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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Where’s My Stuff? by Matt McGann '00

We're still processing many, many documents. Don't worry, be thankful.

Regular acton applicants who have been watching the online tracking system at MyMIT may be wondering, where’s my recommendation from Mr. Brown? How about the letter from Ms. Chu? And my transcript? Weren’t they all sent before the deadline? And am I in trouble?

Let’s take the last question first. No, you’re not in trouble if your materials haven’t yet shown up on the tracking system. We’re still processing lots and lots of materials, many of which were postmarked before the deadline. So why, then, does it take so long?

Well, think about everything that needs to happen:

  1. The document arrives at MIT Mail Services (in Building WW15 — Way West 15).
  2. Mail Services sorts the mail and brings it by the bucketload to the Admissions Records Office.
  3. Matt D. and team open the envelopes. We have a special envelope opening machine that is pretty awesome; non-standard size/material envelopes (DHL, FedEx, etc.) get opened by hand.
  4. Documents are taken out of the envelope, given an official MIT Office of Admissions date stamping, and storted into different piles depending on what sort of document it is.
  5. Documents are then entered into the computer system, one at a time, by the great records office team. Thanks Diane, Noah, Sarah, Lauren, Jordan, and everyone else! Some additional data entry required for Biographical Forms and Secondary School Reports. Sue processes all of the fee waiver requests (which we’re happy to grant). The day after the document is entered into the system, it will show up in the online tracking system. But the fun doesn’t stop there…
  6. Next, the documents are put into alphabetical order so that they can be filed into your admissions folder. We have 10,000+ applications in a small space, so the filing can get a little crowded!
  7. When your folder is complete — all of the documents have arrive, been entered, and been filed — a cover sheet will be printed.
  8. Diane, Noah, Sarah, Lauren and Jordan take the folder and cover sheet and make sure that all of the filing has been done correctly, that all of the documents therein are yours, that it is ready to be evaluated by the admissions officers.
  9. Then, finally, Sofia takes the folders on the trip upstairs to the admissions officers. When we get them, the folders are all set to go — it looks so easy! But we know that it took lots of hard work by the records office staff to get it that way.
  10. Admissions Officers get locked in a dungeon and cannot come out until all of the applications have been read.

The lesson here is, there are a lot of things that need to happen before an application is ready for review. It takes a lot of time to do all of these steps — think of how many documents there are!

10,000+ applicants x (1 Part 1 + 1 Part 2 + 2 Letters of Recommendation + 1 Secondary School Report & Transcript + 1 Interview Report + various supplemental materials)

We’re still processing thousands of documents, and I hope you can understand why. Please be patient. If the tracking system isn’t showing a document yet, relax and wait another week or so — if we don’t have it at that point, I’ll post another entry with the office fax number so you can have any missing materials sent to us. But at this point, we’re only reading complete applications, and we won’t start admitting anyone until all of the applications have been read. So don’t worry.

In the comments for this entry, I hope you’ll give some thanks and encouragement to our awesome records office team: Sofia, Sue, Diane, Noah, Matt D, Sarah, Lauren, Jordan, and everyone else. Extra points will be given for the most creative expressions of thanks.

96 responses to “Where’s My Stuff?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    @Harnur: Matt suggested that we show our appreciation in the most creative way possible… I couldnt really think of anything creative to say at that point of time :D So, I just decided to thank the admissions team plainly…. Thats why I said it wasnt really a creative way of showing appreciation, but it doesnt really matter right?

  2. Shruthi says:

    I am sorry, I forgot to type in my name in the previous post… Oops :D

  3. Hyun Jin says:

    Thank you’s to the Records Office and the Admissions staff. (The former for putting up with the grueling work of sorting documents, and the latter for locking themselves up in a dungeon, conclave-style XD)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Where is Anthony?

  5. job says:

    0.0 goodness!!! woot woot admissions officers for being amazingly insane enough to do all that.

