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MIT staff blogger Ben Jones

Today’s Mailing Day by Ben Jones

For me this is a huge thing. You guys are my first MIT class, which means that I am highly emotional about it.

Waited until midnight so I could post on the 11th officially (EST, anyway) – we’ll be mailing in less than 24 hours. Wow.

For me this is a huge thing. You guys are my first MIT class, which means that I am highly emotional about it – overwhelmed for the admits and devastated for the denied. In fact, joking aside in the previous thread, I honestly don’t know yet who got in – with rare exception, I couldn’t bring myself to look. Because I truly want all of you here and for that reason, tomorrow is going to break my heart in a lot of ways.


Tonight feels like xmas eve. I distracted myself with a transition shave. It’s supposed to say “MIT” – but I suck at shaving. Hope you enjoy anyway. The real shave will come when the letters are in the mail.

32 responses to “Today’s Mailing Day”

  1. forget mit,

    does anyone see how stupid ryan is for going for only Marissa? Should be Ryan + Marissa + Alex. The possibilities!


    Star Wars Trailer!


  2. S&Mer says:

    When you say letters are mailed today, does that mean this morning (ie already mailed, so that some of us can get them Saturday), or this afternoon?

  3. Kledia says:

    My first real college response letter *GASP* it’s supposed to snow tonight….and tomorrow…I hope that doesn’t delay the mailman! I live only 2 hrs away, how long can it take to get here?!!!

    I’ll post again when I get it…I hope it’s big I hope it’s big!! if it’s the small one…give me a few days to get over the devestation before I say officially declare it….I’m allowed to live in denial for a little bit!

  4. NoCreativity says:

    if i don’t get in… i’m joining the dark side. the dark side!!!

    BTW everyone.. seth cohen is a retard.. wtf is this “so cute.. soo cute” thing he keeps saying? annoying as heck.. Summer should punch him.

  5. NoCreativity says:

    ben… aaaahhhh a redneck is deciding my future! hahah.. u remind me of hogan… the wrestler.

  6. Ben says:

    David A – LOL, I actually stole the idea from an MIT homepage pic awhile back – some dude had shaved it into his head. wink

    Wish I could make it the homepage pic today! But they book that months in advance, and I wasn’t quick enough. There’s always next year!

    S&Mer; – It’ll be this afternoon, but we did that for EA and some folks still got them on Saturday.

    Kledia – fingers crossed, I am soooo tired of snow. Grrrr, where is spring?!?

    NoCreativity – alas, your app and I did not cross paths unfortunately, so the hulkster did not bestow his talents upon your fate. :-(

    Best of luck everyone! I’m pulling for all of you!

  7. Ipsen says:

    Alas, I am dying of heart-strokes o_O It seems like this time of the year is the breeding ground of rumors…

    So impatient right now :(

  8. uj says:

    for some reason, this whole spring vs. winter thing reminded me of the wasteland by t s eliot:
    “April is the cruellest month, breeding / lilacs out of the dead lad, miing/ memory and desire, stirring/ dull roots with spring rain./ winter kept us warm, covering/ earth in forgetfrul snow, feeding/ a little life with dried tubers.”
    hehehe it seems like high school seniors put a new definition to “April is the cruellest month” hehe. all that anxiety!
    good luck everyone! wink
    here’s a star to wish upon: *
    ((goodluck hug))
    ((maybe one more))
    ((and another one))

  9. viggy says:

    Hey ben – do u know if you or matt read my application

  10. viggy says:

    My actual name would be vigneshwar venkat on the application – so…

  11. Ben says:

    Wow, that picture is AWFUL.

  12. Megan says:

    Nice….!!! wink! I can see the MIT though, haha. Thank you sooo much Ben, and I hope to see all of you guys at MIT this fall(or CPW)!

  13. Megan says:

    I bet you’re gonna turn a few heads tomorrow on your way to work. smile!

  14. David A. says:

    Very cute ben but……. copycat! sheesh

    G’luck to all applicants!

  15. nghi says:

    i think you should submit this picture to MIT so they can post it on the homepage. it’s beyond creative. very MIT-ish.

  16. Prashant says:

    Hahahaha I have the fan turned on here… :-p

  17. Prashant says:

    viggy, ben did not read indian applications this year.

  18. Ipsen says:

    Does anyone know who were the readers of Vietnamese applications this year?

  19. hedwig says: look like one badass dude; if you don’t mind my saying so. grin

  20. Ben says:

    Hey Viggy – Prashant is right – I was only minimally involved with int’l apps this year, and not involved at all with India. Not sure about Matt.

  21. Simply stunning.

    So, um, Ben… did you say you take public transit to work, hmmmmm?

  22. Theo says:

    When I pictured the whole process I never thought I would be *so* anxious about the first college decision.
    Is it true that if an international student is admitted the mail will be DHLed and if rejected it will be sent using US Postal Service ?
    Anxious, anxious, anxious, but there’s nothing we can do right now, alas!
    Good luck to everyone and let’s hope we’ll meet each other in Boston (hey YOU are the OC guy I read about on Ben’s blog?!? SWELL)…

    Anxi, I mean good luck ppl :p

  23. Prashant says:

    Hehee I agree, make that the MIT homepage pic for today!!

  24. jpsi says:

    Yeah. It is great for the homepage.

  25. Prashant says:

    Sounds right, Theo…

  26. canadiangirl says:

    awesome shaving skills, way cool.

    hmm, I was wondering, if you knew about our admissions decision, would you tell us now, since the mail is already out? smile

  27. HAHAHA LOL!! You look like a baby!!!!
    We want HAIRY BEN BACK!!!!
    btw did you know many ppl haven’e shaved in a long time, to give you company wink

    *proceeds to the washroom to shave, himself*
    shhhh …. :D

  28. Anonymous says:


  29. Dongyon Kang says:

    hahaha nice, very nice Ben..

    anyway, thanks for all the work you’ve done for us. You’ve done a great job! Now a big envelope in my mail box will finish this long journey (hopefully not a small letter that says “YOU’RE REJECTED”)

    Merçi beaucoup! Gracias!