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MIT student blogger Jessie L. '07

Update from Kentucky by Jessie L. '07

This entry doesn’t have much content, it’s just a placeholder while I come up with real things to write. In the past week and a half I’ve gone through a bacterial respiratory infection (started before then, peaked during finals and is finally getting better), four finals in three days (two on each day with a day in the middle), my 21st birthday (between the two days of finals), my 21st birthday bar crawl with a wonderful group of good friends ranging from the classes of ’93 to ’07 (Friday night), my flight from Boston through Chicago and into Kentucky (Saturday afternoon), and being back in Kentucky with my family.

A public service announcement: I’ve been playing around with the SpamLookup configurations on this blog, because it was at the point where I was getting 30+ spam comments a day. If you try to comment, and your comment gets blocked…try removing any HTML link from your name, because I’ve noticed that these trigger most of the false positives, and in the meantime I’ll keep playing with it.

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