  6. Cam says:

    @PS: Do you know of anyone else from Chile who’s applying to MIT? I’m hoping to apply next year. . .

  7. Worried says:

    I took TOEFL on 5 December but still cannot find my score on the tracking system. What should I do? Wait a few more days or it is hightime!!?
    Anyone with similar experience? HELP!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Do the Admissions Officers get to see the original envelopes that were used – if there was something special about them?

  9. Harnur says:

    I want to thank the whole admissions team for spending their precious time for our future and thanks alot to the records office team for all the hardwork they put in to give our dreams a direction into the admission officers room!!!!
    (not written in greed for the points, just came from the heart for the people who really do care for our future)

  10. Shruthi says:

    Thanks a lot to the admissions team!!!!! :D

    Not exactly very creative but cant hurt to do things this way. Right? wink

    And thanks once again!!!!

  11. Akshay says:

    We students need to complete our applications in time and then send the other materials to the Admissions Office by the postmark deadline. But if the materials aren’t processed properly then our applications won’t get a review.

    Thanks to the team that they complete our file and then check it once again before sending to Admission Officers for review with all the supplementary materials in it. It’s them who accelerate our applications to a next step. Thanks for the hard work you put in. I really appreciate it.

  12. kayla says:

    what a relief! i’ve been checking the application tracker multiple times a day, thinking “where are you evalution B? where’d you go evaluation B? please arrive evalution B!!!”

    thank you matt! for writing this blog and making me feel a little better.

    thank you admissions office team! for filing my application and everyone elses as well.

  13. sDing says:

    coincidentally being my first typed response,

    to those who help us in all the aspects of the application, thank you, everybody.
    I wish you love your job~

  14. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for all of your great work. I still have a question, though.

    I was deferred from EA, and a few weeks ago had my teacher send in a letter to supplement my application. How do I know if/when that arrived?

  15. Isshak says:

    Thanks you guys ! Thank you for processing my secondary school report so quickly ! Keep it going, in a few weeks (or days I suppose), It’s over right ?

  16. Harnur says:

    what do you mean by “Not exactly very creative but cant hurt to do things this way. Right? wink

  17. PS says:

    @Cam: Bacán* (=

    My EC told me there were other Chilean applicants to MIT (at least in 2006). So, you’re likely to not being alone =P.

    I know already someone who will apply next year, by the way

    *Bacán: A way to say “cool”, used by youth Chileans

  18. Raina says:

    Since I applied to MIT early action, it was all trial and error for my first application completion process. I remember asking my counselor if the admissions people would get confused if things were sent out of order, and for a while, I would check the myMIT page obsessively. But everything came through so quickly without any hassle, and horror stories of things getting lost were nonexistent.

    Thank you so much to the admissions team! You guys really made it painless and worry-free. smile

  19. Amelia says:

    My adoration for the records people could not be contained in all the envelopes and application forms in the whole world.

  20. Harnur says:

    what if my sat II scores haven’t still arrived.. Will you start reading the appplication or you will delay it untill you get the scores?

  21. Nihar says:

    ^^ɸɸɸɸɸɸɸɸɸɸɸ ^^ʎʎ^^^^^ʎʎ^^^^^^^^^^^σ^^^^^^^ββ
    ^^^^^^^ββ^^ΣΣ^^^^^^Σ ^^^^^^ɸɸ^^^^^^^^ʎʎ^^^^^ʎʎ

  22. Nihar says:

    Im sorry!! sigh!…creativity often leads to disastrous results.
    Anyway..THANK YOU SOOO MUCH RECORS OFFICE for doing the awesome work!! Its only because of you that the MIT admissions process is able to come alive!

