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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

To-Do List for Regular Action Applicants by Matt McGann '00

With the deadline a month away, there are things you need to be doing now.

If you are applying to MIT this year, here’s an update on what you might want to be thinking about:

  • If you haven’t yet done so, set up a MyMIT application portal account.

  • Schedule your interview now. The deadline (December 10) to schedule your interview is fast approaching! You can find the contact information for your interviewer (Educational Counselor) on the MyMIT website. [If your interview has been waived, don’t worry about it, we understand that we can’t be everywhere!]

    Even if you are applying elsewhere via an early decision or single choice early action program, you should still schedule your interview now, since the interview scheduling deadline falls before most schools notify. Having an interview with MIT does not violate early agreements.

  • If you qualify for a fee waiver, please request one. Requesting a fee waiver does not negatively impact your application. And if you qualify for a fee waiver, your family needs the $65 more than we do.

  • If you are interested in our music community or our arts community, consider sending in some of your work. If you are interested in playing on a varsity sports team at MIT, please contact the appropriate coach or fill out the form. And if you’re interested in ROTC, please contact the appropriate branch (Army Navy Air Force).

  • Be sure your standardized test scores have been sent to MIT. Our College Board Code (for SAT and TOEFL) is 3514 and our ACT Code is 1858.

    And if you haven’t yet completed your standardized testing (especially SAT Subject Tests), now is a great time to register for the January administration of the tests, which is the last acceptable testing date for MIT. Be sure to designate MIT (3514) as a recipient of the scores.

  • If you haven’t yet given your teachers their MIT recommendation forms, what are you waiting for? Teachers get very busy this time of year, respect their time!

  • Try to get your application components to us in advance of the January 1 deadline, if you can. It will save you and us some angst in the long run. [For example, submitting your Part 1 now isn’t a bad idea…]

  • As the year draws to a close, start talking with your parents about financial aid applications. For more information about this, check out the Financial Aid website and also Daniel’s blog.

I hope you’re having a great senior year so far!

100 responses to “To-Do List for Regular Action Applicants”

  1. Vytautas says:

    Whoah, what timing! I just read Snively’s post.
    Is there a checklist for transfers internationals? And how much transfer internationals usually get admitted?

  2. stacy says:

    If only my senior year was going as planned!

    Matt do you know when admissions will allow emails?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Have you guys gone into committee yet?

  4. Cam says:

    (For those of you who don’t live in the area)
    Things to do on a visit: Fall in love with the Boston skyline.

  5. Sam says:

    Hey Matt,

    I know you’re probably busy, but like the anonymous poster a couple comments above, do you have any updates regarding Early Action applicants? Thanks!


  6. Claire says:

    I wholeheartedly second Sam’s post above.

  7. Amber says:

    How exactly do I contact you through email to talk about admission in general into MIT?

  8. Molly H. says:

    I third Sam’s post.

  9. Hey. says:

    Hey, Matt!

    I have a question about essay A. I’m really not sure what you guys expect of the applicants. I mean, I’m only 17 years old and haven’t really encountered any personal tragedy. This isn’t really my ‘fault.’ It’s a little frustrating; What kinds of things do kids talk about when they choose that essay?

    Thank you!

  10. Du says:

    Hey Matt,
    I am having alot of problems with the short answers questions its like I just dont know where to start from with the whole what do you do on your spare time or what programs appeals the most to you.What should I do about that?

    Thanks alot

  11. Matt '00 says:

    @Vytautas: I have no advice for you beyond what’s at the transfer admissions site. Sorry.

    @stacy: Hopefully tomorrow… I’ll check on it when I get to the office.

    @Anonymous, Sam, Claire, Molly H, XYZ: I’m sorry, but I don’t have any more information now beyond what I’ve previously posted. When I have news, I promise I’ll post.

    @Amber: You can reach us at admissions at mit dot edu.

    @Hey: No worries; there are two essay options. It sounds like we might learn more about you from the other option. (Claire’s advice above is pretty good, too)

    @Du: I don’t know what to tell you. We honestly want to know about what you do for fun and what you’re interested in at MIT. For the first, your friends or family may be able to help you; for the latter, I hope there’s something about MIT that excites you!

    @anon: If you are an EA applicant, you should get those to us ASAP. If you are an RA applicant, you can give it a little more time.

    @All: After commenting under “madmatt” (my MIT Kerberos ID) for many years, starting with this post I’ll be commenting as Matt ’00. Just so you know.

