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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Weekend Update by Matt McGann '00

A couple FAQs and others tidbits.

A few updates before the weekend…

First, let me answer two FAQs.

1. If you send in your reply form to MIT telling us that you’re coming (and if you have decided to come, please do send it in!), we will reply to you with a postcard letting you know we have received your reply, and to await the Next Big Mailing (NBM) in May.

2. Yes, I will be hosting an event at the International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF) this year in Indianapolis. It will be on Thursday, May 11. I’ll fill you in on all of the details soon.

Relatedly, I will also be doing a small event at the American Regions Math League (ARML) at the Penn State site (sorry Iowa and Las Vegas). More details forthcoming.

A little personal news: right below my picture and name in the right-hand navigation bar, close-reading viewers will notice that my title has change from Assistant Director of Admissions to Associate Director of Admissions (yes, this is a promotion). Luckily, I don’t have to give up blogging, so I won’t be going anywhere.

Also in the right-hand navbar, at the bottom there’s a section where I give props to the folks behind the blogging platform (Movable Type) and hitcounting site (StatCounter). Following those two, I’ve had a rotating list of other props-worthy links, and currently those links are two you may want to check out. One is for the animated TV series O’Grady, which is a lot of fun (and you can watch the episodes online!); I’m hoping to get more folks to watch it, since the director/producer is a friend, and they’re hoping to get picked up for a third season. Also hoping to get picked up for a third season is my favorite show, Veronica Mars. So get the word out — these shows are actually worth watching. [I figure I’m allowed an editorial comment or two every once in a while]

It’s a beautiful day here in Cambridge, and it’s a four day weekend for MIT students (Saturday-Tuesday) and three day weekend for staff (Saturday-Monday), so I think I’ll be heading home now for a nice weekend. Happy Spring!

21 responses to “Weekend Update”

  1. Drew says:

    Another fan of the weirdness! Congratulations on the promotion.

  2. Isabel says:

    Congratulations on the promotion, Matt! I’m sure we can reach a consensus that you truly deserved it =)

  3. errhode says:

    Hey, congrats on the promotion… one of these days you’re going to take over the institute. If you haven’t already, that is. smile

  4. Stephanie says:

    There’s a whole group of people that watch Veronica Mars together at Next House every week!

    absolutely love that show. So anxious to see the solving of the bus crash mystery!

  5. Sulinya says:

    Congratulations Matt!

  6. michelle says:

    I sent in my reply form about 2 weeks and haven’t gotten a reply. Is it too early for one?

  7. david says:

    oh gosh! and this happens to be the one year I’m missing ARML, too

    have fun at those things, and congrats on the promotion!

  8. Bashir says:

    Congrats Matt. Well deserved. About the reply form, I would have sent mine in a long time ago but I need to see my finaid pack, which was sent to the wrong address (my permanent home address in another world) last week. I called the finaid office to explain this and I’m beginning to wonder if it would possible for me to access my award online. I already sent 2 emails with no replies.

    This is all that’s keeping me waiting.

  9. richard says:

    congrats on the promotion!

    on the isef meeting: thanks for doing this for us. last year’s party was great. can’t wait to meet the other MITes…its like a mini-CPW:)

  10. Joe Laurendi says:


    That’s pretty sweet that you’ll be at the Penn State ARML. Hope to see you there!

  11. Kenny says:

    Wow, another O’Grady fan! That show is awesome. “Call me ‘The Bob'”

  12. renuka says:

    congratulations .. fИ©licitations .. felicitaciИДn .. congratulazione .. GlИЇckwИЇnsche .. ≠ш≠ж≠Е≠•Лƒ≠Г≠Њ≠™≠µ≠З≠љЛи


  13. AnotherMom says:


    Congratulations on your promotion. Very well deserved indeed.

  14. Nur says:

    Congrats on the promotion!

    I guess I’ll see you at ARML, since my math team and I are going to be participating.

  15. grad says:

    Me and my thank-goodness-blog-comments-are-anonymous-because-I’m-not-supposed-to-talk-about-it Nielsen-tracked TV are tuned to Veronica Mars every week.

  16. Zaira says:

    Congratulations, Matt!

    Completely off-topic:

    I’m goint to MIT this summer for MITES. I am SO excited!

  17. dj says:

    congrats on the promotion!

  18. Harlan says:

    I sent in my affirmative reply on March 21st, and have yet to recieve a reply, is that because I sent it in so quickly?

  19. Sofia says:

    Well… I guess that’s it for me then. I got no fin aid, which means attending MIT is just impossible for me. I guess my place will make some waitlisted student very happy.

    It was nice meeting ya all anyway.

  20. Aziz says:

    WOW!!! Congratulations Matt, you really DO deserve it and I think everyone would agree with me that you and the fellow admissions officers are doing an AWESOME job wink Keep up the great work, Matt!!!

    Best Regards,


  21. a mom says:

    Sofia- What about loans? Look at Sallie Mae website for loans you can take out with your parents as co-signers. If this is your dream consider all your options for financing it.