  23. Nihar says:


    *thats it!…Im having on off-day!*
    **tears hair and runs away**

  24. PS says:

    I surely won’t meet them beside a casual in the Infinite Corridor (I hope =P), but everyone working at/for Admissions Office (from Mr. Falconer, who received my FedEx parcel, to the person in charge of label the envelopes for “Accepted” letters; including people who sort more than 100K papers, or the people who read almost all of them) are working to help forge our strongest desire (by now): going by mid-August to Cambridge, MA and be a student@MIT

    And even if I don’t get accepted, I know they worked as hard as me and as everyone who applied… multiplying that for 10,000 and a bit more (=

    [By the way, I sent a letter due some problems I had with some papers (specially related to Chile’s college admission test). Should I send that by mail (with my Finaid documents, in a different envelope?), or I have to send it by fax?. Or should I send this question to Admissions’ mail instead of commenting it here =/?]

  25. anion says:

    lol..thanx guys..
    lol..nihar u were supposed to thank the records office people (aka humans) not residents of betelguese! wink

  26. Anonymous says:

    Easy with the Eminem there, Libin

  27. Karen says:

    Thanks to everyone for all of your hard work! I hope that the penguins that I drew on my big envelope made your day a little bit brighter smile

    To everyone that’s freaking out about stuff not arriving in time: don’t panic! I sent my teacher recs and secondary school report a month early (in October, when hopefully not so many pieces of paper were floating around) and it still took the admissions office about 3 weeks to list them as received. Everything will get there! Just relax and do something fun instead of freaking out and it’ll seem like a lot less of a wait smile

  28. Nihar says:

    Haha…fair enough….I deserve that and more…thanks!

  29. Abdulla says:

    You guys are doing extraordinary work! Keep up with the great work. I already had all of my materials processed and shown on MyMit last week. (They were all sent in December from a country 7000 miles away from MIT). However, I never lost trust in the record’s office efficiency, and now by knowing their names, thanks Sue, Sofia, Noah, Diane, Matt D, Sarah, Jordan, and everyone else. Also, thanks Matt for this reassuring entry.

    I can’t express enough my appreciation to the records office and the admissions office. I also wish the other applicants to find peace when they see their application tracking complete, and the best of luck for all of us until the decisions are made!!!

    Guys, just as Karen said above, just relax, everything will be alright.

  30. dan p. says:

    thank you admission squad! i can’t imagine sorting so many papers despite all the paper cuts you guys probably get, and still having the patience and perseverence to keep going.
    i’m super thankful for what you guys do.
    i want to send band-aids and gloves that’ll protect you from additional paper cuts, and pepper mints to power you through those documents, but it’ll probably crowd the room too much

  31. carmen says:

    a simple word that would never begin to encompass the endless sleepless nights and numerous paper cuts that all of the admissions records people have to go through: thank you!..i will send you guys someband-aids when i arrive on campus =)

  32. Libin Daniel says:

    Sofia, Sue, Diane, Noah, Matt D, Sarah, Jordan, and everyone else…thanks a ton! I was freaking out about my Sec. School Report and made a post on Jess Kim’s Blog. NO longer have I made the post that I got a reply from her that calmed my nerves to an extent.

    Now the Creative Part:
    Matt, I know you miss your sleep and I know you miss your fun time
    Well you are trying hard and trying to give us the life that we never had
    I can see Sofia is worried, even when she smiles, even when she laughs
    I can see it in Sue’s eyes, deep inside she wants to get things done asap
    Cuz you all are determined to get the best Inside.
    We are with you Diana in your prayers
    No more worrying, wipe the fears
    Noah here, no more nightmares
    We gonna pull together through it, we gon do it
    Matt D, I’m crazy, aint I?
    Yeah but we love you all and you better know it
    We’re all we got in this world
    When it spins, when it swirls
    When it whirls, when it twirls
    Many beautiful Hardworking People
    Lookin’ puzzled, in a daze
    I know it’s confusing Sarah
    Jordan’s always on the move, Jess is always on the news
    you try to get things done Straight
    But The harder that you try to do that, the more it backfires on you
    But it’s just something we have no control over and that’s what destiny is
    But no more worries, rest your head and go to sleep
    Maybe one day we’ll wake up and the day will come the gets active again.
    Now hush my friends, don’t you worry.
    Every thing’s gonna be alright