  12. Snively says:

    Who? EA Applicants
    What? Decisions
    When? (almost?) Always on a weekend, middle of December-ish. That means you’re probably looking at either 12/13 or 12/20. As for exact time of day, usually noon eastern time, but they tend to be posted about 13 minutes early so probably around 11:47 AM eastern time.
    Where? That site won’t be active until later in December though.
    Why? Duh.

    I’d tell you guys to relax and forget about your decisions for a while because it’ll make time go slower, but I know for me that would have been impossible, so don’t worry about it. Freak out as much as you want, but don’t hurt yourselves!

  13. Colton says:

    Snively: “Freak out as much as you want, but don’t hurt yourselves!”

    Oh great, now you tell me!

  14. Sam says:

    Thanks very much Matt and Snively. :D


  15. anon says:

    most likely date for early decisions?
    i bet for the 13th

  16. LHCollider says:

    I thank you, Matt and Snively, as well. The information that you have each provided is quite reassuring.


  17. lilyrobin says:

    Definitely noticed that “Matt ’00” thing before I actually read your comment, and it freaked me out!

  18. Anonymous says:


    i’d bet the 20th. there are a lot of applicants, and i don’t know about anyone else, but some pieces of my application haven’t been processed yet (although they have been resent).

  19. Lexy says:


    I have to agree with Anonymous. In 2006, when decisions were released on December 9 (lucky ducks!), Ben was writing about the admissions decisions being on the 9th on November 22. He wasn’t even announcing it, so someone else (probably Matt) announced it even before then. The fact that it’s already December and we don’t even know when the decisions will be released suggests to me that it will be December 20 at the earliest. I’m thinking that due to the huge number of applications, though, it might be even later. Matt did say that it could be any day in December… for all we know, they could release decisions on the 31st and be completely within their rights to do so.

  20. fellow_anon says:

    ouch, yeah my last rec. was just processed last week. your’re probably right about the 20th, but i hope for the 13th.

  21. Claire says:

    But whatever day they come out, decisions will be decisions.

    Stay strong, my people!

  22. centimeters says:

    I think it’ll be the 13th, because they seem to be making an effort to release decisions before/by the 15th every year (as many schools do).

  23. Ruhban says:


    need to knwo soem basic details which have been quite confusing n all

    Want to know whether i am supoosed to send the evaluation form by post or email it you guys or fax it-what is the accepted step.

    also about the secondory school report.Is it to be sent by teh school to you guys or can i put in with teh evaluation forms n all n than send it to u guys

    well thanks in adavance, guide me through n hopefully someday might just thank you personnaly there-Kepping my fingers crossed

  24. Anonymous says:

    11:47. got it.


  25. Ruhban says:

    hi, i talked o my EC—tehres no one in my area…there are people quite a distance away–so eh aske dme to get a waiver but i figured out that i will be going out to that place somewhere in teh end of january–but he said liek tehres soem deadlien for submission of report–can i do teh interview in jan or is supposed to be done before jan 7 only

  26. Ruhban says:

    hi, i talked o my EC—theres no one in my area…there are people quite a distance away–so he asked me to get a waiver but i figured out that i will be going out to that place somewhere in the end of january–but he said like theres some deadline for submission of report-n asked me to contact u guys-can i do the interview in jan or is supposed to be done before jan 7 only

  27. Brandon says:

    I’m hoping for the 13th… Along with probably 4999 other people, haha.

  28. Molly H. says:

    I hope the decisions are on December 20th. The 13th is closer, but I have final exams on the 17th, and I know that either way, whatever the decision may be, I won’t be in the mood to study for my exams (if I don’t get in, I’ll be upset, and if I do get in, I’ll probably want to just blow it off… though I guess that wouldn’t be the best idea).

  29. rachel says:

    As an EA applicant, I would rather find out in the middle of a week, on the 15th or so, instead of waiting until the 20th (assuming the decisions were ready by then). The 20th is the first day of winter break for my school, and I really really don’t want to start it off on the wrong foot (given the 90+% odds that I won’t be accepted).

  30. rachel says:

    As an EA applicant, I would rather find out in the middle of a week, on the 15th or so, instead of waiting until the 20th (assuming the decisions were ready by then). The 20th is the first day of winter break for my school, and I really really don’t want to start it off on the wrong foot (given the 90+% odds that I won’t be accepted).

