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MIT student blogger Hamsika C. '13

Top Ten Reasons I’m Thankful for Thanksgiving by Hamsika C. '13


10. I won’t have to think about the Crystal Field Theory…
…Which is unfortunately what we happen to be learning about in my 5.112 (Principles of Chemistry) class at the moment. Luckily, my TA is awesome, and he was perfectly willing to spend an hour of his time today explaining it all to me – so now, I understand it in a kind-of-not-really sort of way. How I wish I were like my friend in high school, who would fall asleep on her history book and wake up knowing everything.

9. I get to eat real food!!!
Food is rather prominent in my thoughts right now, seeing as how I endured eight excruciatingly-foodless hours today while I migrated from one class to another. My Tuesdays are pretty intense: Physics – 9 to 11, HASS – 11 to 12, Yoga – 12 to 1, Calc – 1 to 2, Chem Recitation – 2 to 3, Calc Office Hours – 3 to 4, Seminar – 4 to 5:15. Um. Painful.

8. I’ll have time to watch TV.
This is a big deal, guys. Be excited for me.

7. I can make fun of Aditya ’13, Swetha ’13, and Pooja ’13.
Why? Because they have a physics project that they’re going to be working on all through break. Do I have a physics project too? Not at all :) I’m spending all of Thanksgiving with these three; I’m going to exhaust the gloating powers within me.

6. I can sleep as much as I want.
I’ve been pretty good about getting a suitable amount of sleep each night, but I’m definitely not going to complain if a few more hours come my way on a daily basis. I have this uneasy feeling that finals are going to seem a lot closer on the other side of Thanksgiving; a couple sleepless nights in the near future are largely expected. And dreaded.

5. I can do laundry.
I’m notoriously awful at doing my laundry on a regular basis. I basically wait until I’ve run out of towels and can’t possibly take a shower till I wash my clothes. I am proud to tell you that I have never sacrificed a shower simply because I don’t have towels. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

4. I can catch up…
…on reading! I love novels – so much so that when I filled out the “What do you like to do for fun?” portion of my MIT application last year, I wrote about how essential reading was to my existence. I proceeded to write about this interest of mine in several other college essays. Sadly, I haven’t had much time to read for pleasure these past few months. Highest on my To-Read List: The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch. It’s reputedly amazing.

3. My physics professor is going to re-grade my first two tests over the break…
And give me points back :)

2. I have time to thoroughly research autism for my HASS paper.
For my HASS class (Disease and Society in America), we get to pick any topic (course-related, of course) we want and write about it. I’ve chosen to write about the history of autism, along with the controversy surrounding the whole idea that vaccines somehow cause autism (false, by the way!). I’m actually really excited about this paper because I get to write about something I’m genuinely interested in and is rather visible in society. For the first time in my life, writing a paper might actually be fun.

But the number one reason I’m thankful for Thanksgiving:


21 responses to “Top Ten Reasons I’m Thankful for Thanksgiving”

  1. Chittappa says:

    A Richmond visit could have topped all that. May be next time.

  2. Anjian says:


    I love thanksgiving too!

  3. Oh, #4 is definitely the best reason on the list raspberry

    Reading for pleasure is something I miss greatly…

    Have fun on your break smile

  4. Helena says:

    The Last Lecture is /amazing/. If you can, watch it on youtube too~

  5. Quynh says:

    Hey smile
    haha i love thanksgiving too…tho i like your 3 friends are swamped with hw as a high school junior. I have read Last Lecture btw….it is amazing and made me cry.

  6. have you read The Alchemist? It’s another AMAZING read…

  7. jialing says:

    10. who slept on the history book and knew everything?
    9. ahh. so that’s how you’re losing weight…EAT A LOT!
    8. hahaha.
    7. lol. it’s fun to make fun of people. like how i get to laugh at the people taking english now =D
    6. sleep is good. i like sleep.
    5. oh god. laundry. i think im going to forget to do that when i go to college. >.>
    4. same. i haven’t sat down to read in a LONGGG time.
    3. yay. higher grades are always good.
    2. perfect time to do hwk.
    1. break is much needed. last time we had a day off was labor day…


  8. You should read “The shadow of the wind”. It’s a pretty good novel. I love it!!! The author is Carlos Ruiz Zaf√≥n. It is the kind of book that makes you cry, love, and of course, it doesn’t let you stop reading, I hope you love it too.
    Happy thanksgiving!!!

  9. !Desi Boy~ says:

    Hi…happy thanksgiving!!!!

  10. Val'14? says:

    The Last Lecture is a must-read!
    I read it several times already and it is really inspiring.
    Hooray for your break! (I could use some)
    Less than one month EAs!!=)

  11. tree says:

    Great, now I have another book added to MY reading list…
    Happy PumpkinTurkey Day

  12. tree says:

    Question: You’re NOT taught by a professor? How many courses you have that were not taught by professors?

  13. Hamsika '13 says:

    @ tree

    haha, no – i AM taught by a professor – for all my classes! But TAs (teacher’s assistants) are always there to help when needed.

  14. !Desi Boy~ says:

    Well here is one more learning for today i guess….
    Okay the idea is let us first know what we understand or ‘atleast i realise what it meant to me all these times before i was made to understand’
    … that reads ” you should read inbetween the lines before buying the ticket for speeding on this special Thanksgiving Day….” Meaning of the phrase “Read inbetween the Lines”….. I could not have looked for posting elsewhere other than at MIT….
    God have had enough of pcs and machines now and haven’t had some crunching rosted roosters for ages it seems so am missing them dearly SO I guess a FULL turkey would make my day more special….Hahah!!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    The Last Lecture is one of the best books out there.

  16. Break says:


  17. aristo jose says:

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    if you are please help me.
    i really really want to study engineering in mit.
    please help me
    please tell me how i can get in.
    please do not abandon me

  18. !Desi Boy~ says:

    ……Welcome BACKKKKKKKK hope had a lot of fun…. Good lucks with the studies now.

  19. Amit Ranjan says:

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    i knw dt m already quite late for the 2010 entrance year..
    so m savin as mch tym as i can..
    wel i m writin ds to u at 3 35 in d mrng:)
    nd since i want to capitalize on my indian origin..
    i wd emotionally beg u to help me… :(
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    help me plz..
    u”l b getin a lot of comedy 4m me if i happen to get in2 mit nd meet u dr…
    pzl respond fast……