    It ain’t Creative. I just copied the Eminem’s Mockingbird Lyrics and edited them. Sorry for plagiarism.
    Well, Matt you told about creating a file with all the documents. Well,what if we send all the documents itself in a Folder and submit it to MIT? Wouldn’t that be simpler? I simply guess how frustrating it would be to open up a long brown envelope just to see there are three or four more envelopes waiting to be opened, and none of them are standard size. So, the machine did not benefit.
    Really sorry about that.
    Since the preview Post Buttons are not visible..I had to use some grey cells to get this posted..though they didn’t strain much for theeffort.

  33. SAT IIs says:

    I am going to take my SAT subject tests this January. MIT ts goiung to accept it on a case by case basis. How do I know MIT is going to accept it? Your help in this regard will be highly appreciated.


  34. Chris T. says:

    Sofia, Sue, Sarah and Matt D
    Thanks for your hard work at MIT.
    To Noah, Jordan and Diane,
    Gratitude for sticking with the plan.
    Commendations for you seven,
    You guys do the work of eleven.
    You people are appreciated by us all,
    Because a lot of responsibilities on you fall.
    Without your effort, we’d all be doomed,
    Believe me, your work is never assumed!

    Once agains thanks..Sofia, Sue, Diane, Noah, Matt D, Sarah, Jordan, and everyone else!

  35. Javie says:

    “Admissions Officers get locked in a dungeon and cannot come out until all of the applications have been read.”

    Ahahahaha….. smile)

    I imagine what that feels. smile)

  36. Libin Daniel says:

    Great work, Chris T.
    Mine was the second poem I had evre written in my life..Haha, that too copied.

  37. Alison says:

    This upside down lamp represents the admissions officers as a light source that brims over (that’s why the lamp is upside down, btw, I tried to make a normal lamp and then I realized it couldn’t really ‘brim’) into the MIT community. Hurrah for unparalleled organizational skills and superhuman endurance.


    You guys are awesome smile

  38. Anonymous says:

    … imagine that the ‘.’s are spaces and it will look less like a blob

  39. asm says:

    Can anyone honestly say that there is an admissions staff that is more attentive and more caring for its applicants than the MIT staff? Seriously, you guys rock! I was getting a little nervous since my counselor sent my Secondary School Report around mid/late-December and it hasn’t been processed yet. Thanks for soothing all of our minds.

    (And also, I still can’t imagine how you guys do this year after year, with all the stress and emotional pressure you guys go through with the applications. Keep up the good work! =D)

  40. Anonymous says:


    I’m an international applicant from Spain & I have a few questions for the admissions staff:

    First of all, these last weeks my opinion of what I should expect to see in April has changed constantly. Statistics are a drug for me now. The problem is that statistics for international applicants applying to any are scarce. My EC told me that I should expect to see an acceptance letter, but last year an applicant from my same school was rejected with higher scores than mine (I must add that this EC conducted the interview for that person as well). I try to understand how this can be, but can’t find a reason that makes sense.

    My second question is about american schools overseas & the grading style. When comparing my SAT scores to those of MIT, they lightly surpass the average for admitted applicants, yet my GPA is a few 0.1’s under. I have always feared that this would be seen as “Ok he’s smart, but apparently also a slacker.” What I have seen is that the general american GPA mindset isn’t directly applicable internationally (even in those schools who define themselves as following an american curriculum). Maybe it is just my case, but I can’t help but shudder when I see students with GPA’s notably higher than mine, SAT’s much lower and taking much easier classes.