  31. Hey Matt!

    I am from Egypt and am applying this year. I was wondering whether you recommend that I take the TOEFL if I got a 600 in CR and a 640 in W. I did way better on my SAT II’s than on my SAT I’s, do you think I should take the option of applying with two SAT II’s and the TOEFL only? Thanks for your help in advanced grin. Can’t wait till you review my app.


  32. Tiffany says:

    I know I’m hoping for the 13th. Half of my school is getting his/her result back on the 11th.

  33. Anonymous says:

    @ rachel-out of school on the 20th! lucky! That would ruin vacation though if you’re not accepted, but think happy thoughts and you will be in! We don’t start vacation til the 24th, so I’m hoping for a decision by then!

  34. Seamus '12 says:

    Gosh, it already feels so long ago when I was on edge waiting for decisions…

    Good luck EA and RA applicants!

  35. “I hope you’re having a great senior year so far!”

    Haha. Here’s to hoping. Thanks anyway, Matt. Love your blog. smile

  36. aMIT says:

    Hi Matt,

    I am a regular applicant and I sent all my school forms by mail about two weeks ago. How long does it take for it to appear on my MyMIT online application tracking?

  37. Anonymous says:


    You’ve given us the best, rational advice in the history of MIT. That’s why you are awesome. Just saying…

  38. Alayibo says:

    I have communicated with my EC by email severally and she has responded once saying she was out of the country at the time. Since then I have not recieved any responses from her despite the fact that I have tried severally to reach her. I am worried about this because the deadline is on the tenth. I have submitted the rest of the application and I have sent my school forms by courier but it still says it is not processed on my application. Could you please advice me on what to do next.

  39. anon says:

    um question… It says my gc and eval b rec letters havent been processed yet, and so I’m just wondering if you guys still have more stuff to process or if I need to ask my teachers to send a copy

  40. Claire says:


    I chose Essay A for my Early Action application, and I did not speak about a tragedy. It’s possible to feel like something is the end of the world without it being a traumatic experience. In many high-schoolers’ lives there have been moments of frustration, disappointment, embarrassment, or inaction that eventually led to a different outlook on life.

    Hope that helps.

  41. XYZ says:

    I third Sam’s post. It’s getting close to the decision date and I was wondering whether MIT give out online decisions…


  42. Anonymous says:

    MIT definitely does give out online decisions.

    log into with your MyMIT username and password.

    the site isn’t up yet, but it will be for decision day.

  43. Colton says:

    To the regular action applicants from an Early Action applicant, don’t do anything I did. This includes: stressing, procrastinating, and anything on this list:

  44. My daughter, greatest kid in the world, (see the family connection), applied EA. This wait is brutal! Any suggestions on making the wait less stressful? Thx!!!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Snively: “Freak out as much as you want, but don’t hurt yourselves!”

    @Snively: Best Advice I have heard ever!

    Also starting december 13th at 11:47 I’ll be checking at least 10 times a day.

  46. Ruhban says:


    lol-gues iw ill answer my questions myself.might just be useful for someone correct me if i go wrong somewhere

    1)courier the evaluation forms, secondory report and financila aid form if u have to–togetehr to teh admission office

    2)interviws cannot be held toward steh ed of janauary atmost in the first week of jan.

    that would be it na


  47. Emily says:

    My EC just called me and I still feel kind of excited about it. He seemed so awesome.
    I’ve read some of the entries on interviews and I’m still kind of confused about what to bring. I know that some interviews for other colleges can be really formal, and people should bring resumes and stuff. But I always thought MIT interviews would be more much more laidback (and amazing.) So do most people bring supplementary materials to their interview? Is it recommended? I can understand why it would be a good idea, but I don’t want to talk about “the me on paper.”
    Advice is much appreciated.

  48. Lexy says:

    Hi Emily-
    I didn’t bring anything to my interview, and I thought it went well enough. My EC didn’t ask me for anything and didn’t ask about anything that I could have brought on paper… so I guess unless you have something you want MIT to see but you don’t want to make the admissions officers read (family photos? artwork of yours?) it could be a good idea, but it definitely isn’t expected or required.
    Good luck!

  49. Dec 13 is better, it is EA!

  50. Chris says:

    I didn’t bring anything special to my interview either – I never even thought to – and it seemed to go fine. Colton (see up about 30 posts) apparently had to print out a half completed application while there, but my EC didn’t seem to expect me to have anything other than myself. My EC was a financial executive so I feel my interview was on the formal side, even. So I wouldn’t stress about it – just be relaxed and natural.

