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MIT student blogger Mitra L. '07

Women’s Week 2005 by Mitra L. '07

Learn about both the mission and events associated with this year's week-long promotion.

Janet ’06 and Neera ’06 worked with the Student Activities Office, other MIT offices, and various corporations to organize and fund this year’s Women’s Week. Check out the variety of events that are going on.

Women’s Week 2005
November 5th-10th

“To promote a model of femininity that incorporates and embraces the properties of intelligence, competence,and ambition.”

Saturday, November 5

Undergraduate Female Leadership Conference (UFLC)

9am-1pm, Hotel @ MIT
The UFLC will be a forum for active student leaders to share ideas, air frustrations, and advance the leadership role of women at the Institute

(MITRA NOTE: I have pictures of this, and will post them as soon as I am able to resize them.)

QWiLLTS Benefit Concert: Smashing the Ceiling

8pm, 10-250
This concert features Magdalen Hsu-Li, a bisexual, Asian-American musician and cultural activist. Raquel Evita Sidel opening. Suggested donation of $5 for students and $10 for non-students. All donations will go to The Network/La Red, a local group working to end domestic violence in lesbian, bisexual and trans women. Open to the public

Sunday, November 6

QWiLLTS Workshop: True Diversity

11am, 10-105 (Bush Room)

This workshop will help us understand our own diversity, share our beliefs about race, culture, gender, sexuality, explore the difference between programming and instinct, give us tools for taking action and options, and offer suggestions for re-programming techniques. Features Magdalen Hsu-Li as facilitator. RSVP required to [email protected]

Monday, November 7

Kick Butt!

8-10pm, T-Club Lounge

Have fun kicking butt with the legendary HoHo. Take an exclusive club workout class geared towards self-defense.

Money, Money, Money!

7-9pm, 35-225

Essential for anyone who wants to make money and spend it! Come watch two back to back entertaining and informative seminars by Cap & Compass, including Translating Day 1: At Work and Loving Your Money. Topics covered include W4s, 401k, HMOs, stocks, credit cards, and loans. Pizza will be provided. Sponsored by MIT SWE.

Tuesday, November 8

Mannersmith Etiquette Training

7-9pm, Ashdown Hulsizer Room

Do you ever feel slightly uncomfortable at formal dinners? Do you feel the need to brush up on those dining skills in preparation for those internship and job interviews? Then this Gracious Dining seminar is for you! Gather tips about appropriate ordering, table manners, and dinner conversation as you enjoy your own delicious dinner. RSVP at Sponsored by MIT SWE.

Streetwise and Safe

8:30-9:30pm, 5-233

Ever feel frightened walking down dorm row or Vassar? What should you do if you’re assaulted? Listen to great advice from the chief sergeant of Campus Police, Cheryl Vossmer.

Wednesday, November 9

Tai Chi for Women!

7-8pm, MAC court

Womens fitness! Relax tension, form your mind, and flex your body. Instructed by Dorri Li, featured in womens exercise videos!

Raising Our Voices: Facing International Female Realities

8pm, Coffeehouse

This event will allow MIT female faculty and female students to share their stories of struggle and conflict in the face of balancing feministic ideals of equality with traditional prejudices and limitations. It will be a storytelling session, an opportunity to relate and learn from others, and most importantly a chance to discuss available international initiatives to aid women in need.

Thursday, November 10

Tax Workshop

9-10am, 4-270 & 4-5pm, 4-237

Confused about taxes? Don’t know the difference between credits and deductions? Then join us for an informative tax workshop aimed towards college-aged students. Topics covered include taxable income, credits, deductions, and an overview of the tax system. You have two times to choose from. Light refreshments will be provided at both. Sponsored by MIT SWE.

Double Dare: The Ultimate Sex Challenge!

7pm, Lobdell

Based off of the hit Nickelodeon game show Double Dare, this event will reveal which gender is more informed about sex. Hosted by Laura Stuart and Chad Waxman, dare to take on the physical challenge and test your knowledge – everything from “Name the top 3 reasons a condom breaks” to “How do I get emergency contraception?” Men and women will be chosen from the audience to participate (similar to The Price is Right), so pre-register online at

Brought to You By:
Panhellenic Association
Association for Women Students
MIT Society of Women Engineers
QWiLLTS (Queer Women Looking for Life in Tech School)
Black Women’s Alliance

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