    Third question: I did not fill in the “Have you created…?” question on the application, yet my EC was very interested by a paper I wrote (and am still adding little pieces to, as I don’t think I’ll ever be finished with it even though I submitted it months ago) discussing a mathematical analysis of a specific theory on lift. I thought about including this in the question, but decided that I was not really creating anything. I had my interview after I submitted my application, but the webpage says not to send any research papers. What should I do?

    One last quick question, if an applicant has a nationality different from that of the country he/she is applying from, which one is used for the statistics?

    Thank you!

  41. Vytautas says:

    Well, I want to thank MIT now for it’s amazingness, before the decisions come because after that I may want to crush it :D

  42. PS says:

    @Spaniard Anonymous:

    – For MIT, there are other important variables beside academic achievement before accepting someone. You may get a perfect GPA, or several 800-point SAT; but those become useless if you are saucy, or can’t cope with disappointment.

    – The fine people at Admissions Office (thanks again (= ) read every application carefully. As stated on the page with helpful tips for International Applicants:

    “Your application will be read by a committee of experienced MIT admissions officers. We are familiar with many international school systems, including, but not limited to, the IB, A Levels, the French Baccalaureat, and CBSE, and we assure you that we will understand your curriculum and your context. Your application will be reviewed within the context of the resources available to you, including your situation as affected by family, school, culture, region, and country.”

    – Personally, I think you should have commented a little about your paper. It’s an idea after all =)

    – Finally, I imagine your nationality is considered for the statistics; ’cause some people apply from a country different of those who hold his/her nationality

    Hope this helps, and please comment if I get wrong (surely I am somewhere xP)

  43. Ying Wei says:

    Sofia, Sue, Diane, Noah, Matt D, Sarah, Jordan, and everyone else

    Gratitudes from M’sia here :D

  44. Anonymous says:

    I think it is ok to think about your stuff, because, I myself am sending mine from the other isde of the world, and it takes time to send them, so I want to make sure they are there, because if not I need to prepare them again!!!! SO… mmm…. canu seemy point?

  45. Anonymous says:


    “You may get a perfect GPA, or several 800-point SAT; but those become useless if you are saucy, or can’t cope with disappointment.”

    That is one of the best summaries of MIT’s stance towards “perfect” students that I have ever heard.

  46. jinziling says:

    Well I have to say that I’ve been reading these awesome blogs for almost six months but have never left a comment. Weak it may sound, but I’m just afraid to get really attached and then be rejected in March …@_@…(I know…I get emotional sometimes even though I’m considering an ENGINEERING major…lol)
    Anyway. First comment for me. After three crazy months of writing and rewriting and bugging people for letters, I got all my stuff in before Christmas. Despite the tremendous workload of the AO, all my documents showed up pretty quick,which is a huge relief.
    If it was hectic enough to prepare one application, how would it be to see that ten thousand+ are in their places? Thanks to everyone now swimming in an office (or, a dungeon) flooded with papers. Your caringness and professionalism really show in these websites. The app. process is not all fun, but I truly feel more grown-up after doing it all. Now I’m comfortable enough to say that I greatly enjoyed doing it, whatever the outcome might be. THANK YOU – Gracias – Danke Sie – 衷心感謝!

    – from somebody on the other side of the Pacific Ocean desperately waiting until mid-March

  47. Onome says:

    When you say Admissions Officers get locked in a dungeon and are not allowed out until all applications are read, do you mean that are locked in 24/7?
    I also want to offer my thanks to the whole team for going through so much to ensure that we’re all given a fair chance. I’m a Nigerian living in Nigeria and I had to mail my documents through DHL to ensure that it doesnt get lost in the post.
    I am so happy that my documents have been received and acknowledged thanks to the communual effort of the admissions team.
    Thanks again!

  48. Sumaiya says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you, record office staff and adcom members alike! My application materials were updated rather promptly – huge thanks for that, considering all that goes on. I knew it was a huge amount of work, but the details make it real. Another thanks for making the MIT application process far more transparent than other schools’. I’m sure you guys throw a big party when everything’s finished, and a well needed one at that. Don’t cut yourselves too much on the paper!

