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July 2021: Although our office is still closed to visitors, you can still get a feel for MIT by signing up today for an đź”® online session or student-led tour.

How do I apply as a veteran?

If you’re a veteran and interested in learning in any way, shape, or form at MIT, please know that we appreciate your interest and your service.

If you were a high achieving academic high school student before entering the service and have not completed any college-level coursework, you may apply for first-year admission.

If you’ve completed two or more terms with high academic standing at an accredited college, university, technical institute, or community college you are not eligible for first year admission and must apply to MIT for transfer admission.

MIT doesn’t offer any online degree programs, but if you are interested in learning while still completing your service anywhere in the world, we offer thousands of options through edX, MITx, and OpenCourseWare.

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