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MIT student blogger Snively '11

We Want You! by Snively '11

Write for us!

As per usual, CPW has again come and again, all of the prefrosh will be going insane trying to eat 500 lbs of food, watch people juggle with fire, run around campus at odd hours of the night, watch NextACT, and basically not sleep for an entire weekend.

Current students/bloggers love to participate in CPW as well, but it’s really about the prefrosh experience, which is why we like to let YOU blog CPW. Bryan started this system two years ago and we continued it last year (with some issues, but we’ll fix those this year!). So, here it is, the official “I want to write a guest entry for the MIT blogs about my experience at CPW” rules.

> You have to attend CPW to write an entry
> You must use paragraphs in your entry (personal peeve, I hate writing that is just a continuous block of text)
> Pictures are mucho preferred
> You should have your entry written sometime during the week after CPW
> Go ahead and upload all of the pictures using the blogging software of your choice and just send a text file containing the HTML code for the entry. Bloggers will go through it and make sure there are no formatting issues or dead images when it gets posted.
> Make it awesome! Nobody wants to read a boring blog entry about CPW.

This year is a bit different. Only three entries will be published, as selected by Paul Baranay, Bryan Owens, and myself. Last year we went a bit overboard, so this year we’re being more selective. If you’d like to declare your intentions, shoot us an e-mail before CPW, but if you don’t then no sweat, you can still submit a blog entry without prior warning. Please send entries to

snively [at] mit . edu
ask-paul [at] mit . edu
bryanblogs [at] mit . edu

We will go through and pick our favorite three. Happy writing! Remember, make sure you get it to us within a week after CPW!

8 responses to “We Want You!”

  1. anonymous says:

    hmm. won’t three be too little? haha but yeah last year was a tad too overwhelming.

  2. Alex says:

    I will try to write something, let’s see if my story is god enough to be picked. Hope so.

  3. Narce says:

    A single entry may be fun….

    So are you all judging separately, or will an entry sent to just one email address be judged by all of you?

  4. comboy says:

    To:[email protected]

    Subject: third lab

    body: done in kdevelop, i just came from sink, took of my red gloves, dinner dishes are drying near Violet FloVVers.
    never cut a flower with scissors, never hit it with rock. just Love them.

  5. Snively says:

    If you’re going to address a comment to Paul, please comment on his entries. Otherwise you’re addressing the wrong audience.

  6. Caitlin M says:

    will blog for tech prizes =]

  7. comboy says:

    Snively, get as hose as possible.
    i’m sure you’re sure that’s not hosed enough. more more

    CPW is one great hosing opportunity. bon hose