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MIT staff blogger Ben Jones

Welcome To Room 3-107 by Ben Jones

Hope you like the new site! It incorporates a lot of your feedback and requests.

Well here it is, the reason I’ve been hiding for the past couple of weeks. Hope you like the new site. It incorporates a lot of your feedback and requests, including:

  • Migrated the whole site to a Movable Type CMS backend, which will provide you with (among other things) full syndication in various formats: RSS, Atom, etc. Check the right-hand column for syndication feeds.
  • Changed the design to allow for easier reading of entries and comments.
  • Changed the URL to, which is a lot easier to deal with than (3-107 is the room # of the office suite I share with Matt and a few other folks, directly across the hall from 3-108, the main Admissions Office.)

Anyway, hope you guys will like this format a little better. Enjoy! And as always, comments & suggestions are most welcome.

Real entry coming soon – in the meantime I’ve finally responded to your most recent comments at the end of this entry.

38 responses to “Welcome To Room 3-107”

  1. WOW, I love the new site!
    I was just talking to Anthony about your lack of presence just last night.

    Have a great day!

  2. Ben says:

    Thanks Mike, glad you like it! I did the whole thing on a mac and haven’t had a chance to test on a PC, so if you guys run into any bugs, let me know.

    I’m also new to this RSS thing – I just used the Movable Type defaults so hopefully those feeds are working okay. Just looked at the RSS 2.0 feed source and there’s a link to HARVARD in there. WTF?!?

  3. Fabrice says:

    Hey! Neat! I love the new domain wink I’ll give it a good test on a few machines and let you know if anything out of the ordinary crops up.


  4. Ben says:

    Thanks A! Mucho appreciated. (keeps fingers crossed for compliancy on Netscape 2.0…)

  5. Akash says:

    What’s up, Ben? Also, hey Anthony and Mike. Sweet! A new blog!

    Oh, an admissions question! Do admitted students send a midyear report in or a final report?

    Now, not so admissions-y, how’s the band going?

  6. Ben says:

    Hey Akash!

    Final report is cool, Matt says midyear report isn’t necessary.

    Band is good! We have a big show a week from today @ TT’s, a club right down the street from MIT with which you will become quite familiar if you’re planning on playing out when you get here. Speaking of which – what’s happening with Upper Hand next year?

  7. Fabrice says:

    Haha! Netscape 2.0… while I’m at it I may as well go all the way back to the first version of Mosaic! How about MSIE 2.1? Early versions of Lynx?

    No, I won’t go quite that far, unless you are really that curious raspberry

  8. It appears Telnet to port 80 works great…as long as you are used to reading HTML.
    I might add that telnet to other ports works as well wink.

  9. Hey Ben,

    Great look, as usual from you :p

    Seems to work fine on various version of Firefox/the original Mozilla. Good stuff.

    Also, it’s nice that it’s all W3C compliant =D


  10. NoCreativity says:

    woah Ben! is that a picture of you on the banner? If that iiisss… you got an earing and put on a lot of facial hair. thats sooo cool. almost like a total metamorphosis. i imagine it like the matrix or something. One day, you’re like the Architect (on your old blog) and now you’re a badass rocker (new blog).. like rob thomas or something. awesome dude smile.

  11. Ben says:

    Thanks so much for testing guys – truly, truly appreciated.

    Mike A – for the dumb kids (i.e. me) – does that port comment mean that I set up permissions incorrectly and therefore anyone can go in and hack my site? ‘Cause knowing myself, that wouldn’t surprise me at all. wink

  12. Ben says:

    NoCreativity – hehehe, yeah, always had the earring but you couldn’t see it in the other blog’s pic. As for the beard, that story is coming in a front page post soon… but the short version is that I made a pact with some of the other guys in the office not to shave during reading season, with a final ceremonious shave on mailing day. Basically when that picture changes to clean-shaven Ben, you’ll know the decisions are in the mail.

  13. Fabrice says:

    Na, don’t worry about it. He’s just yanking your chain smile

  14. Ben says:

    Well to be totally honest, only one other guy has embraced the pact – the wonderful Juan Salvador Acosta, now the hairiest admissions officer in the office next to me. I will start posting photos of our progress at regular intervals.

    McGann didn’t embrace the pact for some reason. You should all write to him and tell him to start letting it grow. You know, solidarity and stuff.

  15. Ben says:

    Fabrice, that sounds somewhat ominous. wink

  16. Ben says:

    Thanks Eujin! (Sorry to hear about the Redmond creature!)

