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Student life at MIT

No day at MIT could really be described as typical. You would likely get 4,500 unique answers from each of our undergrads as to what a “day in the life of an MIT student” looks like for them—and that’s part of what makes life at MIT so vibrant.

The humans of MIT move freely from lectures to labs, from dance floors to darkrooms, from study breaks to startup meetings, from dining halls to family dinners. We could (and often do) speak at length about our students, but why not get to know them yourself?

Student perspectives

Explore a day in the Life of MIT senior, KJ H. ’20.

MIT Is… Podcast

Hosts Gonzo ’20 and Melissa ’20 interview MIT student Oby ’21, and discuss everything from remote learning and law school to Animal Crossing and living at home.

Next stop: housing and residence life