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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Two quick items from the web by Matt McGann '00

Anthropology of War and Peace, and a ton of snow at Chi Phi.

Today, two quick items I’ve recently seen on the web (more substantial entries to come this week):

First, I saw a link on a military blog (Naval Open Source Intelligence) to a relevant MIT OpenCourseWare course, 21A.217: Anthropology of War and Peace, taught by Prof. Hugh Gusterson. The course, which recently has focused on the war in Iraq, is described as a class which “examines war in cross-cultural perspective, asking whether war is intrinsic to human nature, what causes war, how particular cultural experiences of war differ, and how war has affected American culture.”

Second, the Boston Globe had this photo and caption today:

A ton of snow was delivered to the front lawn of MIT Fraternity house Chi Phi on the corner of Commonwealth Ave. and Hereford Street in the Back Bay to welcome students back as they moved in. Atul Kapila (left) was chased by Adam Juneau, both class of MIT ’09, while friends prepared to open fire.

The brothers of Chi Phi, when they’re not playing in 2,000 pounds of imported snow, live in a beautiful Back Bay mansion.

More soon…

3 responses to “Two quick items from the web”

  1. Erik Chen says:

    Snow is AWESOME. Definetely the best type of weather that exists. It’s clean, cool, and fun to play with. It’s never too early for snow!

    However, Anthropology is even more AWESOME!! In what other course can you combine economics, politics, history and biology into a coherent mix? Apply that to current events and you have the perfect course.

  2. Anshuman says:

    Hey Matt, the only date for a TOEFL test in my city is on Dec 15,2006. Will my application be affected if I give it then because results will not be declared by January 1?

  3. Une soeur says:

    Enjoying the imported snow, there seems to be a Chi Phi *SISTER* (or two, unless the frat boys are into girly footwear) cavorting as well?