international applicant, you should send your tax documents directly to our office (not to IDOC).”

    So, I guess that we will have to send the whole TAX thing to MIT trhough fax, mail, or others.

    Hope this helps

  57. yy says:

    Dear Matt:

    I’d tried to fill in the MYR since Feb 3, Wed.

    However, the dashboard displayed that ‘there is an error’ whenever I clicked ‘Submit’ –> ‘Proceed’.

    I’d tried 3 different computers and different servers as well. I’d sent in the pdf file via email attachment too.

    I just hope that the admission office has received it already.

  58. Anthony says:

    @ C2

    I am sending a “NON-TAX” document. Do you think it’s the same?
    I’ll send a message to MIT financial aid anyhow, just to make sure.

    Thanks for your help!

  59. C2 says:


    Your info helps me =D!

  60. Anthony says:


    I am an international student from Lebanon. Regular undergrad applicant.
    I was just reading the blog prior to sending my MYR.
    However, my entry is regarding the CSS profile.
    I completed and submitted my CSS profile Jan 14th, but got an IDOC message about 4 days ago to send them the documents. I then got another message from IDOC a couple of days ago, saying that they sent me the previous message by mistake.
    I disregarded that and sent documents to the IDOC.
    I don’t know if I’m required to send anything to MIT finaid services.
    Plus, it is written in the FINAID TRACKING BOX (MyMIT) that we should send finaid documents through IDOC.


    Good luck everyone =).

  61. Anthony says:

    @ C2

    Well I guess MYR is midyear report.

    At least that’s how I used it raspberry.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Can somebody give me the mailing address for the International Student Financial Aid Application and the parents income tax returns?

  63. Anthony says:

    @ C2

    Well in my country for example, not all people are subject to taxes on income. So I don’t have any tax document to send. That’s why I have to send a “Non-Tax” document instead, to verify that I can’t/am not required to send a Tax document.
    Kind of strange (— and somehow retarded) thing not to have income tax for everyone huh ? tongue laugh

  64. @ Anthony: No. It’s not retarded. It’s fair in some sense.

  65. C2 says:

    @ Anthony
    Here is the financial aid email: [email protected]
    I am assuming you are an international applicant, so here is the web site for what you need:

    Hope this can help you.


    Thanks, I forgot to post last time, what are those Non-Tax documents??

  66. C2 says:

    @ Anthony

    Ok, well, this reminds me to check and make sure I sent in everything!!

    Thanks =D

    BTW, what is MYR, is it the mid year report?

  67. Anonymous says:

    There has been several big snow storms on the east coast, so school has been closed for this whole week. I will not get my report card until the 16th. I was actually supposed to get my report card last week, but I had to leave school early that day. When/how should I submit the mid-year report?

  68. Anthony says:

    @ Kennet

    Well I only thought of it this way because it might jeopardize the credibility. I also believe it’s somehow disorganized when my whole family doesn’t have a tax report !
    Thanks for the understanding thought =).

    @ C2

    I contacted Finaid and they said that I should send everything (mail or fax) directly to their office.
    Thanks, and GOOD LUCK =)

  69. Kevin M. says:

    I have the same issue as “Anonymous” above, the snowstorm here in the mid-Atlantic has caused school to be closed since Monday of last week. To add to this, school has been closed for what is left of this week too – that’s two weeks off of school because of snow.

    We were supposed to get report cards last week, but school was cancelled and the date for report card releases was pushed back. Unfortunately the date they were pushed back to was yesterday and we were still off of school.

    It’s looking like I will not even be back in school until the 16th, and it is uncertain if report cards will even be out then because the teachers haven’t been at school to update their grades. What should Anonymous and I do?

  70. Lucy says:

    Hi, I filled out my mid-year report a couple days ago and sent it in, but I received news today of additional awards/honors, is there an email that I can send updates to?

    I remember there was one when I was filling out the report, but I don’t know what it is now.

    Thank you!

  71. C2 says:


    lol~ Well, I don’t think I have income tax return because I never got a real job. So, I will just need to send the CSS and the return TAX from my parents =D

    The MIT website is super helpful, ABUNDANT yet clear!
    (Scroll down to the bottom at the page below and that is all you need to know about financial aids

    Good luck everyone~

  72. Anonymous says:

    I have the same problem with the snow storm- semester grades were supposed to be finalized this week and report cards were supposed to be sent out. But, the entire week of school has been cancelled and school does not resume until Tuesday the 16th. What should be done about the midyear report?

    Thanks in advance!

  73. C2 says:


    NICE! Good luck to you too man!

    @ Kevin and Anonymous…

    WOW GIANT SNOW WEEK! We only get snow days on my area… Anyways,I think I saw in this thread somewhere that said if you can’t make it in time, you do not need to send it in.Try to read over the comments (I got school to go xD).

    Good luck ~