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Travels by Cambridge

Winter break is here!

Believe it or not our term at Cambridge just ended. The terms are only 8 weeks long and amazingly short compared to MIT’s semesters. Many of the CME students are taking advantage of our 6 week winter break to do some heavy duty traveling. Some of the places include:

Czech Republic

The list goes on. Personally I decided to go back MIT for 2 weeks and then going home in California for the rest of the break. I know, lame, but I spend the whole summer in Germany through this awesome program called MISTI. So I did a lot of traveling and therefore didn’t make much money. So no long travel trips for me. Besides, traveling in Europe during winter?

23 responses to “Travels”

  1. Claudio says:

    “Besides, traveling in Europe during winter?”

    Ever been to Stockholm, Oslo, Paris, Berlin or Prague in Winter? I Guess not grin. It’s really nice. Greetings from Germany


  2. Manders '13 says:

    Wow, it’s so cool that you get the opportunity to study abroad and/or to travel. I hope I get to do that at least once in college.

  3. Anonymous says:

    cool! congratulations on finishing your term!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Six week winter break? What?

  5. Anonymous says:

    what part of CA are you from?

  6. Jing Jing says:

    When we’re enjoying ourselves, there’s never enough time, so sounds like you enjoyed your stay!

    Ah — Cali, sun, warmth… it’s cold in NYC =(

    Is it really cold in Europe right now? (clearly I don’t check the weather forecasts)

  7. Anonymous says:

    you should’ve continued to travel. i have two older siblings that did study abroad programs, and they always say that traveling was the most important part of it. they have plenty of frends who regret their trips because they just went, studied, and came home, which is not the point of studying abroad

  8. Erika says:

    I understand wanting to come to California for a while, especially in winter. Today in Southern California it was 73F, without a single cloud in the sky. Absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Anonymous says:

    ah but erika, it is supposed to rain on friday in LA :( i don’t know what i will do with myself…!

  10. Marie says:

    Man, I would love the opportunity to travel around Europe! Why don’t we get that kind of break in the states?

  11. Marissa says:

    I spent two weeks in Germany last November. Germany is wonderful, but no, the winter isn’t the best time to go raspberry

    (Although it would be really cool to be there at Christmas time)

  12. Anonymous says:

    Where do you guys get the resources to travel each time you get a break? It seems like every person at MIT is well over the middle class in terms of economic status relative to me or most people at my school. I base my comment on almost all the bloggers…and people I have talked to and met while reading these blogs. I am just amazed.

  13. Paul says:

    Just a quick comment – from my own observations, money and personal finances rarely, if ever, come up as a topic for conversation here at MIT. You’re much more likely to hear about the proper orientation of surface integrals, the sigma bonding structure of d-block elements, the development of stem cells, or the kinematics of gyroscopes. (No joke – these are just a few examples of topics we’re currently discussing in my own classes.)

    That being said, we are all still college students, so money is a perennial issue for us. The cost of studying abroad can vary, and I haven’t been able to find much information on what sort of aid MIT offers, though I know there is some (such as for CME). I also know that the administration is actively working to make international experiences more accessible for more students, so that’s some good news. ^_^ Hopefully some students who have actually gone abroad can provide more details.

  14. Lucy says:

    I totally agree with Paul that finances are rarely talked about at MIT. People here just don’t care what kind of background you’re from. I, myself, come from a low income family and a very poor neighborhood. MIT gives very good financial aid.

    I think most of the CME students worked over the summer and saved up money for traveling. It actually does not cost much more than staying at Cambridge or flying home. Hostels are cheap. I managed to go to some places this summer and broke even on my earnings. CMI does give us a travel grant to help cover some of the expenses.

    So it’s definitely possible to travel cheaply. Don’t worry, I’ll be doing some of traveling during our Easter break, which is also 6 weeks long.

  15. Shamarah says:

    Hm, the fifth Anonymous poses an interesting question, but I’m not sure it’s referring to studying abroad or just going home for break.

    In any case, does MIT subsidize the costs of studying abroad?

  16. Vytautas says:

    No Lithuania in the list? DAMN!

  17. LOLz…….its just 1 blogger planning 2 travel…..and the entire MIT student body is not a relative of Bill Gates !

    **§unßAbaÞhu ™

  18. Anonymous says:

    sorry about my earlier post .. THERE IS A FAULT
    so i’ll correct it here
    LOLz…..the entire team is not traveling 2 all those places………

    **§unßAbaÞhu ™

  19. Hilly says:

    @ Claudio~
    I went to Germany last winter to visit my sister who was studying abroad and I think December is the best time to go. I loved all the Christmas markets and people singing in the streets–it was so much fun and really set a Christmas mood! Now if I only knew German…

  20. dotty says:

    hey, where is Poland on the list? You should definitely visit Cracow!;)

  21. Sophia says:

    Lucy, did you post it? What happened to the photo of King’s college?

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