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MIT student blogger Chris M. '12

What have you been doing lately? by Chris M. '12

SPOILER ALERT: Mostly StumbleUpon

So it’s mid July, Summer is well underway, all the major Holidays have passed (read: the 4th) so what’s your favorite blogger up to? I don’t know, I’ll go ask Yan. But if you’re interested in what your 4th or maybe 5th favorite blogger is up to, I can tell you!

Besides traveling (and consequently starting several blogs I haven’t finished) I’ve been working on some personal projects like learning objective-C, planning some super cool surprise projects for when I get back to school, and watching lots of How I Met Your Mother, Arrested Development, and Big Bang Theory. I’ve also been hiking and exercising a lot, and trying my best not to get burned by the wildfire burning 13 miles south of me.

I’m also looking forward to being more involved in non-class things this year, like clubs, sports, and teaching classes over IAP. I’ve also acquired a pair of skis so I can now freely go and do my favorite outdoor activity!

To be honest, I’m feeling really “MITsick” if you can believe it. (I’m sure the upperclassmen just vomited in their mouths a little). I miss waking up and looking out and feeling like I could go out and do anything there, I could go make new friends because we’d have something in common to talk about or do. Of course when I get back to campus it’ll be back to IHTFP, but in some weird masochistic way, I miss the tooling until early morning learning all of Multivariable Calculus before I took the final (true story, don’t ask, don’t do it).

But before I know it, sophomore year will be right on top of me–starting next weekend I’ll be doing nothing but traveling until I end up back at MIT.

So that’s pretty much it, doing stuff I can’t say, and a lot of programming/designing for cool things for school. Other than that, enjoying the sun, the outdoors, and traveling.

16 responses to “What have you been doing lately?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    that was nice to read

  2. Tim says:

    You’re my favorite blogger, Chris.
    All I am doing is preparing to apply for MIT…

  3. Snively says:

    Subtle Chris, subtle. Will my birthday present be of any use for any of this? I’ll let you borrow it.

  4. Anon says:

    What, of course you’re my favorite blogger! That line did make me laugh though smile

  5. Cam says:

    Objective C?

    nah, go for real C.

  6. VAL says:

    @Tim: Yeah, I agree. College prep consumes the largest amount of my time- even more than sleeping some days! Yeesh! I have also been trying to finish some of my (multitudinous) hibernating projects.

  7. VAL says:

    Ps. I made a Facebook group for any of us ’14 hopefuls. Please join if you are interested.

  8. Anonymous says:

    And whatever happened to Ahmed; our “next favorite” blogger?!

  9. Jared '10 says:

    Plenty of us upperclassmen miss the MIT lifestyle too after being away for a little bit – especially those of us who have summer jobs waking us up at 6:30 AM every day. wink You get something different every day at school, makes life a bit more interesting!

  10. navin says:

    wish you a good time until you reach MIT…..

  11. Saying “don’t ask” is of course, the polite way of saying “ask me. I am just dying to tell you”.

    So what DID make you think you could learn all of multivariable calculus in one evening? Isn’t that a pretty boastful claim?

  12. hannan says:

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  13. Cam says:


  14. VAL says:

    Recently, I have found myself getting a little school-sick myself… I miss the routine, I miss seeing my teachers and friends everyday, and I even miss Physics. :(

    I think I need to get working on my summer project… to keep myself occupied, if nothing else.

  15. Chris M. says:

    @ Have to know…

    Nothing unusual, just me making a poor choice. I didn’t find my multivariable professor to work well with my learning style, and at the same time I found the subject material pretty easy, so I stopped going to class and just studied before exams and did fine. Then we had like a 2 month break between exams,psets and the final. Well the night before the final my roommate and I started the practice exam and quickly realized we never actually learned ANY of the material, so that was a fun night. (Fun here means horrifically miserable)

    Turned out just fine though, I made an A in the class, but that’s not the lesson you should take from this…

  16. Susan says:

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