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Housing and residence life

Housing is guaranteed on campus your entire undergraduate experience, and all first-year students live in one of our 11 on-campus residence halls. And MIT allows its students to choose which residence they want to live in, giving students the chance to live in a place that feels like home.


Residence halls

We have 11 residence halls in operation. They all have different traditions, cultures, layouts, dining arrangements, and prices. Some are more conventional—with double rooms and dining halls—and others are more alternative, full of murals, cats, and community kitchens!

All residence halls have a live-in house team who cultivate community among their residence, including faculty Heads of House (professors that live in the residence hall!), along with Graduate Resident Tutors (GRTs) who are there to provide snacks, life advice, or some help with a challenging problem set.


In addition to its residence halls, MIT recognizes 25 fraternities, seven sororities, and five independent living groups, collectively known as the FSILGs. Nearly half of MIT’s undergraduates are affiliated with an FSILG, and some live in FSILG housing which, with few exceptions, are independently owned and operated by their chapters in facilities located near campus and connected by the SafeRide shuttle.

Explore MIT residence halls

Sarah C. ’23 takes us on tour of her suite in Burton Connor residence hall before leaving campus.

Guide to residences

For the most comprehensive set of information about residences, familiarize yourself with the MIT Guide to Residences.

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