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MIT student blogger Jess K. '10

Weather Machine by Jess K. '10

We wish you were still here!

So supposedly, there’s a weather machine that comes around every CPW and keeps the weekend beautiful throughout the weekend. Unfortunately, its timing was off by a week, but fortunately (for me, not for you, since you’re at home not thinking about school work because come on, it’s second semester) it came through!

I promise I’ll write about CPW soon, but I’m so exhausted I’ve already fallen asleep twice during the course of writing this entry (and all I wrote about was something about a weather machine. I might have still been asleep for that)(once I fell asleep during a US history paper and ended up writing a paragraph about Toby Maguire). I’ve been so busy sitting out in the sun/getting my official EMT certification (I’m now a certified EMT in the state of Massachusetts, which makes me really awesome), but I’ll write back again, I promise!

11 responses to “Weather Machine”

  1. NIce piCks!

    Ankit Chandra
    Gaborone, Botswana

  2. Keri says:

    It was such a great day that I took a nap in Killian Court instead of doing the work I brought out there with me. AND IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE 80 DEGREES OUT TOMORROW. It’s almost like being back home.


  3. Melissa '11 says:

    Why is that blue thing STILL on top of the dome?


  4. kgold says:


  5. Arkajit says:

    I’m actually kind of glad that the weather wasn’t *too* good during CPW, otherwise I might have come away with a wrong impression about the weather raspberry

    And the weather on Saturday of CPW wasn’t too bad actually. When I got back to California, it actually felt too hot smile

    So how was the Beauty and the Beast play? Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see it :(

  6. Nina says:

    Ahem. TobEy Maguire. Show some respect.


    Cheers to you for being an EMT. You’re so hot right now.

  7. Vihang says:

    Can I borrow the weather machine ?
    The weather here (in India) is absolutely terrible.

  8. Anonymous says:

    They’re doing some kind of work on the roof or something which is why the blue thing is up there.

  9. Jess says:

    Arkajit – Beauty and the Beast was amazing. So much fun. You missed out!

    Nina – uh, you all look hot as usual. Especially since it was 70 degrees out AM I RIGHT.

  10. Omar '10 says:

    oh yes, I was SOOO tired of the weather, I’m so glad nice weather is here!

    something weird for me is the way the weather changes here. one day it was in the high 40’s low 50’s, next day, hotter than in PUERTO RICO (high 80’s!), that was ridiculous.
    But yeah, I love the new weather, nice high 50’s are awesome.