  49. Hyun Jin says:


    It’s cool to see other Chilean applicants to MIT… though technically, I’m not Chilean.

    Good luck to any other Chileans out there… or any other international applicants… or any other applicants in general, for that matter. (I think I’ve already said this somewhere else)

  50. Brett K says:

    D D A A N N N K K E
    D D A A N N N K K E
    D D A A N N N K K E

  51. Jing Jing says:

    Admissions Officers get locked in a dungeon and cannot come out until all of the applications have been read.

    That sounds really miserable… what happened to the hot cocoa and seeing snow during the early apps time?

    Dear records office team: (Sofia, Sue, Diane, Noah, Matt D, Sarah, Lauren, Jordan, and everyone else), Thank you for processing so many papers and not going crazy from seeing all this paperwork. I think that the office should save all of the scrap papers and then make a bonfire and make s’mores over it once the whole admissions process is over. This may not be environmentally friendly, but you guys deserve it. =)

  52. Anonymous says:


  53. Brett K says:


  54. Anonymous says:

    Last try…


  55. Brett K says:

    Ok, one more (I’m so close)


  56. lavya says:

    dhanyawad! thank you! nanni! merci! printf(“thankyou”); cout<“thank you”;

    well that about sums up all the languages i know, to express my gratitude.
    Sofia, Sue, Diane, Noah, Matt D, Sarah, Jordan and the AO- Great work!! So long and thanks for all the fish(ing through envelopes and sorting them out.)

  57. Tanmay says:

    My app’s nearly complete; only the TOEFL scores and the SSR are unprocessed. Thanks a lot admissions team for your pains!

  58. Norman says:

    To the entire records office team:thank you danke,gracias, thenks, sas efharisto, tanx, arigato, merci beaucoup, grazie.

    Oh, how thou must be tired. I can almost feel thy pain.
    When will it ever go away? Believe me when I say I have seen thy faith, as I am a time traveller from the future, thou hast lived through it in my time and I saw smiles, a lot of them.

    Hope this seemingly wierd statement cheered you guys up.

    What I was trying to say is that I’m sure it must be really challenging for you all, but it will all be over soon.

    When you are done, you can treat yourselves to something really nice for the hard work you have (and will have) done successfully.

  59. Hyder says:


  60. senna says:

    Thank you, dear all admissions staff!! In a hero’s life, there’s always angels, without whose help he could not arrive in his true niche.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Here’s how we say it in our language: Terima Kasih Banyak!!

    Wish you a meaningful (yet busy) day!! ^.^

  61. Amita says:

    Should deferred EA applicants whose Mid-Year Grade report statuses remain unchanged a month after the report was sent worry?

  62. Yash says:

    @ worried..
    i had to e-mail them for the status of my scores and they were added a day later.. i had given the exam in nov.

    and, thank you guys for being so great. my evaluation forms just got processed. only thing remaining is the secondary school report and transcripts.. thanx..

  63. Thomas says:

    XXXXXXXX Switzerland XXXXXXXXXXXX~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~XXX

  64. No name says:

    Yeah, e-mail is a good way to express your apprehensiveness…

    I had asked them once about my TOEFL score that hasn’t showed in the tracking system..and the next time I checked it, they have marked it already…maybe the record office team has the ability to process the letters in just a split of miliseconds, or perhaps nanoseconds…

    THANKS a lot…you guys are really awesome and superb!!! you are the HEROES of MIT applicants!!!

  65. Thomas says:

    – …. .- -. -.- / -.– — ..- / … — ..-. .. .- / … ..- . / -.. .. .- -. . / -. — .- …. / — .- – – / -.. / … .- .-. .- …. / .-.. .- ..- .-. . -. / .— — .-. -.. .- -. / .- -. -.. / . …- . .-. -.– — -. . / . .-.. … . / ..-. — .-. / .- .-.. .-.. / -.– — ..- .-. / …. .- .-. -.. / .– — .-. -.-

  66. Chris Triolo says:

    Revised from my earlier entry.

