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Frequently Asked Questions: Interview

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  • FAQ / Interview

    What is the interview deadline?

    There isn’t a specific deadline for the interview. Students submit their application by November 1st for EA or January 1st for RA. After you submit both Part 1 and 2…
  • FAQ / Interview

    What is the interview process?

    Students applying for 2019 admission must submit Parts 1 and 2 of their application by November 1 for EA to be eligible for an interview in their home area. Interviews…
  • FAQ / Interview

    Can I have my interview on campus?

    Unfortunately, we don’t conduct any interviews on campus. Interviews are conducted near your home. Most ECs will suggest meeting at a mutually agreed upon site like a local coffeehouse, restaurant,…
  • FAQ / Interview

    Do alumni conduct interviews?

    MIT’s Alumni Association is involved with everything MIT – from providing admission interviews all over the world, to sharing in commencement exercises 50 years after their own graduaion! They’re members…
  • FAQ / Interview

    What if my interview is waived?

    Unfortunately, even with over 5,000 alumni volunteer Educational Counselors all over the world, we’re not able to arrange an interview for every applicant. If there are no alumni/ae volunteering to interview…