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Clubs, activities, and athletics

From puppies to pyrotechnics, MIT students organize hundreds of clubs, organizations, and activities covering every imaginable topic. Chances are, if you’re into something, you can find someone else on campus to share that excitement with.

Student activities

Sure, there’s the typical newspaper, radio station, and literary journal that you might expect. But MIT students also run a Laboratory for Chocolate Science, organize large-scale hackathons, and host educational programs for local middle and high school students!


500+ student clubs

MIT Engage is the official collection of the nearly 600 active student clubs and organizations on campus. Explore the database below!


Surprised to hear that MIT is home to the nation’s largest NCAA Division III athletic program? MIT Engineers might be more active than you think. Don’t take our word for it—watch Kylie Y. ’19 and AJ J. ’19 share their experience with varsity and club athletics in the vlog below.

More student perspectives

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