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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Year of the Dog by Matt McGann '00

Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year from Evie* and the entire Office of Admissions!

*Evie is the dog of Associate Director of Admissions Joanne Cummings, and is my favorite pooch in the world =)

34 responses to “Year of the Dog”

  1. Happy Chinese New Year to everybody!

    btw, I took the SAT Reasoning on January 28, I think i did it great at least in math and cr smile

    What are your zodiac signs?????? I am the snake or she(in chinese)

  2. Masha says:

    I hear for us dragons (most of the high school senior right now) the year of the dog is not very good…and that we should wear jade to cleanse the evilness.

  3. jian says:

    rabbit here!

    too bad i’ve fever and food poisoning before the lunar new year. can’t have all the goodies! :-(

  4. Well I hear this will be a good year in business and carrer for snakes, so I hope I recieve good news in mid-march!

  5. shen says:

    Happy New Year!

    So, Matt, are you going to participate in any of the on campus festivities?

  6. anit says:

    Evie’s sooo cute! She’s the perfect dog to ring in the new year!!

  7. mohan says:

    Happy lunar new year to all

  8. Teck Lee says:

    Happy Lunar New Year to all! Xin Nian Kuai Le! I wish everyone a prosperous year!

    Heh, it’s nice to see this. Thanks, Matt.

  9. Sam T says:

    Happy Chinese New Year!!!

  10. richard says:

    Happy Chinese New Year…Xin Nian Hao!

    I was wondering how can I register w/ MIT to get some type of a email account. I tend to keep several email accounts for different purposes, so I was hoping since I will very likely go to MIT, I should probably start my email early. Thanks,

  11. Leon says:

    Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!

  12. Lerh Feng says:

    So you do know about the Lunar New Year smile I was wondering why CollegeBoard set the date for the SATs on January 28, the day just before the Lunar New Year. Guess ignorance is not the reason…

  13. dyzzy says:

    Xin nian kuai le!

    And now for a little rhyme:

    Gong xi fa cai,

    Hong bao na lai!

    Ask a Chinese person what that means. XD

  14. Chris H says:

    I love dogs. They show their loyalty and affection at every opportunity. They are great role models for the rest of us (except for all the butt-licking they do). I have a question for richard, who is very confident and “most likely going to MIT”. So confident that he wants his MIT email address before the acceptance letter. Dear richard, I don’t know if you are confident, cocky, or simply naive. But here I am with my 4.0, my 800s in both SAT II math tests, my AP 5s in Calc and Stats, my 31 ACT, my school ranking that has put me ahead of one of the three kids in my high school that were admitted to Harvard EA. And I know that I am just one of 14,000 applicants with similar resumes. At best, I have a 1 in 10 chance of ever having an MIT email address. So what do you know that I don’t?

  15. “gong xi fa cai, hong bao na lai!” roughly translated means “Happy New Year, Show Me The Money!”

  16. I’m a rabbit, btw. Give me an ang pao, which is a red packet containing some money for good luck, is what “hong bao na lai” means. Pretty cool dog!

  17. M says:

    china or lunar years will have 12 signs which I came to know just before In our tradition there will be 60 names of years that is the same year(name) will return after 60 years

  18. YeSeul says:

    Matt, you get TWO THUMBS UP for knowing about the Lunar New Year!

    WOO HOO!


    *blows horn*

  19. are there any special event at MIT for celebrating the new year?

  20. ybai says:


    Happy Chinese New Year Matt!

    Woof. Arf. Ruff. Wong wong <—Chinese sound for dogs.

  21. Glory Nguyen says:

    Not just the Chinese New Year! (I have to represent the Viet population that apparently aren’t showing up here): Chuc Mung Nam Moi!!!!!

    I’m a Cat/Rabbit (Cat in Vietnamese Years, Rabbit in Chinese)

  22. Masha says:

    Chris, I dont know the situation, but its likely that richard may have been accepted early already, and is simply deciding whether to go to MIT or somewhere else. Give him some credit… and good luck!

  23. Hillary says:

    I’m not Chinese, but Chinese New Year is a really big thing in my community.

    Have a prosperous year and enjoy your red envelopes!

  24. Victoria says:

    I know you know Mandarin, so…

    Gung Hay Fat Choy!

  25. Chris H says:

    Masha. Masha, Masha. You got me. Dear Richard. Sorry I poked you in the eye. Once you get your MIT email address please post it. I’ll humbly and respectfully send you news from Michigan (probably from my community college email address). Good luck and keep your stick on the ice.

  26. Anonymous says:

    once Totally random asked, where are good places to go on the weekend?

    Your answer is — what to do on weekends — is much too broad to be answered in an Omnibus, so I’ll tackle that as a separate blog entry sometime in the near future.

    So please blog about week ends!!

  27. M says: here you can get the stats of the students admitted from different regions of the world in MIT

  28. uren says:

    Happy new yr to all… btw I’m a snake n this yr is gonna b gud 4 me;)

  29. uren says:

    thnx 4 the list M, i really wish Oman is added to the list next yr (thts wher i’m from)!!

  30. AnnaKot says:

    Happyness to everyone!

    In the lunar new year my family had a dinner, eating Indian food by chopsticks smile

  31. Masha says:

    Chris is crazy.


  32. TC says:

    Where in Michigan, Chris?

    I’m Michigan west coast.

  33. Chris H says:

    Masha, Good Luck. I hope I get to see you in Cambridge. TC, is that Traverse City? Do they still have Gordie Howe’s restaurant? I am from the Mid-MI area. See ya.

  34. Arturo says:

    Hey Matt! I wanted to ask you a question: I’m an int’l applicant once again this year after having been rejected last year. I read an entry by Ben saying that, in cases like mine, both applications are considered. However, I think that my application this year really is a lot different than last year’s, and that I actually manage to express there a lot more about myself. So, my question is, how likely do you think it is for my application from last year to affect what I did this year? Thanks, and good luck with all the reading. Cheers!