  51. Kat says:

    About the interview, how bad is it if I feel as though I messed it up?

  52. Abhi says:

    Hi Matt,

    I am an international student. I contacted my EC a few days ago (after I submitted Part 1 of the application). He has replied to me saying that he can schedule an interview only after I submit Part 2 of my application. Is that OK as I have contacted him before the December 10 deadline though we have not actually scheduled an interview as yet (part 2 of my application will not be ready for submission before December 10).

  53. Ahana says:

    @ Emily and everyone else who’s yet to give their interview,
    ECs are amazing and very interesting to talk to. Most ECs won’t ask you to get anything to the interview, but may ask for info beforehand, like my EC did. And that’s because they just want to get a brief idea of what kind of a person you are , your interests and so on.

    No can mess up an interview; its not a test! At worst, you might have spilled your drink on the EC’s clothes or mispronounced their name, or slipped in their office, or something like that. Don’t worry, they’re not assuming, judgmental people at all!

    Hope that helps!

  54. @abhi

    you should be able to schedule the interview before submitting part 2. i know i didn’t submit my part 2 until after my interview…

  55. Oasis '11 says:

    This comment won’t help much, but don’t bash me for it >This comment won’t help much, but don’t bash me for it ><

    In retrospect, I thought the hype of waiting for the decisions made actually getting the decision anticlimactic.

    Just throwing that out there wink

  56. Paul says:

    @Alayibo: You should try and keep in touch with your current EC, but you should also email interview [at] mit [dot] edu and explain your dilemma. They should either assign you a new EC or waive your interview.

    @Emily: I didn’t have a resume in high school, but I did throw together a list of activities I participated in and leadership positions I held to bring to my MIT interview. (One page, double-sided.) This was helpful for my EC to get a quick overview of some of the various things I was interested and involved in, but it became irrelevant after we’d been talking for a while and he got to know me better. smile Without a doubt, my conversation with my EC was one of the most exciting and most enjoyable aspects of my MIT application.

    Helpful tip – come with a question or two about MIT, such as something about the academics or the culture. ECs generally reserve time at the end of the interview precisely for this sort of thing. “What dorm did you live in?” and “What sort of activities did you do?” are two great starter questions if you’re not sure what else to talk about. smile

    @Matt ’00: Long live madmatt!

  57. Laura says:

    @ Mollly
    yeah, now that I think about it, I have exams the 15th through the 20th, so maybe it would be better if the decisions were on the 20th. I bet they will be, because if they haven’t told us yet, they probably have so many more applications that they can’t even determine when they will finish reading.
    good luck!!!

  58. Eric '89 says:

    @Emily (and anyone else who hasn’t interviewed yet):

    So do most people bring supplementary materials to their interview? Is it recommended? I can understand why it would be a good idea, but I don’t want to talk about “the me on paper.”

    Some advice from an EC: We’re not here to talk to you about “the me on paper.” The admissions committee already sees that. What we’re looking for is something in your personality and/or background that will distinguish you from the other applicants, preferably in a good way. There is absolutely no need to bring supplemental materials to the interview.


    From your name it sounds like you might be from India. The admissions people have told us ECs that they are being stricter about applicants from India (as well as China) scheduling interviews, due to the large numbers of applicants from those two countries. The official word is that applicants from India and China need to have submitted part 1 before scheduling the interview. If you are from anywhere else, it is recommended but not strictly required that you submit part 1 before you schedule the interview (some ECs may insist on it, but I usually don’t). Submitting part 2 is absolutely not required; your EC is misinformed if he tells you otherwise. You might also want to get in touch with the EC office at MIT (via the address Paul gave above) if your assigned EC is stubborn about part 2.

  59. Tree says:

    I sent Admissions an email two days ago…Should I be expecting a reply soon?

  60. Andrew says:

    If EA applicants are deferred to regular action, do we get to re-write any part of our application?

  61. Phil Park says:

    Hey Matt

    I heard my uncle Vic told you about me. I’m the nephew from Ottawa heh. Just a quick question: My guidance counsellor said she sent in my midterm reports awhile back. How long do they usually take to get into the system? Cuz I have everything else checked in. Also do you have an email address I can contact you with?

  62. muhammad says:

    Two things:

    1. My school fedexed my documents two weeks ago, but they have not been checked on my application status page. How long does it normally take to acknowledge receipt of documents?

