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MIT student blogger Ahmed H. '12

Where You’re Going, Where I’ve Been by Ahmed H. '12


Hey everyone! Some people have asked if I’m still blogging (mostly my mom). Yes, I am, but I’ve just been very busy/lazy/boring. The only major news on my end since the last time we caught up is that I got my EMT training and have started working on the MIT-EMS ambulance.

On your end: CPW!

Hopefully you’ll be able to join us for Campus Preview Weekend. When I was a prefrosh, I couldn’t make it to CPW, but I visited on my own about a month later. Either way, I urge everyone, admitted or otherwise, to try to visit as many of your options as possible. Campus visits really helped me narrow my decision down to two schools, and there is no better way to get a “feel” for a college.

I’m really excited to see you guys, the next generation of MIT students. CPW will be all kinds of fun. Click here to browse through all 660+ events. I recommend getting an idea now of what all you want to do when you get here. With so many events to choose from, it would be good to have at least a rough outline of what you’d like to see. Here are my picks:

N.A.L.G.A.S. Fiesta: Thursday, 5-7:30pm, Next House. This will be awesome. There will be beavers filled with candy for you to break open with a baseball bat.

-Meet the bloggers! Friday, 6:30pm, 2nd floor of the Student Center. You’ll introduce yourselves to us; we’ll introduce ourselves to you.

-Student Activities Fair: Saturday, 1-3pm, Johnson. This is, in my opinion, one of the most valuable events of CPW. There will be hundreds of booths and thousands of strangers handing out free swag and begging for your email address. You can get a sense of what types of activities you can, and will, get involved with. There will be another event like this during Orientation week, but the CPW fair is a good way to interact with organizations before you have to make your matriculation decision.

WMBR Open House: Saturday, 3pm, Walker Memorial Building. See behind the scenes of MIT’s student radio station and its enormous record library. Ever wanted to see what a “vinyl record” is like? Find out how to get your own radio show? Here’s your chance! You’ll also be able to pick a song to introduce and play live on the air. I think that is pretty darn cool.

Finally, if you have any questions about your visit to MIT, or your college choices in general, feel free shoot me an email me at the address in the banner.

15 responses to “Where You’re Going, Where I’ve Been”

  1. stum says:

    Is that the 2W lounge?

  2. ROFL says:

    FINALLY third!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations on your EMT training! That’s a cool job to have as a college student.

  4. Sheila '13 says:

    OO wow! that beaver is soo cute! xD

  5. mit '12 says:

    is the beaver edible?

  6. KelseyK '12 says:


    [I’m not biased, I swear. And it really will be awesome.]

    Ahmed, I love the quotes around “vinyl record” because, well, it’s funny, but it also makes me want to cry because I think there may actually be people out there that have not experienced “vinyl” which is sad.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hey, Ahmed – great blog – thanks for mentioning your mom. Love, mom.

  8. Narce says:

    WEEEEEEIRD coincidence. I have a presentation on the very short story “Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?” today! The reason I couldn’t read this blog entry when you published it yesterday was because I was busy doing research on it -.-“

  9. Karen says:

    it was really confusing to read your comments, look at the picture, and realize that’s not east campus.

  10. Keri says:


    (I am super super biased. And it really will be awesome.)

  11. comboy says:

    i just transferred a mickey-mouse pencil-holder into drinking glass with the help of gun-glue.

    plugged-off the gun, now i’m waiting for it to cool down and drink some cold drink with my new mickey-mouse glass.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Thank you to you (and all the bloggers) for providing such great information about CPW. I’m sure it will be great!

  13. comboy says:

    few hours left to end my 22 years and 22 days unbirthday

    that’s what i did today

    hint: same comboy who could not fold an egg properly before feb 14, 2009. the last valentine

    lots of update (uphour) since my posts in Matt Chris and Kim blog

  14. anbu says:

    mit admissions detils and job detils and mca cource and good job wand