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MIT student blogger Mitra L. '07

True Love by Mitra L. '07

I think I am in love.

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31 responses to “True Love”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t it a feeling top of the world…

  2. Chris H says:

    Despite the fact that my parents are my #1 set of role models for true love, it has yet to scare me away. Whenever they are apart it’s like half their personality is gone. They can go from yelling at each other to lip-locking in less than 10 seconds. While dating (I really hate to think that they were once my age), the police had to shine a flashlight into their steaming Datson no less than 8 times just to slow up their passion. I think the cops in town knew more than my grandparents about the future of these persistant lovers. I can’t complain…neither can my 6 brothers and sisters.

  3. S says:

    Does that leave you speechless ? wink

  4. Masha says:


    I so called that cartoon. Its hanging in my locker as we speak. (or rather, as I type…)


  5. Lerh Feng says:

    Good for you ^_^ Wish you success.

  6. Arya says:

    Hey Mitra,

    Your name is definetely persian, can you speak persian? publish a post about your bio.! :D

  7. Dhrubo says:

    To Guys commenting (Arya & Anonymous): Mitra might even be an Indian or Sri Lankan.

    Yes, a bio would be a great post, Mitra! Thanking in advance…


  8. Anonymous says:

    Mitra I agree with Masha why don’t you tell us if you’re Iranian.

    It must be an honor for you to be of the oldest

    civilisation of the world. GREAT PERSIA

  9. Arka says:

    Yeah I rememebr my history lessons that I took while I was in the 10th grade. Iranians, persians and portuguese came in large number to the west coast (Goa, maharastra)and many of them changed to hindus and many of them even though follow their own religion were inspired from Indian languages to have “Indian” names. Its exciting…..

    Mitra….we await a bio.


    PS: This is a wonderful site about Iranians coming to India(for those of you interested)

  10. M says:

    U should have posted your bio please

  11. Arya says:

    Somebody used my name, I didn’t write that about wild invasion…

  12. Arya says:

    her name is definitely persian.! and also she very much looks like iranians..

  13. Nina says:

    I don’t believe in love. I may sound stupid, but… it’s true. I have a boyfriend and I’m completely happy with him, because, as Exupery wrote : ” Friends are not those that stare at each other, but that look in the same direction”. So he’s my best friend and fulfilled dream. But I just don’t believe in passion and everything Unreasonable. I hate when I can’t plan what’s going to happen. =)

  14. Arya says:

    Yes I know that her name can be Indian,too but even though she must be of the Iranian zoroastrians who escaped to India about 1350 years ago because of the Arabs wild invasion of Iran and if there is any Indian around please don’t get it wrong I love you all and your beautiful language. I know that Avesta and Sanskrit are really the same in vocabulary and the Grammar, too.

  15. hasan says:

    Mitra’s definately iranian from her last name. Someones got their facts wrong, there was no ‘wild’ arab invasion 1350 years ago. The Persian people welcomed being freed from the Chosroes excesses. Get your facts straight Arya.

  16. M says:

    Great history

  17. Nabil says:

    yeah, I know a few persian Mitras. I’m half persian…

    let us know, Mitra!

  18. Sina says:

    Wasn’t Mitra (the name) one of the old Persian goddesses?

  19. Mitra says:

    There is actually a philosophy & linguistics (Course 24) class at MIT about this:

    Check out 24.261 Philosophy of Love in the Western World


  20. Nina says:

    Hi, Chris. Well sometimes it is better to think than to feel. I know that, because I have reasons to believe in it. Sometimes even I “feel”. And… this scares me a lot. I’ sorry to confess that even of you plan carefully everything, sometimes things goes wrong… and then you just don’t know what to do and how to go on. So, what do you do, then? And how you conquer the pain?

  21. JIm says:

    But isn’t Mitra from Pakistan?

    Voice in head says “700++”

  22. 3M says:

    By the time we get back we will already have the design for uninvented snails

  23. W says:

    I saw a red bucket on St. Einstein St.

  24. Chris H says:

    Hey Nina, I love your willingness just to say it like it is, just to say what you feel (I mean “think”). That usually gets me in trouble. But I’m still going to let the rudder of my heart steer me in wherever unexpected destiny has planned. I will not wait til I am finally ready to get married because I hear that no one really ever is. I will not wait til I am ready to have children, because, well…that’s impossible. When the right women comes along she may see it in my eyes before I see my future in hers. But for sure we’ll be eye-balling each other whenever possible. As we look down the road together from time to time I hope to see you and yours happy and healthy in your well-planned future.

  25. Chris H says:

    Nice tie-in, Mitra. Since you started this thread, did you really meet your soul partner? If so, details! details! details!

    Allow me to suggest to Prof. Singer to explore the viability of a similar course on Western “Love” by examining our culture’s songs of the past 50 years. I recommend starting out with the linqustically provacative “What’s New, Pussycat” by Tom Jones. Explore the transition of Love’s discovery with the Monkees’ “I’m A Believer”. Check out the Loss of Love w/ country western classics like “He Stopped Loving Her Today” by George Jones or the updated “Whiskey Lullibye” with Brad Paisley and Allison Krauss. Of course the naivete of Love is displayed in its Sonny & Cher anthem, “I Got You, Babe.” But more interesting is the anti-anthem Dylan threw out there with “It Ain’t Me, Babe.” The course would not be complete without J. Giels “Love Stinks”, or every other Meatloaf top 40 (Paradise by the Dashboard Light, I Would Do Anything For Love, But I Won’t Do That, and of course, Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad).

    Oh yeah, Nina…tell that boyfriend of yours that you really are in love with him. He’s your best friend, he sees the world as you do, and I’ll bet he even makes you laugh. Grandpa told me it don’t get any better than that.

  26. hey!I think I am also in love.

    with MIT.

  27. Arya says:

    Hello to all

    Mitra means Sun (I mean the goddess of sun) but it doesnot mean that she was really worshiped as a god but she was a symbol of Iranians unique God called Ormazd or Hormoz or Ahuraamazdaa.

    And about the point that we welcomed Arabs

    Arabs brought nothing for us that we welcome them.

    Just the most powerful kingdom of the world was destroyed. Do you know that how many books were burnt when Arabs invaded Iran?

    Do you know how many women were raped by Arabs wildly?

    Do you know how many people were killed and how many of the people were forced to escape from Iran?

    Do you want more so you can call it WILD?

  28. Nina says:

    Chris, maybe you’re right but I’m just not ready to something like this. Maybe I’m too scred to be in love =) good luck! =)

  29. Arya says:

    Mitra There are problems with names they are changed I mean the names are completely mixed up. They are not right like me that I sent a letter but the name is shown Vivek kumar shah

  30. Arya says:

    The last message was from me Arya not Nina but you can see it’s written Nina