    2. I am self-studying for some advanced physics/mathematics courses. May I report them in the self-reported courses section?


  63. Quick question,

    How can you know if MIT has processed any supplementary information? I had a non-mandatory rec letter sent about 2 weeks ago…and I just wanted to make sure it was received.

  64. Amy says:

    My school has a deadline of Dec 16 to mail out all transcripts. I guess many schools have similar rules. A Dec 13 decision date makes a lot of sense so that some students may not need to apply for more schools.


  65. What if I didn’t send in a letter of rec from a humanities teacher?

    For instance, I sent in 2 from math and science, one from orchestra. Am I auto DQ’ed ??? hahahhaa that would be wonderful wink

  66. is there a set deadline for when MIT HAS to tell the EA applicants of their decisions? I’m getting worried seeing as there is nothing posted and its December 5th.


  67. Abhi says:

    @Eric’89 & possible MIT ’13-
    thanks for clarifying that smile

  68. Anonymous says:


    Last year they announced the decision date on the 10th, so I wouldn’t get took worked up until then.

    Don’t despair! There are thousands of people feeling very similar things as you. Decisions will come soon.

  69. oh really, thanks, thats nice to know. I guess I should wait another 6 or 7 days then. I just didn’t want to get a decision on the 31st.

  70. Ruhban says:

    what if we dont get good marks in toefl bbut seemingly r geeting more than good grades in english language—can there be mde an exception

  71. Mikey says:

    @Matt ’00: Why not one of your other secret identities, angrymatt, furiousmatt, and slightlyperturbedmatt? ;P

  72. Ruhban says:

    i know i gone crazy askin iditic question.
    got my toefl tommorow–maybe thats y
    wish me luck guys
    n a party is due to u oin my arrival there-lol

  73. kat says:


    yes I realize that…but…I blanked when the EC asked why I want to go to MIT 0_0 how can that not be bad? I planned what I was going to say but I just completely forgot it the moment he asked

  74. Ahana says:

    Haha, don’t worry…I guess he might have understood that you were nervous. If it makes you feel any better, read my blog about my interview. I thought it was a disaster until everyone told me it was not. Doesn’t make sense, eh?

  75. Tae says:

    Hey there,

    In addition to my online MIT application, I also want to send my RESUME via DHL. Does the admissions office allow students to send their RESUMES?

    I will appreciate your quick reply!!!


  76. I have posted my secondary school report, teacher evaluations and art supplement last night!Here I come MIT!

  77. I have posted my secondary school report, teacher evaluations and art supplement last night!Here I come MIT!

  78. Tara says:


    I was wondering:

    I haven’t scheduled my interview yet… :S do you just have to schedule your interview before then, or do you have to also have it conducted by then?

  79. deng says:

    MIT will look at your resume if you send one. it’s just not required

  80. Arnav says:

    @ Matt

    I had a quick question. I submitted my application and requested a fee waiver. However, I am unable to get this waiver from my school since my Free/Reduced lunch privileges expired. Should I just mail $65 to the admissions office for the application fee or is there some way I can turn the fee in online?

  81. akhila says:

    hi chris,

    Thanks for the info. I am a student from India. Is it absolutel necessary to get 800 in all the tests to get into MIT ? A question regarding the teacher evaluations forms: Can they be written by teachers who taught me in Grade 9 or 10, or does it have to be only Grade 11 and 12? Does MIT have any preference?

  82. akhila says:

    hey matt,

    really sorry for the naming mistake. I was trying to send a question to chris’ question and answer blog. But the question was not posted. So, I thought I’ll post it to you and directly copied the matter along with the name from yhay blog. Sorry.

  83. BHO says:

    Where an update at son?

  84. Lexy says:

    Akhila – I’m assuming that an 11th or 12th grade teacher would be preferred, but I’ll leave that to the admissions officers to answer. As for the SATS – you ABSOLUTELY do not need triple 800s. You don’t even need one 800. Look at the MIT statistics – most MIT students score somewhere in the 700s in each area, and there is no minimum test score. Good luck!

  85. to matt mcgann
    My school does not give GPA as promotion is based upon externally administered examinations like o- level and AS level?So should my guidance conselor leave the GPA thing blank?
    please reply soon!

  86. Narce says:


    Hey, I know this one!

    You cannot rewrite your application for RA, but you CAN send in new supplemental materials like an updated resume, etc. They will be placed in your file for review during the regular admissions process along with your app.

