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MIT staff blogger Mikey Yang '05

To RFID or not to RFID? by Mikey Yang '05

That's not really the question, but it's kind of a cool title, no?

So I just happened to come across two articles this week related to MIT, both involving RFID technology (for those who aren’t that tech savvy (like me), here’s the wikipedia article on RFID).

One of which is from the San Jose Mercury News – “‘Printed Chips’ Could be Boon for Consumers” where they talk about some new technology that’s being developed by a company called Kovio, which apparently was founded by MIT alum Colin Bulthaup in 2001, the year he graduated from MIT with a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Engineering in EECS. (Actually, it looks like since then, Colin’s done way more than that…)

Pretty amazing stuff.

Meanwhile, one of my college friends sent me this article from Technology Review about the 2009 Young (under 35) Innovator of the Year.

It’s my former GRT! ZOMG!

(For those that don’t know, GRT stands for Graduate Resident Tutor; they’re basically grad students at MIT who serve as your floor or hall’s resident advisor.)

He’s actually doing some pretty cool work on the security of RFID. You should read the article, because it does a much better job of explaining what he does than I can.

Anyways, enjoy. Hope y’all are enjoying (at least what’s left of…or maybe what’s not left of by this point) the summer!

7 responses to “To RFID or not to RFID?”

  1. Su ('14?) says:

    Woah! Kevin Fu’s research sounds like something that came out of a scifi movie LOL.
    p.s. it’s so awesome that he was your GRT!

  2. I hadn’t considered security holes in RFID before… He has a very tricky, admirable job on his hands. smile @Su: Haha, it does, doesn’t it? I can definitely see the heart attack scenario on the big screen.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What does “ZOMG” stand for?

  4. Mikey says:

    @anonymous above – I direct you to urbandictionary, which gives a nice definition:


  5. Aaron says:

    I believe a certain FEE paper I wrote two years back had to do with this topic…

  6. Cranky!!! Oh, thanks Mikey for clarifying that “ZOMG” thingy!! Zwas a scary situation – ^_^ Btw, I was the Anon earlier…>>>