    Sofia, Diane, Sarah and Matt D,
    Thanks for your hard work at MIT.
    Lauren, Noah, Jordan and Sue,
    Gratitude for all that you do.
    Commendations and accolades for all eight,
    You handle your responsibilities no less than great.
    We appreciate you guys more than you may know,
    For organizing our applications before you let them go.
    Believe me, your work is never assumed,
    Without your effort, us applicants would be doomed!
    Come next term, what I’d hope to do,
    Is shake the hand of each of you.
    One thing that’s apparent about MIT,
    Everyone that is in, is FAM-I-LY.

    Once again thank you ..Sofia, Sue, Diane, Noah, Matt D, Sarah, Lauren, Jordan, and everyone else for managing the peices of our important applications!

  67. arun says:

    Thanks for your team for organising the nice haystack from which you would ultimately find the needles. Trust I am sharp enough.

  68. Apoorva says:

    We cant thank the records office team: Sofia, Sue, Diane, Noah, Matt D, Sarah, Lauren, Jordan, and the admission officials enough because it is in their hands that our future depends! :D.. thx for ur relentless efforts in going thru the 10000+ applications!

    Thanks a ton! Hope you have a great time reading..!

  69. Apoorva says:

    We cant thank the records office team: Sofia, Sue, Diane, Noah, Matt D, Sarah, Lauren, Jordan, and the admission officials enough because it is in their hands that our future depends! :D.. thx for ur relentless efforts in going thru the 10000+ applications!

    Thanks a ton! Hope you have a great time reading..!

  70. Annie G. says:

    How do we know if an MIT coach’s recommendation letter reaches the admissions office? I don’t want to bug the coach too much and make her angry…

  71. Anonymous says:

    Annie, I think you can call MIT and ask if they’ve received it.

  72. No name says:

    When I typed my thanks, my computer said,
    Unable to express, thanks innumerous.

    In a word, tons of thanks for Sofia, Sue, Diane, Noah, Matt D, Sarah, Lauren, Jordan, and every admission official!

  73. Anonymous says:

    43 61 6E 27 74 20 74 68 61 6E
    6B 20 79 6F 75 20 65 6E 6F 75
    67 68 44 69 61 6E 65 2C 20 4A
    6F 72 64 61 6E 2C 20 4C 61 75
    72 65 6E 2C 20 4D 61 74 74 20
    44 2C 20 4E 6F 61 68 2C 20 53
    61 72 61 68 2C 20 53 6F 66 69
    61 2C 20 53 75 65 2C 20 65 76
    65 72 79 6F 6E 65 20 69 6E 20
    74 68 65 20 61 64 6D 69 73 73
    69 6F 6E 73 20 6F 66 66 69 63
    65 21

  74. Aashish says:

    thanks to everyone there!!!!

  75. Anonymous says:

    does MIT recalculate gpas if my school uses 93-100 as an A (and I get a 92)?

  76. evedizzy says:

    Sofia, Sue, Diane, Noah, Matt D, Sarah, Lauren, Jordan, special thanks to you guys for all your work, it is much appreciated by yours truly. I’m not very creative but I’ll try the poem thing…

    Thanks a bunch for your tireless work
    you filed all our papers without going berserk
    you organized the folders
    and kept them all in their holders,
    what a great staff you guys are!
    no other staff comes up to par-
    then the records staff at MIT
    who place all the forms as neat as can be
    in all their right places,
    filling up all the slight spaces
    and with the quantity of talent you’ll find
    in this quite catchy rhyme
    and so continue I say
    to do things this way
    I encourage you all
    to not stall or squall or brawl
    simply keep a good mood and you’ll sure to not fall
    I trust in your doings
    and your tedious fine tunings
    finally i think
    it is time to thank
    all the hard workers who are now on the brink
    of finishing my poem as my mind draws a blank

  77. chenyu says:

    Thank you so much for letting us know how much work has to be done to our applications! I appreciate all the effort and time that have been put into our applications.