    Hamid – that is awesome. Looks like I’m going to be losing part of my weekend to that. wink Thanks!

  17. Fabrice says:

    Hair on the face is a good thing, despite what many MIT09 girls have been telling me. raspberry

  18. Ben says:

    My wife agrees with the MIT09 girls unfortunately. She’s probably looking forward to mailing day more than the applicants are.

  19. Ben says:

    So ladies – why the aversion to facial hair? Weigh in here.

    On that note, I’m heading offline – see y’all tomorrow.

  20. Kelly says:

    There are certain boys who can get away with facial hair. So I SUPPOSE every boy must try it out once in his life and see if he is indeed one of those select few.

    Plus, I’ve got to respect the magnitude of someone else’s laziness. I understand–if I had to shave my legs everyday I’d be very unhappy.

    But all in all, the general consensus from me is that facial hair = ): Or perhaps )|:?


  21. Very nice Ben! Like the new look. Maybe some day you can design a cool blog for me… smile

    New business venture ahead…

    You definately rank high on the coolness meter.

  22. Fabrice says:

    Daniel, when the Office of Dubiousness receives your completed application with the $65 fee, you too could have a chance smile

  23. Ben says:

    Thanks Daniel! Glad you like. See related thread here:

    Kelly, I’m with you, except shaving one’s legs takes a lot longer than shaving one’s face, so we can’t really use that as an excuse. grin As for benefits, it keeps one’s face warm in the wintertime. And depending on how long it takes to read these apps, may provide a home to small woodland creatures.

    ‘night folks!

  24. Kelly says:

    Ben, you liar, you said you were going to bed!

    I can’t really explain my aversion to facial hair, though. I suppose it’s because 95% of the time it makes someone look.. hmm.. less human? Isn’t that awful? Like, dirtier. Less approachable. See? I really don’t know. Ah well. Perhaps I’m just jealous.


  25. Fabrice says:

    “[a]nd…may provide a home to small woodland creatures.”

    It’s also a great home for bits and crumbs of food that you want to finish later.

  26. Ben says:

    Fabrice – the woodland creatures would eat the bits and crumbs of food.

    Didn’t I say I was going to bed like an hour ago?

  27. Fabrice says:

    Actually, it was shy of an hour by four minutes smile

  28. Kelly says:

    Oh we got trouble! Right here in River City!

    Ben, what’s the point at which a comment goes from meaningful chatter to inane, unwanted randomness? I don’t want to clutter up your blog with too many “lolz” (if you prefer).

    But, hey, if you like it, I’ve got plenty of randomness left in me.


  29. Ben says:

    I just noticed that lulu said hi waaaaayyy up there.

    Hi lulu!

    Now it’s been over an hour. This blog is going to kill me isn’t it? I’ve already been up until 3 twice this week configuring the @#%$& Movable Type installation. Must… sleep… now…

  30. Fabrice says:

    I played with Movable Type several months ago, but since I’m not much of a blogger I never went anywhere with it. But hey – we love the new system! smile

  31. Ben says:

    Kelly – it’s all good. We’ll see how it goes. If every post turns into this, I’ll just create a space for off-topic chatter so that the actual post responses can stay on-topic. But maybe I’ll be a good boy from now on and post more frequently so that there will always be a new post to respond to… (wishful thinking)

  32. Ben says:

    Thanks A, glad you like it!

    Okay, REALLY logging off now. wink Have a great night.

  33. lulu says:

    I must confess I do enjoy the occasional woodland creature.

    Yep. Though I must ascertain, since this is facial hair we are speaking of, that woodland creatures are not confused with………. lice.

    Well, now that I’ve enlightened you all, I must pour the rest of my night into psychology midterm preparation. Go to bed, Ben.


  34. Hamid says:

    Haha Ben, You inspired me.

    It took me about an hour to install MT. . yikes, I can’t believe the output was html, i had to clear my cache to see new entries. . . changed everything to php and disabled archive.

    Something to play with:

    Level 5 so far.

  35. Eujin says:

    Howdy, Ben!

    New look is awesome! Keep up the good work!

    P.S. I’m plum tired right now, because I had been reinstalling/fighting with one eXPerienced/stupid Redmond creature, which crashed just before I came back from the trip. Why do some users like it?! :|

    P.P.S. I missed y’all so much!!!! :D wink

    Sincerely, Eujin

  36. Well…I’m reinstalling gentoo and am in Lynx
    as I type… I guess it’s compatible grin.

    BTW, it looks pretty good for lynx, too.