  87. deng says:

    you can pay with a credit card online when you submit the first part of your application electronically.

  88. Ugur says:

    Hey Matt,

    I sent an e-mail to admissions[at]mit[dot]edu about my questions but reply mail wasn’t enough for me.

    I am attending a high school as Guest student for two years and I will graduate in June 2009. I have question about secondary school report and teacher recommendation forms.

    # Secondary school report and evaluation forms must be completed by principal/teachers of first school or that can be completed by principal/teachers of other school which I am attending as guest student ?

  89. Anonymous says:

    @ Ugur: you can have the evaluation forms filled out by the teachers of your current school. This would actually be better since they know you best. But bring them to your teachers soon! They need time to fill them out.

  90. Anonymous says:

    Do you by any chance know when the date for the admissions decisions will be announced? What seems to be the most likely of either the 13th or the 20th?

  91. Dhvanit says:

    @matt : Thanks !

    @tara : Just schedule it for then, i.e. 10th dec. An in case you can even schedule it after. It’s usually flexible. The EC’s have got a date of 7th jan or so to submit their responses. So just get your interview done before it. all the best..

    @akhila : MIT tries to make a combination of your scores, activities, interests, ambitions, academics; in fact everything and then considers yours admission. 800’s will surely set you a little apart but students even without these have been accepted at MIT. This might be useful :

  92. i second anonymous– us 5000 ea’s who were cheated out of an update are dying to know…. even speculation would be fine– anything at this point would satisfy this itching, nervous twitching “EA fever” that I and my fellow seniors have caught.


  93. sepideh says:

    I’m sorry to bother about this case in here but i really uncomfortable and anxious about this case. had sent an e-mail about this to the admissions office but the problem isn’t solved yet.
    1.i am applying from Iran and as you may know Iran has not any financial cooperation between the us so i can’t pay my admission fee, please can it be waived.(don’t say that principal letter or form because they won’t do it)
    2. because of the same reason above i can’t report you my toefl score through ets. and i have already sent my docs through dhl, and i can not afford another one. may i e-mail my scanned toefl report.

  94. faizaafatima says:

    Hey Matt,

    I’ve contacted my EC and have already received a response from him. But the interview hasn’t yet been set up. And apparently, he hasn’t answered the recent mail I’ve sent him. So what to do about it? What if it gets too late to set up the interview? The deadline, I guess is 10. Dec. But with the Eid-ul-Adha coming up, is there any other way for the interview timings to be set before the given deadline? Please, I want to have the interview done with.

  95. Sarthak says:

    Hey Matt,
    hi. i m an Indian aspiring for MIT presently im in 11th and ill try next year.I have a very good academic performance and have a lot of co-curriculars. i have participted in Model United Nations, Quizzes , workshops, eco-tour, member of the editorial board of english and hindi magazines. i have got a creditable performance in an ASSET test, secured good ranks in many olympiads and got best handwriting and essay writing awards what are the other things thta i need to focus so that i get admision in MIT.Please help me out

  96. Connie says:

    I just wanted to say how amazing the MIT application is. I know this sounds lame, but it totally made me think about myself and who I really am more effectively than the CommonApp + _______ supplement combination, which is terrifyingly non-specific and unorganized. I absolutely love the transparency MIT has in its admissions process – few other colleges devote so much time to blogging to connect to their applicants and say what’s happening when. No matter what the outcome is, I’m glad I wrote this app…it was really a learning experience!

  97. Suril says:

    @Sarthak : That’s a good profile. Now just get some good scores on the SAT and continue doing well with your high school education – no senioritis!

    @Connie : Yeah, I share the same thoughts! Great app, transparent process!

  98. ak says:


    I am from India and I graduated from my 12th in June 2008 and have already joined a college,but I wish to restart at MIT as a freshman by giving TOEFL and 2 SAT2s in Jan2009.Is it alright.
    Reply soon!

  99. Abhilash says:

    Hi Matt,
    I am from India.I recently came to know that I’ve to go to Japan in a cultural exchange programme in few days.However my teacher evaluation forms and school reports are not yet done with.Since I’ll return after 10days,I don’t think my forms will reach MIT in time.Is there any faster way to send the forms.Can I fax it(or scan and mail) and then send the original by mail??? Please help.

  100. victoria says:

    hey, matt
    i know you are busy, but i have a little question: it is ok if i send in a CD that contains the wesite i designed, since it is not online anymore? or i can email to you?
    Thank you very much!!!!