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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Updates from Admissions by Matt McGann '00

The latest from the home office in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

For next year’s prospective applicants: This week, I’m out on the road with admissions officers from Yale and Brown meeting with students, parents, and guidance counselors in the Mid-Atlantic states. Currently, I’m in Moorestown, NJ, talking to students from South Jersey and Philadelphia. On our way to the venue, we saw a rainbow (just a single rainbow).

We’ll be doing more travel together as a group to meet with prospective students. In July, we’ll do three more trips with this group in the Northwest, the Mountain states, and the Midwest — look for more information soon.

For Mark Wahlberg fans: I don’t know why, but actor (and former rapper) Mark Wahlberg was playing pickup basketball at MIT this week.

For robot enthusiasts: Chris, Tiffany, and McGreggor are heading to Saint Louis for the FIRST Championship. FIRST is a pretty cool organization, co-founded by MIT professor Woodie Flowers PhD ’72. Look for MIT on Scholarship Row.

For AP testers: Good luck next week!

For students on the waitlist: As I mentioned a few weeks ago, there won’t be any waitlist news until early-mid May. As we’re still in late April, I don’t have any news for you. I have no idea if we’ll be going to the waitlist, and if so how many students we will take.

If you are still interested in MIT, you should stay in contact with us. Drop us a note to the waitlist email address. Keep us up to date all the way through May 1 and beyond if you remain interested.

For students still deciding on MIT: I wish you the best as we approach the deadline for making your college decision. If your lingering issue is a pending financial aid appeal (at MIT or one of your other choices), and you require time beyond the deadline to sort things out, you can request a financial aid extension of the deadline.

Please let me know, in the comments or otherwise, if there is anything we can do to help you make your decision.

12 responses to “Updates from Admissions”

  1. Banerjee says:


    I have a question: when you say that there won’t be any “news until early-mid May,” do you mean that MIT will release the decisions at the time, or will MIT release only the decision date?

    Thanks 8)

  2. Banerjee says:

    By the way, the above post (by me, in case anyone happens to post between my posts) was in reference to the Waitlist section of your blog entry, Matt.

  3. Schneider'15 says:

    Hi Matt.

    My case is a bit confusing. I sent my Financial Aid package just the day after MIT decisions and still it has not reached MIT as you know the snail speed of National post service. So may I wait for MIT to consider my Financial Aid after May 1 (as I am willing to choose MIT over the ivies)?

    Thanx!!! smile

  4. @Schneider’15

    It’s confusing for sure! Let’s see how MIT handles your case. Best of luck!

  5. Schneider'15 says:


    Thanx bro!

  6. izzi says:

    Does anyone know what the waitlist email is?

  7. Anonymous says:

    If you read all of Matt’s post above you’ll notice he says: “If your lingering issue is a pending financial aid appeal (at MIT or one of your other choices), and you require time beyond the deadline to sort things out, you can request a financial aid extension of the deadline.” So, to answer your question, yes. As for how you request an extension, I’d send an email to the admissions office explaining your situation; if they’re not the right people to contact, I’m sure they’d set you on the right track. Make sure and act soon though, it’s probably best to get that extension before the original deadline passes.

  8. Bhaskar says:

    @schneider I would say that it would be better if you email the financial aid office at [email protected] and explain them the situation.Alternatively you can email them the scanned copy of you documents.It would work..

  9. Nolan says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’ll be applying early action for the 2011-2012 cycle, and I have a question about teacher recommendations. I know it’s a bit early, but most teachers at my school prefer to be asked for a recommendation at the end of the year (so they can get started over the summer). I’m just wondering, can a recommendation from Speech and Debate teacher/coach serve as my humanities teacher rec? I’m heavily involved in national circuit Policy Debate and will be leading the team next year. Would you suggest submitting this as a supplemental recommendation or it it an acceptable humanities rec?

  10. vanish says:

    I,too, have a question: does the decision include transfer students? I was admitted as a transfer student (according to that delightful email), but there is no change in myMIT account. How should I declare my decision? Or what should I do?

    Thanks in advance!

  11. Hania says:

    Last year the final decicions for waitlisted were (or just I got mine) June, 19th. So I keep fingers crossed for you but you’ll probably have to wait longer.
    I was finally rejected last year so I’m waiting until this fall and I will try transfer.

    I also recommend you to write an email to finaid with scan of your documents. In my case it helped.

    hey! just curious – when the decision for transfer is released? In March 14th like these for freshmen? I will apply next year and just want to know;)

    good luck, guys! smile

  12. valart says:

    Do students get invited to the Spring Road Trips for Brown MIT and Yale or can NJ students receive information for next year?