    Thank you.

  78. S. H. Shah says:

    Why does it take the Secondary School Report longer to be processed than the evaluations? My evaluations are processed but the Secondary School Report even though my school sent all the forms together.

  79. M.S.O '12 says:

    Thank you very much Diane, Noah, Sarah, Lauren, Jordan, Matt, and everyone else! I was able to see MyMIT complete with all the checked boxes next to my every required document, except the mid-year report raspberry I’ll send them in soon!

  80. Amy says:

    Thank you Sofia, Sue, Diane, Noah, Matt D, Sarah, Lauren, Jordan, and everyone else in the awesome records office team!!!! Thank you for working so hard to process our “stuff”. I really really really appreciate it!

  81. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for all the work that you have put into organizing and reading our applications! It’s a tough job, but we know you’re all awesome at it. smile

  82. Shruti says:

    I have a similar question. My guidance counselor sent in all the forms together, but the Secondary School Report and Transcript are the only ones that don’t have a check mark. Is this a cause to worry? Thanks so much for being really awesome and the quick tracking. It really helps!

  83. Tanmay says:

    @ Shruti:

    I think they will process a majority of the Secondary School Report and Transcripts at last. This is supported by the fact that many haven’t got it check-marked.

    So, let’s wait approximately till Jan. 18 (as Matt said, 7 days from Jan. 11th) and see if things work out

  84. Muz says:

    Ouch.. locked up to read 10k+ applications, I wonder how many tons of paper there are, in both the dungeon and Mail services. Especially when guys like me put lots of little envelopes inside one big one and mail it through DHL. Sorry about that smile

    Sofia, Sue, Diane, Noah, Matt D, Sarah, Lauren, Jordan, and everyone else involved in applications, directly or indirectly.. thank you!!

    I’m not good at ASCII art or poetry, so I offer only this in thanks:

    smile *(no. of applicants)

    A smiley from every applicant who is happy that his or her application is being read. We appreciate all the hard work you guys put in choosing us. smile

  85. Alexander says:

    Completely amazing, you guys. I still consider myself a long shot, but I’m glad they’re going through all that trouble for me anyway.

  86. ANDY says:

    @ PS.
    What do mean by “saucy”?

  87. Andy says:

    @PS or anyone:

    oops, sorry,…. I meant what is “saucy”?

  88. Faizan says:

    I accidentally entered my AP Chemistry score incorrectly for Application Part 2. What should I do?

  89. desmond says:

    “God Bless The King!”

    Applause! And more applause for the king.
    In thy hands lie the salvation of thousands;
    On thy actions depend the making and breaking of
    We thank thee for thy brilliantly performed quota
    Of the everlasting duty:
    The propulsion of our world past the heavens.
    Be at pleased; be at peace.
    For time and space won’t steal thy work
    From the hearts of tomorrow’s leaders(and followers).

    Thou art kings in thy respects.
    All hail The King!

  90. Anonymous says:

    guys! just relaxed, everything will be alrite, i can see so many of you becomes extremely nervous as the decision time is coming near.. I wish guys all the best and no matter what happens, you have at least tried your best anh YOU HAVE APPLIED TO MIT!

  91. Libin Daniel says:

    Thanks Anonymous but the website makes us so attached to MIT that it is difficult to think of not being its part.
    I heard about MIT the first time when I was in 6th grade by my relative who considered my interest in Aeronautical Engineering. My own country’s IIT came into my knowledge way later in 9th grade.
    I used to envisage how MIT might be and here I am today typing on the blogs of the Mecca Of learning.
    Thank You to every person who made it a possibility for me to be at least a peripheral part of MIT.