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MIT staff blogger Ben Jones

Want To Play Music @ MIT? by Ben Jones

(informally, that is.)

When I got my first guitar at age 3, I immediately began dreaming of playing with (and for) other people. This dream took many forms when I got to college – I played solo in coffeehouses, as half of an acoustic duo in auditoriums, as part of a band in various bars & clubs. I sang in an a cappella group for most of college as well as college choir, and many of my friends played instruments in the orchestra and in various ensembles, as I imagine many of you will.

Some of the best musical moments, however, were those found in the less formal, impromptu picking-up-of-instruments that occurred late at night in the dorms – a guitar here, a drum here, a voice there.

In that spirit, here’s a thread for MIT folks who are looking to hook up with other musicians in contexts other than the “official” MIT offerings. Post what you play and what you’re looking for. For example, Kiersten and her friend Juan are looking for bass and drums.

I look forward to hearing music all over campus, at all hours of the day, come September. :-)

18 responses to “Want To Play Music @ MIT?”

  1. Laila Shabir says:

    Hey what about those who want to learn? smile

    I definitely want to learn how to play the guitar!!!

  2. Jane says:

    I suppose I could play piano/keyboard if anyone needs me.

  3. Kiersten says:


    Wow I’ve been linked by the great Ben Jones. raspberry I like your CD, btw. And yeah, bring on the drummers, and bassists, cause we needs em. Laila, I’m learning how to play the guitar right now, so maybe during the year we could practice together or something. That would rock. Literally. Ow…the pun, it hurts my soul… =)


  4. Kiersten says:


    ps I like your old ‘do, it was wavy and excellent:D


  5. I’m looking for all instruments looking for me. Heh.

    Anyone need a vocalist? I specialize in Opera, Classical, Rock, Pop, R&B. Bring it on.

    I don’t rap though. Nor will I ever. smile



  6. Saad Zaheer says:

    I am up for guitar too.. though I am quite DUMB at playing instruments.. I am a good listener who tends to sleep after sitting for 5 mins..

    so if u want to fill seats u cd call me.. just put some nice cushion for me so that i cd sleep comfortably,

    haha raspberry

  7. Meder says:

    well, i would also love to learn how to play on a guitar… piano too…

  8. Cindy says:

    Anyone need a violinist? (I’m applying for ’10) Say, are there any string quartets or ensembles that play regularly around campus and in other settings? I saw that there’s a chamber music course, but are there any groups that just do it for fun (and some money here and there)?

    And of course, what about incorporating violins into rock groups? We’re very versatile.

  9. Oh. There’s an asterisk by Music. Why? I meant to ask earlier, but forgot.



  10. I started learning guitar too because I thought that it would be fun, relaxing, pain-free fun!

    Then, I realized that…

    1) Dolly Parton is the only guitarist that has long nails… and she can do it because she did something weird to her guitar… so I had to cut off all of my nails and now I look like a three year old kid that bites his nails!

    2) I was in ridiculous amounts of pain because my fingers weren’t strong enough to press down the strings… and when I tried really hard to press down on the strings, they left imprints on my fingertips, making it EVEN harder to press the strings down

    3) Finally, that callouses don’t decrease the amount of pain that you’re in…

    So after a summer of pain and suffering… I have learned all of my basic chords and techniques and can start playing songs with very very “manly” looking hands!

  11. Timur Sahin says:

    Hey, I play a mean triangle.

    Okay, so I have no musical skill whatsoever, I’m pretty good at listening to and appreciating music however. :D. If I get in ’10 I’ll definately have to hit up whatever musical group comes of this.

  12. Kiersten says:


    Yay Cindy! Go violins!!! I play violin, and I want to join an Irish music group, which should be easy because this is Boston guys! electric violin is sooooo hott.


  13. Akash says:

    Unfortunately, I am still taken by my band back home. We will be up in the Boston area (once I get the go ahead to let people know about the show I will). Til then, expect a new CD out in two weeks, new merchandise, and a brand spankin new website. Good luck to all the other musicians.

    (p.s. myspace us –


  14. Stephanie says:

    I agree with Kiersten: your old hairdo was so cool!

    music is so amazing. man, i think if i couldn’t sing at MIT, i would have gone insane.


  15. -ab says:

    I play cello – looking to play contemporary music (rock and stuff like that). There’s a website with music by queen, the who, etc. rewritten for string quartet, if anyones interested.

  16. hey im up for drums… i just started some months ago but id love to give it a shot raspberry

  17. Dylan says:

    My name is Dylan and I am a bass player. I play many things, from death metal to jazz fusion. I love music and am up for playing any style. If I can get into MIT (crosses fingers) I’d love to play with anyone. Drop me an email.

  18. Dylan says:

    Oh, also, I play upright (string) bass as well. NIN, Tool, APC, queen string tributes… I’m up for all of it. I also have classical/wind ensemble experience. Whoever -ab is, I’d be up for that.