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MIT student blogger Snively '11

*waves goodbye* by Snively '11

Homeward bound

That’s it ladies and gents, sophomore year is over for yours truly. I’m officially a junior, halfway done with college, done with thermodynamics, and not even close to done packing. But, that’s what tonight and tomorrow are for. I have to say, it’s going fast.

When I applied to MIT and got in, I always thought of MIT graduates as geniuses. These people went to MIT and graduated, ergo, genius. By this standard, in two years I need to have achieved genius status. I’ve got a lot of ground to make up! But, when I look back, I realize that maybe I don’t. I’ve been getting decent grades, I’ve been keeping up, and I’ve been having a good time. MIT has been a cruel mistress, but at the same time has taught me a lot, more than I probably realize.

So, while I may not think of my self as a genius when I graduate, some (hopefully future employers?) may, and I’ll just smile and think of how crazy MIT was.

With that, I’m going to back and get ready to head home for the summer! I haven’t spent more than two weeks at home for the last two years, I’m excited!

Oh, and one last note, and the reason I wrote this entry. I’ve found the song I’m going to put as the final song on the soundtrack of my “My Time at MIT” video. As I walk off, diploma in hand, you’ll be hearing this.

11 responses to “*waves goodbye*”

  1. Kudos says:

    Snively you are a genius!

  2. Oasis '11 says:

    ahh envious envious…i still have two finals!!

    good job finishing up :D enjoy the summer!

  3. Labib Rahman says:

    I clicked on the ‘bound’ link under the title in the column on the left and it took me to the m&m post. That was funny. I just sat back and laughed for a while after reading that. Thanks.

  4. Chris Praley says:

    I enjoy the music accompaniment.

  5. Cathy says:

    The music is BRILLIANT. You are a genius!

  6. las1 says:

    LOVE the music! I bet your parents are very excited to have you at home this summer! Have fun!

  7. Have a restful summer. Enjoyed reading you blogs this year.

  8. Snively, your blogs are the BEST!!! I love reading them! I hope I’m lucky enough to meet you next year (I sadly missed ‘meet the bloggers’ at CPW)!

  9. KayCee says:

    Chicken Run is the cutest movie ever!

  10. arjo says:

    that was sooo cool.. you are brilliant, dude.