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  • Apply / Parents and educators

    For home educators

    [intro]MIT has a long history of admitting homeschooled students, and these students are successful and vibrant members of our community ... . Homeschooled applicants make up less than 1% of our applicant pool (and less than
  • Discover / The MIT education

    Majors & minors

    these schools offers degrees in their courses of study, as well as minors ... learn through programs that are at the leading edge of their field ... best; you are then free to choose from among any of MIT's courses of
  • Discover / About MIT

    Life after MIT

    : 47% of 2023 bachelor’s degree graduates had internship/externship that ... . Here are some of the things they do next.[/intro] Careers Career advising at MIT is formally coordinated by the office of Career Advising &
  • Discover / Life and culture

    Arts & music

    -based laboratory offering an undergraduate minor and concentration, plus a variety of ... [intro]More than half of all undergraduates take part in arts and ... of contemporary art, is home to a state-of-the-art black box performing
  • Apply / Transfer applicants

    Academic preparation

    transfer students take a variety of mathematics and science courses before applying, taking full advantage of their institution’s offerings in these ... ’s offer of admission.
  • Discover / The MIT education


    [intro]In addition to the thousands of courses already offered by the ... : “the Institute should encourage initiative, promote the spirit of free ... Harvard University for degree credit at no extra charge. Harvard subjects
  • Apply / Preparing for MIT

    What to do in high school

    every type of school: public, private, religious, charter, and home school. We understand that high schools have different offerings and families ... students must take (or place out of, through our credit policies or an
  • Apply / First-year applicants

    First-year eligibility

    pursuing a different field of study from the bachelor’s degree you hold. By ... secondary education and wish to pursue a bachelor's degree as a full-time university student. Students may apply during or after their final year of
  • Discover / About MIT

    A brief history of MIT

    of ore from Colorado, here.']earn a degree in STEM ... [intro]In 1865, the founding of MIT established a new kind of ... America. Since then, MIT has built a robust tradition of solving problems in
  • Apply / Transfer applicants

    Transfer eligibility

    of study from the bachelor’s degree you hold. If you are ineligible for ... high school and completed at least one year of college. If you are still in high school, you are considered a first-year applicant regardless of
  • Apply / Transfer applicants


    MIT has a long history of educating veterans, both before and after their service, and we are proud to support a community of veterans on ... have already completed an undergraduate degree elsewhere, you may explore
  • Discover / The MIT education

    Global education

    [intro] A majority of MIT students travel to study, research, work ... year, hundreds of students intern, teach, research, and collaborate in ... that offers opportunities to study for the semester, year, or summer at a
  • Discover / The MIT education

    Independent Activities Period

    ,[/annotation] IAP has grown to be a unique feature of the MIT education, offering ... Departments offer hundreds of credit-bearing subjects during IAP. And any member ... January during which faculty and students are freed from the rigors of
  • Apply / Transfer applicants

    Returning students

    experiences of students returning to higher education. At the same time, we need to evaluate students against a common baseline of preparation for a ... while, we expect to see the results of your standardized tests, transcript
  • Discover / Learn more


    campus. MIT Daily, from the MIT News Office, offers regular updates on ... future of work, and technology in general.
  • Apply / Preparing for MIT

    Summer programs

    -level curriculum with other students from around the country. They offer a range of ... free or comparatively affordable. MIT offers four of our own (above), and ... If you're the kind of student who'd like to spend your summer
  • Discover / The MIT education

    MIT’s educational philosophy

    offered, of course!"]required to learn French and German[/annotation] in ... -motivated and engaged participants in a dynamic community of learners. We combine ... principles Since the first classes were offered in a storage warehouse in
  • Apply / First-year applicants

    DACA & undocumented applicants

    As part of our mission to uphold meritocracy and fair access for ... , regardless of citizenship or immigration status. Undocumented and [annotation ... students. For those students who face financial barriers, we offer fee
  • Apply / First-year applicants


    , we offer an interview with a member of the MIT Educational Council, a network of over 3,500 MIT graduates around the world who volunteer to meet ... interviews will take place in January. If we are unable to offer you an
  • Discover / Life and culture

    The MIT community

    . This unusual degree of access has deep cultural roots in our longstanding ... Institute and they'll probably say "the people." The quality of the MIT ... even harder to leave."[/intro] The people at MIT The best asset of MIT